Tips and Tricks

I hate typing, can I import a website’s glossary or FAQ instead?

Yes! Simply paste the URL of the website’s glossary or FAQ into’s search bar. Click here to see it in action!

What types of files can I import flashcards from?

We currently support Excel Spreadsheets and Word Documents.

What format should my spreadsheet be when importing? needs your spreadsheet to be a two column spreadsheet with the terms being the first column and the second column being your definitions.

How can I collaborate on flashcards with my classmates?

Select the deck you would like to collaborate on and then click the add person icon at the top right corner. Copy and send the invite link to your classmates and start creating flashcards faster together!

Will my flashcards be available offline?


How do I sync multiple devices?

Sign into your account on each device by clicking the “Log In” button from on your account page. You’re data will then be automatically synced across devices when they are online.

I love Anki, does have spaced repetition?

Currently this feature is in beta testing but hope to release it very soon. Stay tuned!

Have another question?

We would love to help, email us at