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What is it?

A URL stands for:




Essentially, it is an agreed upon standard of the internet for locating particular resources, in most cases, web pages.

Example review:

Protocol:  The type of information exchange between the computer and the resource on the internet. http stands for hypertext transfer protocol, which is what most websites use.

Hostname: Also called domain name is the unique name of where the page lives. The internet translates this into and IP Adress, which is a number corresponding to a machine (usually a server) that hosts the information.

Path: This woks a lot like the file paths on your computer, defining the path to get to the right file or page on the website.

Parameter: These are values (like variables!) that pass information to the website that it can use to display the right information. In the example above, the parameter v contains the ID of the youtube video to play.


Step 1

Open the computer and navigate to a page on a common site like Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc.

Write down the URL below:


Pass the sheet to your partner and have them identify the following parts:

Protocol: _____________________________________________

Hostname: ____________________________________________

Path: _________________________________________________

Parameters: ___________________________________________

Other components: _____________________________________

Pass the paper back and go over the answers your partner provided. Make sure you both agree they are correct!

Step 2

Imagine you are creating a website for your class.

The domain of your class is:

Write down some potential URLs for the following pages. Use at least 1 parameter.

The homepage of the website

About The Teacher

A list of projects

A students page

Pass your answers to your partner and compare your answers. Why did you make one decision over the other? Make notes of any differences.



Go to wikipedia and find an article. In the article, you will notice some very small links that are just numbers in brackets like this: [1]

Click on one of these and notice how the URL changes. Write it down:


Can you figure out what this other component is? Is it a parameter? Try to find the answer yourself, and write it down below.