Welcome to the first ever mid-season mock draft! Of course a lot can happen from now and until draft day,  but we work with what we got! So we thought we’d make things a little fun by doing a mock draft with the current draft order, breaking down what each team needs most and what will be available in the Season 48 draft! Enjoy!

*To break ties in the draft, the team with the lower strength of schedule (i.e. their opponents compiled fewer wins) is granted the earlier pick in round one. Division tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same division). Conference tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same conference). Coin flip(s), which occur(s) at the pre-draft Combine.*

Quarterback Malcolm Goodman from Stanford is highly considered one of the top players in the draft

1. Miami Dolphins (1-8)
Coach Beers
Needs: QB, HB, LB

The Dolphins have jumped the Titans for the 1st overall pick in the draft, will it stay this way? We’re not sure. The Dolphins are in need of some offense. Tannehill is making too much money, and their current starter just isn’t getting the job done. But do they go with Goodman? Or do they try and upgrade their linebacking corps? How about runningback? This is the beauty of having the #1 pick in the draft.

Pick: MLB: Timario Devan, Wisconsin

2. Tennessee Titans (1-8)
Coach BennyBuccets
Needs: QB, WR, LB

The Marcus Mariota experiment will be over at the end of the season. Not only has he set the record for most interceptions in a game and in a season, he’s on pace to possibly hit 70 interceptions this season. Mariota is an upcoming free-agent and i’d be shocked if he was re-signed. It’s time to go in another direction, and if Goodman is here at #2 the Titans should go after him.

Pick: QB: Malcolm Goodman, Stanford

3. Chicago Bears (1-8)
Coach Remo357
Needs: T, TE, CB

The Bears have a solid core of players, they have a future in Trubisky, they have some solid RB’s and WR’s, and their defense is up and coming. Their offensive line could use some work here and up this high, picking the best lineman out there is usually the safest bet. If he’s still out there, Spencer Gunheim from Texas A&M will be the power tackle that they are lacking.

Pick: LT: Spencer Gunheim, Texas A&M

4. Detroit Lions (1-8)

Coach MrRoclo
Needs: LB, TE, DE

These Lions don’t need much on offense. With the trade for Tyrod Taylor it looks like Roclo sees him as the QB of the future, i think they will try to dump Stafford and that contract in the offseason. The pick up of HB Jordan Howard fills that need as well. The holes are on defense, the defensive line and linebackers are in need of an upgrade! Whitner from Miami is making headlines, and should be here for the Lions.

Pick: ROLB, Aaryn Whitner, Miami

5. Washington Redskins (2-7)
Coach Cheese0824
Needs: QB, LB, T

Cheese0824 immediately starting talking QB the minute he took over the Redskins in Season 47. He was unhappy with Alex Smith so he went and traded for future hall of famer Drew Brees. We all expect Brees to retire at the end of the season which will open the doors for the Redskins to draft a QB here with the 5th overall pick and with Goodman more than likely off the board, go with the 2nd best QB.

Pick: QB: Gordon D’Imperio, Florida

6. Los Angeles Rams (2-7)

Coach RPowers
Needs: LT, LB, WR

The Rams are stacked in a lot of places, it’s just getting it together for Coach Powers here. Gurley is the workhorse and Goff is the up and coming QB prototype. They could use an upgrade at LT but they are still developing Andre Dillard. Defensive line, nothing needed here. Linebacker could be something that can be upgraded here, and i think that’s where the Rams go at #6.

Pick: LOLB: Rashaud Phelps, Wisconsin

7. New England Patriots (2-7)

Coach Hovadagod_23
Needs: QB, HB, LB

The question going into the draft, “Is Tom Brady retiring?” At age 42 you have to think it’s almost over for the future hall of famer, so do the Patriots do the right thing and draft his replacement? Even if he doesn’t retire? When will they have such a high pick again? It’s either that, or draft a running back here. I think they will go QB because i don’t see Brady returning next season.

