Bennett Valley Golf Club

Jan 5, 2019 Meeting

Present: Jordan Schnur, Maria Guarienti, Gregory Fearon, Steve Hanak, Ralph Thomas, James Miller, Louis Capuano, Doug Smith, Ken Richter

Absent: John Christenson

Call to Order: 8:00 AM by Jordan

Minutes: December minutes were read and accepted

Treasurer's Report: Gregory reported that he loaded a spreadsheet on Gdrive with a 2019 preliminary budget based on 300 members and with a 5K$ variable that had not yet been assigned. He encouraged the board to try various allocation scenarios ahead of further discussion. Gregory has made every attempt to provide an accurate proposed financial template with flexibility for change as the membership data is finalized.

Membership: Ralph reported that so far we have 293 members signed up. Ralph plans an email blast encouraging more undecided members to sign up before the NCGA deadline occurs in early January. Our club goal is to have 350+ members signed up to maximize our NCGA qualifying tournament participation.

Tournament: Ken reported that the turnout and response to the initial member-guest tournament in December was encouraging. Many positive member feedback comments noted. Also, a scatter gram of the team handicaps and final net scores indicated that the process of assigning handicaps via the NCGA suggested process was equitable.

Jim reported that all GG tournaments will now be able to provide improved payout and GP points. Jim continues to uncover features on GG that will make the tournament process more efficient.

Louis reported that he is still working out the logistics and details for a BVGC twilight tournament.

Maria led an interesting and detailed discussion on the 2019 USGA rule changes. Maria had a multi page printout of all the new rules. Most new rules are fixed but some were left up to the individual club to decide. After much discussion, everyone concluded that we need to disseminate this info to our members as clearly and as soon as possible. Our website will be updated with the new rules.

NCGA Handicap: Louis reported that there are no membership issues with NCGA this month.

Old Business: None

New Business: 2019 USGA Rule changes discussion.

Adjourned: 9:05 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary