Life Skills

Susan Shay                                

SAMHS Room 325                                                                                                        


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide SAMHS special education students who have Individualized Education Plans with functional academic and life skills that will prepare students to  navigate their community as they mature through high school and young adulthood.


Content is pulled from a variety of resources across the curricula including:

Learning Science Activity Tubs

Reading A-Z

Scholastic News


Words Their Way

Continental Publishing: Practice Exercises in Basic Math, Money, Measurement, Number Operations

Class Rules

Our class rules are posted in the room and speak to the most basic fundamentals of respect for yourself and others.   Respecting personal space, listening and demonstrating respect to others, and being responsible for your work and your jobs in the classroom are the expectations which have been set in place.



Life Skills has a Pass/Fail grading procedure.

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