Pick: QB: Devin Seymour, Ole Miss

8. Seattle Seahawks (3-6)

Coach Mindenplaya
Needs: T, G, HB

Huge surprise that Coach Mindenplaya and the Seahawks are in the top 10 and that could change, but right now they are looking at a top pick. There’s no doubt that the weakness is the entire offensive line here. Arguably the worst line in the league, these guys need to grab the best lineman available and it doesn’t matter what position he plays.

Pick: RG: Houston Van Pelt, LSU

9. San Francisco 49ers (3-6)

Coach SoSickin432
Needs: CB, G, WR

The 49ers are in need of some offensive line help, possibly an upgrade at HB as well. They definitely need a big play WR and that’s probably where they should go if they can. Also the 49ers need cornerback help. So it’s a tricky position here, depending where they are picking, if it’s top 5 then i’d go CB if you are top 10 then maybe a WR unless that CB is there. Confused? I am.

Pick: CB: Christian Verner, Alabama

10. Denver Broncos (3-6)

Coach Sawemoff90
Needs: HB, QB, T

The Broncos need offense. QB, HB, TE… you name it, they need it … offensively. So what will they do? I think if the best defensive end drops here to them they will go there. Solomon Zellner from Florida is lighting up the college ranks, and if he drops all the way down to 10, you better believe Saw will go there especially after grabbing DT Ed Oliver last season.

Pick: RE: Solomon Zellner, Florida

11. Carolina Panthers (3-5-1)

Coach Dpanther95
Needs: CB, S, WR

The Panthers are 30th overall in pass defense so if you’re wondering where they should be going in the draft, that is your answer. Corner or Safety, either way, the best player available is where they should go. If they wind up moving down in the draft then they should try to upgrade their receiving corps.. No, nevermind, get a defensive back.

Pick: SS: Mason Kaczur, Florida State

12. Buffalo Bills (4-5)

Coach Trigrdan
Needs: G, T, DT

The Bills are starting to get there. They got their QB last season in Justin Hebert, then received another 1st round pick by trading Josh Allen, so now they are ready to fill in the holes. They could go offensive line here or defensive line. That’s their biggest weaknesses. I think George Ramirez out of Nebraska could still be here at #12 , if he is, go after him!

Pick: RE: George Ramirez, Nebraska

13. Cincinnati Bengals (4-5)

Coach Gouch
Needs: LB, WR, HB

The Bengals might be further down on this list when the actual draft comes since they’ve been super hot, however right now they are at #13 in our mid-season mock draft. The Bengals have some weaknesses, but some nice strengths too. I think they will go LB here since Jawaun Campbell will be available. If he’s not then Rashaud Phelps could also drop here. Those are two can't miss linebackers in this draft!

Pick: LOLB: Jawaun Campbell, Wisconsin

14. Oakland Raiders (4-5)

Coach Kalikarpenter
Needs: TE, LB, DT

Coach Kali is struggling in Oakland and his roster is very solid, so where are there holes exactly? Kali could use the best player available here or even trade down to acquire more picks. But his weaknesses are at TE, DT, and ROLB. With that said, we think the Raiders will go with MLB Haynes Hood with the 14th pick overall, they can move him to OLB, the guy can tackle and his zone coverage is above average.

Pick: MLB: Haynes Hood, Oregon

15. Atlanta Falcons (4-5)

Coach BigReg
Needs: LB, G, TE

BigReg is another coach that is having a surprising poor season, so far, with that said his roster does not have any holes. Barring any huge off-season losses , right now his biggest weakness is at LB. That’s understandable as they traded away Deion Jones to the Cardinals last off-season. So with a pick this high in the draft, it would be foolish to not try and replace him.

