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Rail on the River

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We suggest you print this right before you head out to be sure you have the latest version.

Print this out because some cell service works at the ranch, some does not.

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Coming to Rail on the River 2022? Here’s What You Need to Know!

This document is a little long, but we strongly encourage you to read it through. It’ll help you know what’s happening and what to bring to make for a fun time. There’s some weird stuff in here, so even advanced festival goers should read in full!

Quick Links:

For Those with Day Passes

The Essentials

Community Standards and House Rules

What to Bring

How to Get Here

Festival Schedule

First: Let’s Thank Our Sponsors…

The Weekend Is On, Rain or Shine!

For those with DAY PASSES

Important times are



Guidelines / Rules

When You Arrive (i.e., the Essentials)

Tickets / Kids / Will Call / Who Needs a Ticket?

Parking, RVs, Camping Sites

ALL CAMPING SPOTS ARE GREAT AND NEAR ALL THE THINGS. There are plenty of great shaded campsites VERY CLOSE to the stage! There is no need to scramble for a spot. Everything is close! Be chill, be helpful, be patient, and follow the directions given by volunteers.

RV’s will be directed in an organized fashion in one section of the grounds where there are convenient hookups. RVs will not be parked in order of arrival, but instead by best fit according to the length of your rig. Don’t sweat the rush and just follow instructions.

Folks camping with cars/tents will be directed to parking as well. Please be patient and know that all the spots are great, the crowd isn’t that big so it won’t take too long, and we are going to try to help you not get blocked in

Be aware that if you leave during the fest, you could lose your parking spot.

Please try to arrive by 5 if you can, as there will be more people available to help you. If you must come later or the next day we understand. There are lots of spots to camp - but there are lots of things planned you won't want to miss!

You’re Parked…Now What? Setting Up Camp…

After you pull in:


There will be several communal food events. Please see below under “What to Bring” for more information about how you can contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of the weekend:

Don’t feel like cooking your other meals for the weekend? A Food Truck will be on-site serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday and Saturday!. Don’t miss ‘em! Tasty, eclectic goodness!


Please be advised that there is no WIFI available and that cellular signal is extremely limited. Be prepared to be out of contact with the outside world. And know that this is a good thing!

Community Standards & House Rules

Be Your Most Amazing and Kind Self

Keep it Beautiful and Leave No Trace

The River


What to Bring

Do Bring Your Music!

There will be opportunities to jam every night - keep your ears out and join in!

So! Bring your acoustic instruments (guitars, mandolins, banjos, violins, bass, etc), and bring your electrics too for late-night plug in jams. Bring hand drums!

Questions about dance hall electric jams? Talk to Don (you’ll get to know him if you don’t already) for more info.

And if you don’t play - no worries, come and listen, sing along when you have the chance, or just hang out and vibe with the musicians

Out of courtesy to the festival musicians, please don’t “crank it” in the campground while musicians are on stage.

Do Bring Your Own Washable/Reusable “Mess Kit”

Do Bring Camping and Festival Essentials

Do Bring Food and Beverages for Personal Use

Do Bring Contributions to Shared/Community Meals

Something to Share at Thursday Potluck

Easy! Bring a dish to share with the community. Main dish, side dish, salad, dessert. Home-made or prepackaged. Whatever your favorite shareable is.

Toastables and Spreadables for the Toast and Jams Table 

Contribution to Sunday Wake-n-Bake Brunch

EVERYONE: Bacon, sausage, or vegetarian substitute: Bring a pack (1-2lb) of store-sealed bacon for the biggest bacon-fry ever for the Sunday Wake-n-Bake! This one is almost mandatory.

Orange Juice, Champagne, Other Juices: Please bring some juice and something to mix with it if you like for Sunday Wake-n-Bake. Mimosas? Palomas? Bloody Marys? We are happy to refrigerate juices for you. We’ll have some coffee, but that’s all we provide for beverages at Wake-n-Bake.

Other sweets, baked goods, etc.

Do Bring Cash!

There is NO ATM. We may accept cards if the technology works. The food truck may or may not accept cards. CASH IS KING. If you purchase every meal at the food truck each day, buy a poster, donate for Jitter Jams, and buy a bag of ice, $150 should cover you for the weekend, and you could do it cheaper. Help us out and bring 1’s 5’s 10’s as well so we don’t end up in a change crunch. Having some extra cash never hurts. There will also be some art for sale and other artistic vendors.

