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Manhattan Soccer Club Concussion Policy

In 2013 Manhattan Soccer Club formed a task force to address the growing concern about concussions in youth sports. The task force consisted of board members, coaches, parents, and physicians. The group assessed available literature, discussed prevention measures and integrated mandates from regional and national soccer organizations. We want to update you on our policies. We acknowledge that this area at the intersection of youth sports and medicine continues to evolve and we are committed to staying at the forefront.



MSC's policy about concussions:

MSC follows these "4Rs" of concussion treatment:


1. Recognize the symptoms

Parents and players should learn to recognize the symptoms by reading this document (inglés y español)

MSC coaches are required to complete this course on concussions as a condition of employment.

2. Report to coaches

Players or parents who suspect a child may have sustained a concussion anywhere (playing soccer or otherwise) must tell their coach immediately if possible.


3. Remove from play

Players with even a slight concussion are at high risk for a repeat concussion, for which the dangers are extremely serious. MSC coaches are instructed to remove a player from play if they suspect the player may have sustained a concussion.


4. Recovery before returning to play

As required by NY State law, MSC prohibits players from returning to soccer until he or she is symptom-free and has received written permission from an accredited physician to play sports.

Unfortunately, MSC cannot be involved in your child’s medical care, so treatment and permission to play must be managed by your child’s physician.