Pick: LOLB: Gilbert Fudge, Louisville

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-5)

Coach Pauly2110
Needs: T, S, QB

Pauly is not used to picking any lower than 24 or so, so this will be new to him. The Steelers have a stacked roster, but the question is will Ben Roethlisberger retire? If he does, look for Pauly to replace him here in the 1st round, if not (and we think he won't) he should go offensive line. We’re eying Parker James out of Stanford, that could probably move to tackle since he is agile enough.

Pick: RG: Parker James, Stanford

17. Indianapolis Colts (4-4-1)

Coach Shawtypizzle
Needs: T, G, HB

The Colts need a lot of help in a lot of areas, nothing more than offensive line. With one of, if not, the worst offensive lines in the MOF they NEED to go line here. The problem is there might not be anything available here. So what else do they need? They need a star HB, and that’s exactly what Alante Mathews out of Illinois State is. If the Colts are fortunate enough to have Mathews on the board still, they should go after him.

Pick: HB: Alante Mathews, Illinois St.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-4)

Coach Jfon
Needs: QB, CB, S

The Buccaneers are a QB away from really taking the next step. Winston has been having terrible seasons and this one isn't any different. The Bucs could also look for secondary help here, if they can make a deal for a QB in the off-season. So where do they go here? I believe the best option would be QB and his name is Shawn Stryzinski out of Tennessee.

Pick: QB: Shawn Stryzinski, Tennessee

19. Philadelphia Eagles (5-4)

Coach Latinyank77478
Needs: T, G, WR

The Eagles are another one of those teams that have little holes. They did trade away Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffrey and received Josh Rosen in return last season, which was head scratching. They need to bolster the left side of their line, or they could try to grab the best WR available since they might still be around. I think adding weapons for Rosen would be the smart thing to do in this position.

Pick: WR: Jeffery Asiodu, Eastern Michigan

20. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) *From Texans

Coach Bhicks14
Needs: G, WR, DE

The Ravens acquired this trade from the Texans when they sent Tavon Young to Houston in the off-season. Thankfully for the Ravens the Texans are on the outside looking in right now. Also good news is it looks like they will have a good chance of a back to back pick in the first round, which is always fun. The Ravens need to bolster the right side of their line, that’s where they should go here.

Pick: LT: Jamie Morrison, Baylor

21. Baltimore Ravens (6-3)

Coach Bhicks14
Needs: G, WR, DE

The Ravens will be picking back to back here in our Mock draft and we think he should go after an offensive weapon to help Lamar Jackson. The best WR available will be Willis Louis out of USC, he could fit nicely in the slot and with the right development could really have a shot at being at #1 WR. He’s 5’10 which is the only downfall of his game.

Pick: WR: Willis Louis, USC

22. Minnesota Vikings (6-3)

Coach Krayzie300
Needs: QB, G, T

The Vikings are strong everywhere… everywhere except at QB. They cut Kirk Cousins during the season, which shocked the entire league, and signed Nick Foles to replace him. So i would be inclined to think that the Vikings are looking to upgrade at QB, and there are a plethora in this draft. The next best QB in this draft that will be available here is Derek Carson out of Miami , he can scramble and has good arm strength.

Pick: QB: Derek Carson, Miami

23. Cleveland Browns (6-3)

Coach Pettigrew95
Needs: WR, LB, CB

When you look at the Browns the first thing you think of is wow, these guys have great interior lines, offensively and defensively. That’s usually the toughest part to solidify. So the weaknesses. They could use a WR, but in this draft those are far and few between. So i’d go with linebacker here to try and strengthen the outside. I’m looking at the cinderella player, Khari Ramsour from Mount Union.

Pick: ROLB: Khari Ramsour, Mount Union

24. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)

Coach DoubleD187
Needs: MLB, G, TE

Coach DoubleD is starting to turn the corner, and it’s showing. The excellent move to obtain Nick Bosa last draft has paid off big time, but it has left a hole at Tight End. They could also look to improve the right side of their line with a RG. Or they could try and grab a linebacker to fit in the middle. Picking this deep in the draft it's hard to find a blue chip but MLB Frank Fry out of BC should fit the bill here.

