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IB Primary Year Programme


  1. To ensure that the school gets maximum admissions possible without making compromise.
  2. To have a fair and transparent policy for all parents.
  3. To make the admission process easy for parents and students.

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all parents seeking admission for their children at Fountainhead School.

Value (s) guiding policy:*

a)       Value Term: Fairness, Excellence

b)       Why:

·         Every student should get a fair chance to get admission in school.

·         Always implement practices that continue to produce valued outcomes.


Fountainhead School aims to provide high quality educational experience through a fair and transparent admission system and avoid unfair discrimination on grounds of disability, gender, religion or belief. The policy ensures proper admission procedure in respect to each application received for admission. It also seeks to set selection criteria which is transparent, fair and consistent.

Policy Guidelines:

Eligibility Criteria  


Procedure for admission - Nur, Jr. KG

Note: Admission in Nursery will open for “Staff & Sibling” category only. Selection will be through Draw System (In case there are  more applicants than the number of seats available). In case of less applications; the admission will be open for external students (Fountainhead Preschool).

Step 1 : Attending the “Education for Tomorrow” workshop and collection of admission packet

Step 2: Complete the admission process in school (Submission of all the documents, payment of the admission process, submission of the online admission form)

Step 3: Interaction with parent / candidate (if needed)

Step 4: Communication of the admission status –  Draw System (In case there are  more applicants than the number of seats available)

Step 5: Deposit fees (PDC cheque)

Step 6: Confirmation.


Step 1. Attending the  “Education for Tomorrow” workshop and collection of admission packet:

It is mandatory to attend this workshop (preferably both parents) if you are seeking admission at Fountainhead School, Kunkni.

Please note that If you have not attended the “Education for Tomorrow” (EFT) workshop then you will not be eligible to complete the admission process. The admission packets will be distributed during the EFT workshops and will not be available from the Front Desk.

We will send a circular with the EFT date. Parents will have to attend the workshop on the scheduled date.

Step 2: Completing the admission process:

  1. A. Submission of all the documents :

Parents seeking admission need to come to school as per slot and dates allotted to, along with  ALL the documents mentioned below.

What needs to be submitted:

Parents need to carry the original documents along with you for verification, when you come for the admission process.

All the documents need to be complete. If any document is incomplete/missing, then parents will not be eligible to complete the admission process.

b. Payment of the Admission process:

Payment of Admission form fees, has to be done once the documents are submitted.

Admission process fees are:  Pre-primary (Jr.Kg )– Rs. 2500/-

c. Submission of Admission Form:

Parents will have to fill up an online admission form in school after the payment of Rs. 2500/- (non refundable) and submission of documents.  As a part of admission process, it is MANDATORY to fill up the online admission form. If you face any problem in filling the online admission form, our admission team will be there to guide  you.

Step 3: Interaction with parent/ candidate:

You will receive a call for parent / candidate interaction (if needed for Jr. KG) once the admission process (submission of documents and online form) is complete.

Step 4: Communication of the admission status:

After the submission of documents and filling online admission form, communication regarding admission status will be done through our school’s website. If we have more applicants than the seats, a draw system will be used.

For draw system, parents will have to come to school on a pre decided date.

Step 5: Deposit fees (PDC cheque)

Once the admission is granted, PDC cheque given by you earlier will be deposited in our account. In case the cheque is returned due to any reason, admission will be cancelled and will be released for the next waitlisted student

Step 6: Confirmation.

Once the fees (admission fees and security deposit)  is credited in our account, confirmation of admission will be given through email/SMS.

If the parent is not sure of taking admission at Fountainhead School and wishes to withdraw the child’s admission then they need to inform the school as per the given deadline. If we receive any requests after that then parents will have to pay cancellation charges for the same.

Procedure for admission -  PY

Admission process for PY :

  1. Collection & payment of Admission Packet.
  2. Submission of Documents & Submission of online admission form.
  3. Readiness test.
  4. Communication of the result and admission status/waitlist number.
  5. Deposit fees.
  6. Confirmation.

STEP 1: Collection and payment of the admission packet:

        You need to come to school to collect the admission packet.