Do Bring Community Firewood

What NOT to Bring


Guests may set up a spot to sell non-food service things like art, jewelry, clothing, and candy. Food that requires cooking or preparation (grilled cheese sandwiches) and alcoholic beverages are not OK.

How to Get Here (DO NOT TRUST GPS)

The event is at Parrish Ranch RV Resort and Campground, 7599-6719 W Co Rd 4, Berthoud CO 80513 Berthoud, CO 80513

Don’t trust google or your GPS! You may be led to come from the wrong direction where you will get stuck behind locked gates! Parrish Ranch can ONLY be accessed from W Co Rd 4. There is NO ACCESS FROM THE SOUTH no matter what any map or GPS says. You will get stuck behind locked gates.

RVs may arrive at Parrish Ranch no sooner than 12:00 pm Thursday. Cars may arrive no sooner than 1:30 pm. Please plan to arrive just on time or any time after. No pre-game lineups or land-rushes are allowed or necessary. Volunteers will park you.

Festival Schedule

Thursday 6/23


Staff setup


Gates open. RVs arrive and park. NO TENTS OR CARS AT THIS TIME. We’ll start rolling tent folks in shortly after.


Cars may begin to drive down Parrish Road to the campground. Please do NOT line up anywhere before then. Not even at the end of Parrish Road, or at the gate.


Gates open to tents and car campers, relax...


Celebrate the time together! Take a few minutes to chill and meet between the dancehall and camping area, then get back to setup.

If it isn’t your thing, no worries!


Campout wide musical POTLUCK in front of the dance hall.

  • Bring a dish to share!
  • Jam / Song circle at the potluck space. Join the circle. Bring your music. This was a great time last year. Please help us make it awesome again!
  • Remember your washable/reusable plate, fork, knife, spoon and cup.
  • This is a great opportunity to drop off your bacon/sausage for Sunday Wake-N-Bake


Scott Ramsaur, Taylor Sims and Friends!

7:45-10:00 pm

Big Richard

10:30 - ???

Electric jam inside the Dance Hall

Voices and instruments that plug in are encouraged. Pickups and the ability to plug in is most likely required. If you can’t plug in, the outside acoustic campfire might be for you! Don't be afraid to speak up and ask to play.

Friday 6/24: 

Early till 10:30

Jitter Jams! Coffee, Toast, and Jams

Hosted by Karen and Joanna. By the dance hall. Fantastic coffee. Bring something to share for toast and jams.

We provide coffee.
The community donates the toast and jams! We got toasters!

Please drop $1 or more for coffee in the donation jar to help us cover costs.  Bring your mess kit, music and join the acoustic breakfast jam happening here!

Please make Jitter Jams happen! Bring something! bread, bagels, english muffins, jams, spreads, cream cheese spreads, cream, half-n-half, etc to drop on the coffee table or bagels, english muffins, jam, butter, cream cheese spread, whiskey, Or, just bring yourself.

Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner

Food truck will be onsite Friday and Saturday.

Don’t miss ‘em! Tasty, eclectic goodness! Affordable and tasty upscale offerings!

11:00 am

Danny Shafer


Old Fuss n’ Feathers


Parchment Doll


Greg Schochet and Little America


Kevin Dooley Band


Charlie Stevens


Louder by the Hour

8:00 – 10:00

Crick Wooder

10:30 - ???

Late Night Super Jam in the Dance Hall with Louder by the Hour

Saturday 6/25:

Early until 10:30

Jitter Jams! Coffee, Toast, and Jams

Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner

Food Truck will be onsite Friday and Saturday.

Don’t miss ‘em! Tasty, eclectic goodness! Affordable and tasty upscale offerings!


DGQ Workshop

  • Paul Sink and Bill Browning will be hosting a workshop/jam focusing on the early David Grisman Quintet songs on June 25th.
  • Location: Dance Hall
  • Bring: your coffee, your instrument, and your brain!  


Oopsie and the Daisies


Antonio Lopez Band


John and Bill McKay Band


Benny 'Burle" Galloway and the Country Angels


Tim Ostdiek Band


Crick Wooder

8:00 – 10:00

Big Richard

11:15 - ???

Crick Wooder Late Night in dance hall


BURN fire ceremony

Sunday is Funday!

Morning: grab some bacon or whatever you brought for Sunday morning and cook it up for wake-n-bake!

11:00 am Wake-n-Bake: Sunday breakfast n jams!

Clean Up and Roll Out by 3:30 pm Sunday