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New Patron Policy
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New Patron Policy

Eligibility: Residents of Bonne Terre five years and older, who live in city limits, will be issued a library card at no charge.

• Residents outside of Bonne Terre city limits will be charged a $10.00 family fee per year. Patrons under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian permission. Persons aged 55 and older, regardless of residency, will not be charged a patron fee.

• Any student attending a North County School will not be charged a patron fee.


New Patrons must present proof of residency, a valid picture ID & a piece of mail or other item showing current address. Addresses with P.O. Box are not accepted. Addresses need to have valid house and street number. There will be a limit of one item per person for first time patrons.


References must be verified prior to obtaining library card. All cards expire after

one year and must be renewed and any applicable fees paid before patrons are able to again borrow materials.

Responsibilities of borrowers:

The borrower is responsible for the care and on time return of materials that he or she has borrowed. Parents are responsible for the materials that their children have borrowed until the children reach the age of 18.

• If materials are lost, damaged, or destroyed beyond repair, patron is responsible for paying the current replacement cost of materials. If material is overdue, patrons must return overdue material and pay any fines before they will be allowed to check out more materials.  If the fine or replacement cost exceeds $5.00, privileges will be suspended.

Retrieving Overdue Library Materials and Fines:

During the first 37 days that library materials are overdue, library staff will make three attempts to retrieve overdue materials. Once past the 38-day mark, under provisions of BT Municipal Ordinance ML- the Bonne Terre Police Department will assist library staff in retrieving materials. The police department has made available a letter that is mailed. (See Appendix E). After 52 days the police department will be issued a list for contacting patrons with overdue materials.

Step 1: Items overdue 8-21 days--Telephone call from library personnel (called twice)

If unable to reach by phone, postcards are sent

Step 2: Items overdue 22-29 days -- Letter from library saying police will be notified

Step 3: Items overdue 30-37 days -- Letter from Police Department

Step 4: Items over 38 + days overdue -- Give list to Police department; police visit

Patron is marked type extremely overdue, fine assigned is price of book.


Reserve Book Policy

Patrons may request that a book that is in circulation be held (reserved) for them upon its return to the library. Requests for reserve may be made verbally at the circulation station. When book is returned, patron will be called. Patrons will have three days to pick up the book or it will be passed to the next person on the list.

Non-Renewal Policy

Due to the popularity of some books and the long list of patrons waiting to read the newest works, it is now our policy to NOT RENEW current best sellers if there is a waiting list for the particular items. Materials will be assigned a Type 303 that will not allow renewals.

Patron will be informed upon checkout that the item is nonrenewable. If not returned at the end of the two-week check-out period and fines have accrued; patron is expected to pay the overdue fine.

Reserved items must be picked up within three business days or they will pass on to the next patron on the reserve list or returned to the shelf. When calling to inform patrons their reserved item is ready for pick up, library staff will read the following:

Please be informed that the book you have requested is now available at the circulation desk. We will hold the book until the end of the day three days from now. If not picked up by that time, the book will be passed to the next person on the list or returned to the shelf for others to read. After being picked up, the book may not be renewed. Others are waiting to read the item.

Patrons will be notified of the no-renewal policy in the form of a bookmark handed to them at the time of checkout.

Claims Returned Policy

In the event library records show that a patron has overdue material (material that has not been returned to the library) and the patron claims to have returned the item, the Claims Returned policy will be followed. Library personnel should make every effort to locate the item. It does happen that items are not scanned and are put back on the shelf. After all efforts have been exhausted and the item not found, a message will be added to the patron record.

From: BTML Subject: Claims Returned Message: Barcode Number of Item and Date

No more contact will be made to the patron and no charges will be made. The item will be marked Lost, and a message "Claims Returned" will be added to the patron record. The material type will be changed to 136 (Claims Returned).

If the item is later found, or, the patron finds the material and returns it, the "lost" message will be removed. Three Claims Returned incidents will be allowed each year. After the third incident, library privileges will be revoked.