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MusicSketch for iPhone® delivers a powerful app to capture and publish lead sheets quickly, and export them in multiple formats to share and collaborate with others.

ANAHEIM, CA – June 1, 2022– MusicSketch LLC launched the MusicSketch App for iPhone today. Write, edit and share music and lead sheets on-the-go, when and where inspiration strikes. It’s easy to get started – open the app, pick a key and compose.

Musicians often need to change, edit or communicate musical ideas in the language of music - notation. The printed and shared form of notation is a lead sheet or score. Creating lead sheets has long been reserved for those who know how to read and write music; either by hand or the mastery of complicated software. Many aspiring and professional musicians find this limiting their creativity. MusicSketch offers a new option to create, edit, and share notation on your phone from anywhere at any time.

The intuitive app is simple; open the app, pick a key, and get started.  There are sample songs, playback options and MusicSketch has designed a novel Direct Input Board Interface – DiBo! patent pending –  to make creating scores with chords, melodies, and bass lines easy and fun.  A full complement of editing tools to write in treble or bass clef, drop-in chord symbols, and place repeats are included. Now anyone can print or share professional lead sheets, export bass charts, piano scores, or files as audio .mp4, .midi, musicXML, or .pdf files from their iPhone.

MusicSketch is available now on the Apple Store and is free for the first 15 songs, then by subscription. A special one-time promotion for the first three months is $2.99. When the promotion ends, subscription prices will be $1.99 a month or an annual subscription of $14.99.  

MusicSketch LLC is dedicated to providing intuitive mobile apps for music creation. Created by musicians for musicians, MusicSketch is the first app released by the company.

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