William Carson

Houston TX, 77498



Skills and Experience






Networks: DNS, DHCP, Static/Dynamic addressing, proxies, tunnels, VPNs

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, VMware vSphere

Work Experience

Redbridge Analytics

Senior Software Developer

March 2019 - Present

As senior software developer at Redbridge Analytics I am responsible for the creation of a large product offering in the banking analytics space. I write code in  PHP5.3 and PHP 7+, Javascript, HTML, CSS with the LAMP stack and CakePHP framework.

  • Working on bringing a product to market
  • Leading a team of 4 and mentoring new developers
  • Strong usage of feature-branch-request workflow in git
  • Created an entire CRUD app from scratch
  • Strong Jira and Confluence usage

PetroEd Inc.

Software Developer

August 2017 - February 2019

As a software developer at PetroEd I worked on several different projects at once, the company provides e-learning services to numerous clients. I write code in  PHP5.3, Javascript, HTML, C# and CSS with the LAMP, Node and IIS web stacks. Rackspace Hosting know how.

  • I fully implemented Jira and Confluence as well as the adoption of agile development practices
  • I brought the concept of instant messaging on board to reduce work-time interruptions.
  • Moved all code bases into git repositories and trained dev team on good git practices
  • I assumed the role of DevOps engineer bringing the management team and development team together to achieve managerial performance expectations.
  • Continuous work on four code bases simultaneously
  • Extensive full stack logic and design work
  • Managed customer tickets related to development issues
  • Took responsibility of upgrading and maintaining a legacy codebase/product
  • Research and development of new products
  • A lot of front end mockup work

Rochen Ltd

Lead Software Developer 

July 2015 -­ January 2016

As the lead software developer at Rochen I was in charge of creating and maintaining all

new code on the site from the front­end and back­end coding perspectives. I was coding

in PHP5, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Smarty on the LAMPP stack. I was also responsible for handling new bugs and development related customer service requests

  • Server Backup Manager API (SOAP), vSphere API, ENOM API, Google APIs
  • Wrote code handling: VM creation, IP  assignments,  zone  settings, and other dynamically configured settings utilizing multiple apis simultaneously
  • Fully custom codebase, LAMPP stack, sole developer
  • WHMCS API, MySQL, WHM, cPanel coding
  • VPS provisioning, extensive debug logging integration
  • Brought newly launched portal to a stable state
  • Used Citrix, SSH, VPN, and remote desktop services to administer VM and bare metal servers for over 2000 clients
  • Managed customer tickets related to development issues

Houston Association of Realtors

May 2014 -­ August 2014

Web Developer

  • Used REST/XML APIs to perform social media interaction and data integration
  • Use OAuth 2.0 to do work on behalf of social media users (Twitter, GPlus, Linkedin, FB)
  • Performed frontend UI / Responsive manual device testing
  • Worked with CodeIgniter backend and MySQL DB with CI and handlebars templates
  • Worked with LAMPP stack and VMware based virtualization technologies

Turko.ca / Lesite.ca

2013 ­- 2014

Data Aggregation and Manipulation

  • Worked on several projects which included web scraping/crawling, spreadsheet synchronization code in Google Drive as well as PHP backend.
  • Responsible for light front end work.
  • Extensive spreadsheet programming (1000+ lines JS), website link aggregator, and data integration coding, data entry forms

Volunteer Experience

        Houston Community College






HCCS Spring 09 ­ Fall 2012

Field: Computer Science/Software Engineering

Completed technical coursework includes:

JAVA 1,2 & 3, C++ 1, Networking Fundamentals, Engineering Fundamentals,

Precalculus, Unix Systems Administration I & II

About Me

Technology  is my passion, I love what I do. I would like to work for a company that has a warm, friendly atmosphere. I know that I have what it takes to be part of a team of other like-minded individuals that are as passionate about technology and software development as I am.