Pick: MLB: Frank Fry, Boston College

25. Buffalo Bills (4-5) *From Giants

Coach Trigrdan
Needs: G, T, DT

The Bills made this move earlier in the season when they sent QB Josh Allen to the G-men. Now they will have a 2nd pick in the 1st round, and we think he will be picking a defensive lineman with the first pick, so now it’s time to fix that line. The best lineman available is where they should go here and what we see is center Blair Lee-Steere who can transition to tackle or guard pretty easily.

Pick: C: Blair Lee-Steere, Buffalo

26. New Orleans Saints (6-3)

Coach Qpeezy35
Needs: QB, LB, G

Coach Q has made it known that he is in the market for a QB. He traded Drew Brees, and has been starting Teddy Bridgewater but he doesn’t seem very happy with him. I could see Q going with a QB here, but more than likely he will be trading for one. So i think they should try and bolster their OLB corps. I think Thomas Craver could be available here out of UCLA, and he’s a power rusher, something they need.

Pick: ROLB: Thomas Craver, UCLA

27. Los Angeles Chargers (7-2)

Coach Mackdaddy
Needs: DE, T, QB

As we start to get down to the later part of the draft, you can see how great these teams are and the Chargers are no exception. These guys are solid everywhere, and we have QB as a need but they drafted Shea Patterson out of Michigan last season to replace Rivers, so that's off the table. I think they need to improve their DE position since they moved Bosa and Ingram to LB. Massey out of Penn would be a great pick here.

Pick: LE: Cameron Massey, Penn

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-2)

Coach Enzo
Needs: QB, T, WR

If i had a dime for the amount of holes on the Jaguars defense i would have ZERO DIMES. A little Enzo for coach Enzo. Anyway, it’s true, these guys are stacked on D. What they really need is a better QB and a little help at Tackle. So whatever the best bet is left here, and it will be QB. Garrett Wilfert is a middle round talent that will drop because of the QB depth in this draft.

Pick: QB: Garrett Wilfert, Georgia

29. Dallas Cowboys (8-1)

Coach Texmexgalvan
Needs: TE, WR, CB

The Cowboys and Coach Tex are having a great season and this team is very solid. The only places where i can see improvement are at Tight End, Wide Receiver, Cornerback and maybe safety. There will not be any Tight End’s worth value here in the 1st round so i would try to go with the best WR available and that would be Frantanzy Holmes out of Oklahoma St. who has some serious speed.

Pick: WR: Frantanzy Holmes, Oklahoma St.

30. Green Bay Packers (8-1)

Coach Lhu27
Needs: HB, CB, S

Another team that doesn’t need much, but if anyone needed a runningback it would be the Packers and there is still one on the board that has a very high upside. Notre Dame’s Caroll Allen is projected to be an early 1st round pick but the problem is no one really needs a RB that early. So he should drop right into the lap of the Packers here.

Pick: HB: Caroll Allen, Notre Dame

31. New York Jets (7-2)

Coach NYRedskins35
Needs: CB, T, G

The Jets do have some needs so what Coach Betts has done in New York has been very impressive. Offensive line is a mess but he’s making due, so the next biggest hole is in the secondary. They need corner help desperately and thankfully there should be a talented on left here late in the 1st round. HIs name is DeSean Harvey and he’s out of Stanford.

Pick: CB: DeSean Harvey, Stanford

32. Atlanta Falcons (4-5) *From Cardinals

Coach BigReg
Needs: LB, G, TE

Atlanta will be happy with this pick as they obtained it from the old Cardinals coach in the Deion Jones trade. We believe the Falcons will help their need at LB earlier in the round so they would and should go with offensive line help here with the last pick in the 1st round. Perry Cofield out of Oregon State should still be on the board here.

Pick: RG: Perry Cofield, Oregon St.