Flag Football


Flag football is a version of American football where the basic rules of the game are similar to those of the mainstream game (often called "tackle football" for contrast), but instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier ("deflagging") to end a down, and contact is not permitted between players which will result in a penalty for the team that initiates it.


The New Zealand American Football Federation (NZAFF) is the National Sports Organisation responsible for the development and delivery of all forms of American Football in New Zealand including Flag Football.


Flag Football is delivered in two versions in NZ.

·         Flag Football using the international rules sanctioned by IFAF and delivered through the NZAFF Clubs.

·         ENDZONE Football which is a community based sport which uses a simplified set of rules.  This version can be delivered through any person or organization that has a delivery agreement with NZAFF.


Competitions or games can be in many formats 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 -players on each side; coed or single-gender.  The delivery is adaptable to local requirements.


Teaching Flag or ENDZONE Football


There are many instructional videos available on YouTube that may be used to deliver the activity or to coach teams.

Below we have listed some resources as introductions for coaches and teachers to use.


1.         Use Broncos Flag Football information and videos for the basics.

This information can be used to teach the basics of the sport (Link).

The basic concepts covered are:

·         The Center/QB Exchange

·         The Proper "Ready" Stance

·         The QB/RB Exchange

·         How to Carry the Football

·         How to Properly Throw The Football

·         How to Properly Catch The Football

·         Flag Pulling and Basic Defensive Concepts


2.     Drills & Lesson Plans

The following sets of lesson plans can be downloaded as PDF’s and will give a full set of plans for a term of Flag Football lessons.


NFL Flag Football Elementary School (ages 8-10) Curriculum (Link)

NFL Flag Football Middle School (ages 11-14) Curriculum (Link)

 (Note – by clicking on the link you will download a copy of the document)


3.         Drills on YouTube

One set of drills available is from a group called the Flag Football Academy.  They are well presented and can be used in conjunction with the lesson plans above.



4.         ENDZONE Football

ENDZONE is a version of Flag Football with a simplified set of rules that make it easy to deliver into a community.

The Rules can be found on the Web Site.



5.         Simple Game ENDZONE Juniorball

This activity can be used as a warm up or as a game.

The Rules can be found on the Web Site.

·         Similar to Ultimate Frisbee.

·         Teams pass the ball (no rugby style passes – all overhead) between themselves any direction until a ball is received in the End Zone.

·         No running with the ball.  10 seconds to throw ball.

·         Possession changes on drop balls or intercepts.

·         Restart is a “kick-off” throw from the defense team’s defense line at their End Zone.


6.         IFAF Introduction to Youth Flag Football

This document can be found on our web site and is published by the International Federation of American Football.

It goes into detail about the benefits of physical activity etc at the beginning then carries onto good basics and drills and then moves onto game strategy.

The rules are more aligned to the international Flag rules rather than the simplified ENDZONE rules however the skills and drills are appropriate.

7.        USA Flag Football Certification

As an extension there is an opportunity to proceed through the USA Football certification course - (Link).

You will need to create an account as follows:

·         Create an account

·         Organisation is New Zealand American Football Federation

·         Development & training

·         Flag (skills rather than the Health & Safety)



If you are interested in ENDZONE Football please contact:

Russell McConnochie


09 9734058