Spring 2018 Trainings

During the 2018 Spring Semester, the Wise County Public Schools Instructional Technology Resource Teachers will be conducting trainings as a group on topics such as Google Classroom, Communication Resources, Emerging and Innovative Classroom Technologies, and Student Response and Data Collection.  The ITRTs will be training certified staff at each school on specific days during planning periods as listed in the schedule below, visiting the calendar on the WCPS website: http://www.wisek12.org/trp/training/Spring2018.aspx or by visiting the Google Calendar for this training.   Should the schedule be altered, the Google Calendar and the website calendar will be updated.  In the event of inclement weather, reference the Inclement Weather Note in this document.

These trainings are constructed in such a way that they help teachers with the integration and completion of the new Virginia Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel as well as the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Technology Integration Standards.  

The professional development workshops that will be offered are designed to assist teachers in incorporating appropriate technologies into their classroom for improved student engagement and student achievement. Some workshops will help teachers conduct classroom administration more effectively and efficiently.

The trainings will take place in an attendance area for a week, giving teachers the opportunity to schedule a time during that week to meet with an ITRT for follow up from that training topic.   The appointment slot calendar is available on the WCPS website: http://www.wisek12.org/trp/training/Spring2018/TrainingFollowupAppointments.aspx.  Assistance with software installations, printer installations, or computer troubleshooting should be directed to the building level computer technician using the Technology Work Order page:  

Inclement Weather Note:  

In the event of a school closure due to inclement weather or other unforeseen event, the training scheduled for the school on that day will take place at 10:00AM on YouTube Live and will be available for the staff members at that school for the remainder of that day.  The link to that video broadcast and any changes to the scheduling for a school will be sent to the staff members at that school as soon as possible.

Google Classroom/Student Google Accounts: 

1/29 - Central High School

1/30 - L. F. Addington Middle School

1/31 - Wise Primary School

2/1 - J. W. Adams Combined School

2/5 - Eastside High School

2/6 - Coeburn Middle School

2/7 - Coeburn Primary School

2/8 - St. Paul Elementary School

2/12 - Union High School

2/13 - Union Primary School

2/14 - Union Middle School

2/15- Career and Technical/Alternative Education

Communication Resources (Social Media, Google Hangouts, Remind):

2/19 - Central High School

2/20 - L. F. Addington Middle School

2/21 - Wise Primary School

2/22 - J. W. Adams Combined School

2/26 - Eastside High School

2/27 - Coeburn Middle School

2/28 - Coeburn Primary School

3/1 - St. Paul Elementary School

3/5 - Union High School

3/6 - Union Middle School

3/7 - Union Primary School

3/8 - Alternative Education Center/Career Tech Center

Tech Share (Technology you can use in your classroom right now!):

3/12 - Central High School

3/13- L. F. Addington Middle School

3/14- Wise Primary School

3/15 - J. W. Adams Combined School

3/19 - Eastside High School

3/20 - Coeburn Middle School

3/21 - Coeburn Primary School

3/22 - St. Paul Elementary School

3/26 - Union High School

3/27 - Union Middle School

3/28 - Union Primary School

3/29 - Alternative Education Center/Career Tech Center

Student Response Systems:

4/9- Central High School

4/10- L.F Addington Middle School

4/11- Wise Primary School

4/12- J. W Adams Combined School

4/16- Eastside High School

4/17- Coeburn Middle School

4/18- Coeburn Primary School

4/19 - St. Paul Elementary School

4/23- Union High School

4/24- Union Middle School

4/25- Union Primary School

4/26- Alternative Education/Wise County Career and Technical School

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