WALT: understand information by looking at graphic features

WALT: identify what the author wanted me to feel, think or see

Link to: ISH book

Read the book only when you see


ISH page 6,7

“Marisol, his sister, was watching him. What do YOU want? He snapped”

“I was watching you draw,” she said.

Ramon sneered. “I’m NOT drawing! Go away!”

Marisol ran away, but not before picking up a crumpled sheet of paper.

“Hey! Come back here with that!”

Ramon raced after Marisol, up the hall and into her room.

From just reading the words (above)

What emotion do you think Ramon is expressing?

Ramon is feeling Angry and upset and a bit embarrassed .

What emotion do you think Marisol is expressing?

Marisol was probaly felt sorry for him wanted to know how to be such a good artist

What COLOUR do you think the page will have?

Explain why?

Red or blue because he’s angry and upset


Ramon does not look too happy in the PICTURE

What do you think he is feeling? What can you see in the PICTURE that lets you know that?

Ramon is probably feeling very angry

What colour is used on this page?

A yellow,orange, gold

What did that colour represent on pages one two and three?

 It resents Happiness and calmness

What do you think the colour represents here?

Marisol is feeling Happiness and calm

Making links

What do you think Ramon thinks about his drawings?

How do you know? (was it something he said? did?)

He think they bad and are not worth anything and they don’t like they are meant to be like. He said he’s “done” and leon’s words haunted him

ISH page 8

“He was about to yell but fell silent when he saw his sister’s walls…

He stared at the crumpled gallery.”

From just reading the words (above)

What did Ramon see in his sister’s room?

He was all his drawings stuck on the wall in his sister’s room

Why do you think Ramon fell silent? What emotion do you think he is feeling?

He Because felt like someone liked his drawings and they were not rubbish to his sister.

What do you think Marisol thinks about Ramons drawings?

I think she think that they are different and amazing  

What COLOUR do you think the page will have?

Explain why?

 I think it will be yellow because he found out that someone liked his drawings.


Now take a look at the picture and the colour and see if you can identify

What do you see?

What does it tell you?


  • I see lots of Ramons drawings stuck on his sister’s walls.
  • His sister likes Ramon’s drawings because they are the type of drawings that she likes.


  • I that see that the walls are yellow.
  • Ramon is shocked because she has been sticking Ramon’s drawing on the wall.