STEP 2: Submission of all documents and online admission form (hard copy)

*Please submit the following  to the school.

  1. Admission Form Request with complete details, signed by the parent
  2. Attested (notarized)/self attested photocopy of the child’s aadhar card*
  3. Attested (notarized)/self assessed  photocopy of child’s Birth Certificate*
  4. Five passport size photographs of the child
  5. One family photograph (parents, child & siblings only) in hard copy.
  6. “Parents’ Undertaking”(all policies/tuition/cyber) signed by both the parents.
  7. Previous two years Report Card (for Grades  1-9 and Grade 11)
  8. Original School Leaving Certificate (Please submit it before 25th May or admission may stand cancelled).  
  9. Parent Evaluation form
  10. No due certificate to be filled by the school.

*Parents need to carry the original birth certificate and aadhar card for verification.

Please note that the admission process will be treated as incomplete if any of the documents mentioned above are not submitted.

 Submission of online admission form

        You will be required to fill the online admission form which will be emailed to your email id.

Step 3: Readiness test and “Education for Tomorrow” workshop:

        It is mandatory to attend this workshop (preferably both parents) if you are seeking admission at Fountainhead School, Kunkni. If parents do not attend the workshop, then it might lead to cancellation of admission. Parents will have to attend the workshop while the child will be appearing for the test.

Step 4: Communication of admission status:

        You will be informed about your child’s admission status through call, SMS or email.

If your child is placed in the waiting pool, you will receive a final decision latest by 30th May.

Step 5: Deposit of Fees:

If your child is able to secure admission at Fountainhead School, then you need to pay one time admission fee and security deposit through the following options.

1. Directly at HDFC bank branch

You may pay the fees at any HDFC bank branch through the bank slip given to you in the admission packet.

2. To pay via Paytm:

We're delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with Paytm to collect fee online! Now you can pay your fee using a credit card, debit card, net banking and Paytm wallet.

Step 6: Confirmation of admission:

        We will be sending a confirmation sms/email to you once we receive your child’s admission fees and security deposit.

Selection Criteria


The admission for Grade 1 to Grade 6 will be confirmed only after the readiness tests. These assessment tests are tool for both the school and the parent to get a genuine assessment where the child stands and if there are any particular areas of weaknesses that need to be focused upon.  

Important Points

For Junior KG admission the categories will get priority in the below-mentioned order:



Category A

This  is for children of Fountainhead School staff.

Category B

This  is for siblings of Fountainhead School students (the younger child of a parent who already has a child studying in Fountainhead School).

Category C

1)after the admission process of Category A and Category  B, Fountainhead Preschool students are given priority.

2)50-50 ratio for boys and girls will be maintained.

3)Draw system - if no. of applicants are more. Separate draw for Boys and Girls.

Footnote: Those students who will have taken admission at Fountainhead Preschool  till 30 June  will only be eligible for Cat C - JK admission process. If a student fails to get admission till 30 June then the student will be considered as Category D even if the student is studying at FP.

 Category D

Admissions will open as per seat availability, for other preschool students.

Rejected Application / Readmission

Waitlist Criteria for Admission:

Admissions will be granted as per below given criteria:

Basic Criteria


Attended EFT Workshop (compulsory)


All Documents signed and submitted (compulsory)


  • For Early Years -Recommendation form signed and submitted or Interaction with parents
  • For Primary Years – Assessment and and documents submitted by parent.


Form taken and submitted within the specified dates or when admissions are open.


Students without any special needs.




Reserved for staff if any till May


Sibling  studying at FS - extra weightage to be given


FP Students - Fountainhead Preschool (for EY Students only)


Applied for admission for both sibling



Waitlist for JK:

If the waitlist is not cleared during the year then the same waitlist will be carried forward for one more year i.e., till SK


Primary Years (Criterion)

 Students will be listed as per above given criteria.

We can ask parents (max 5 nos, who have already attended EFT workshops) to fill up the form, explain them criteria of admission and where they stand.

Annexure 1 - Age Criteria - 2019-20


Cut off date


May 2016

Junior Kg


Senior Kg


Grade 1


Grade 2


Standard Operating Procedure: Code & Link*: NA


Consequences: *: NA