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This book is dedicated to:

Everyone walking on Earth who is inspired to build wealth for themselves, their families and those around them.

To all my global friends who have inspired me to start this wealth challenge.

To all who have made the decision to join me and share their journey with the world.

I dedicate this challenge especially to my amazing wife Vianca for her ongoing support, her love and her resilience. Besides, she is my number one fan, happiest cheerleader ever and an excellent business partner for many years now.

Lastly, I dedicate this challenge to all the new wealthy people that will rise from doing this challenge. Together we are creating and sharing wealth that will definitely impact the world very positively.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all.


Ms. Pino warning and disclaimer!

Foreword by Vianca Pino.

Introduction: Setting up the context.

Day 1.- What does the future hold for you?

Day 2.- Awareness of the Now.

Day 3.- Understand how you and others are wired.

Day 4.- How to Speed Up Your results.

Day 5.- How to Reprogram your mind for Success.

Day 6.- How to Talk to Yourself into Success.

Day 7.- Recalibrate Your Spirit.

Day 8.- How do I increase my Income?

Day 9.- Where’s the Cashflow?

Day 10.- Owning Assets is the Key to Grow your Networth.

Day 11.- Which Skills will Impact your Networth?

Day 12.- Activities that drive up your Networth.

Day 13.- Making Sense of my Sales.

Day 14.- How to Scale and Leverage your NetWorth?

Day 15.- Track Your Time.

Day 16.- Track Your Money.

Day 17.- Track how GOOD you feel.

Day 18.- Connections.

Day 19.- Resources.

Day 20.- Money.

Day 21.- Plan Your Success.

Day 22.- Timeline Your Life.

Day 23.- Timeline Your Past.

Day 24.- Timeline Your Future.

Day 25.- New Success Habits.

Day 26.- Your Success Support System.

Day 27.- Healing your Emotional Wounds.

Day 28.- Crafting The New YOU.

Day 29.- Review Your Progress.

Day 30.- 30 Days Building Wealth.

Day 31.- “YOU” are the brand.

Day 32.- ”YOU” and Your Website.

Day 33.- ”YOU” and Your Social Media.

Day 34.-  ”YOU” and Your Unique Message.

Day 35.- ”YOU” and Your Networth.

Day 36.- Marketing-101.

Day 37.- How to Market Effectively.

Day 38.- Email Marketing Works.

Day 39.- Cross-Promotion Marketing.

Day 40.- Promotional Items Marketing.

Day 41.- Event Marketing.

Day 42.- Marketing “YOU”.

Day 43.- Advertising. Why? How? Where?

Day 44.- What’s Your Advertising R.O.I.?

Day 45.- Seal Your Advertising with a Tagline.

Day 46.- No Cash Advertising.

Day 47.- Free Advertising.

Day 48.- Effective Advertising.

Day 49.- Advertise Your Story.

Day 50.- Why Love Selling.

Day 51.- Master Your Sales Process.

Day 52.- Selling at the Right Price.

Day 53.- Sell More and Sell Faster.

Day 54.- Objections Need to be Sold.

Day 55.- Closing Your Sales.

Day 56.- Follow Up After The Sale.

Day 57.- Red Apple Clients.

Day 58.- Green Apple Clients.

Day 59.- Rotten Apple Clients.

Day 60.- 60 Days Building Wealth.

Day 61.- Mind Your Posture with Your Clients.

Day 62.- Lifetime Clients.

Day 63.- Make Clients to Love You.

Day 64.- Teamwork Starts with YOU.

Day 65.- How to Create an Awesome Team.

Day 66.- Your Vision for Your Team.

Day 67.- YOU out of the equation.

Day 68.- The Integrity of your Team.

Day 69.- Teams. Productivity. Technology. Profits.

Day 70.- Acknowledge & Celebrate your Team's Work.

Day 71.- Emotions We Must Heal: Grief.

Day 72.- Emotions We Must Heal: Depression.

Day 73.- Emotions We Must Heal: Hatred.

Day 74.- Emotions We Must Heal: Anger.

Day 75.- Emotions We Must Heal: Fear.

Day 76.- Emotions We Must Heal: Doubt.

Day 77.- Emotions We Must Heal: Resentment.

Day 78.- Feeling of CONTENTMENT.

Day 79.- Feeling of HOPEFULNESS.

Day 80.- Feeling of POSITIVENESS.

Day 81.- Feeling of ENTHUSIASM.

Day 82.- Feeling of PASSION.

Day 83.- Feeling of HAPPINESS.

Day 84.- Feeling of EMPOWERMENT.

Day 85.- Review Your Goals.

Day 86.- Review Your Skills.

Day 87.- Review Your Business Strategies.

Day 88.- Review Your Emotions.

Day 89.- Review Your Dream Team.

Day 90.- Review Your Progress.

Day 91.- Review Yourself.

Day 92.- PROMOTE.

Day 93.- PROSPECT.

Day 94.- PRESENT.

Day 95.- CLOSE.

Day 96.- PROFIT.

Day 97.- FOLLOW UP.

Day 98.- REPEAT the P.P.P.C.P.F. Steps to Increase Your Income.

Day 99.- Keeping Yourself Pumped by NATURE.

Day 100.- Keeping Yourself Pumped by ARCHITECTURE.

Day 101.- Keeping Yourself Pumped by SPORTS.

          Day 102.- Keeping Yourself Pumped by MUSIC.  

          Day 103.- Keeping Yourself Pumped by OTHER PEOPLE'S SUCCESS.

Day 104.- Keeping Yourself Pumped by BEAUTIFUL PLACES.  

Day 105.- Keeping Yourself Pumped by YOUR OWN VISION.

Day 106.- Protect Your Name.

Day 107.- Protect Your Income.

Day 108.- Protect Your Assets with Entities.

Day 109.- Protect Your Relationships.

Day 110.- Protect Your Intellectual Property.

Day 111.- Protect Your Privacy.

Day 112.- Protect Your Greatness.

Day 113.- Make More Phone Calls.

Day 114.- Stop Being Busy Doing Nonsense.

Day 115.- Work with those who Want to Work with You.

Day 116.- Get really good at creating opportunities.

Day 117.- Always be prepared to walk away if needed.

Day 118.- Listen to the advice of those who have done it.

Day 119.- Assess for Better or Worse.

Day 120.- Define Your WHY.

Day 121.- Execute. Execute. Execute.

Day 122.- Accountability.

Day 123.- Feel Good.

Day 124.- Plan of Action.

Day 125.- 100% Focus.

Day 126.- Your Money.

Day 127.- Rampage of Appreciation.

Day 128.- Magic Creation Box.

Day 129.- Creative Workshop.

Day 130.- Virtual Reality.

Day 131.- Prosperity Game.

Day 132.- The Process of Meditation.

Day 133.- Evaluating Dreams.

Day 134.- Create Your Own Inspirational Quotes.

Day 135.- Blindspots for Success.

Day 136.- Are You A Good Tipper?

Day 137.- Create Extraordinary Days.

Day 138.- Success Blueprints.

Day 139.- Detox from your BS.

Day 140.- 140 Days of Wealth Building.

Day 141.- Start & Finish Your Day With A Grateful Heart.

Day 142.- Thoughts of Prosperity.

Day 143.- Be a Turtle when you Want to.

Day 144.- See Your Future Now.

Day 145.- Laugh. Laugh. Keep laughing.

Day 146.- Benefits of Being 24 Hours with Yourself.

Day 147.- Quote of the Week.

Day 148.- Understanding Taxes. 1 of 7.

Day 149.- Understanding Taxes. 2 of 7.

Day 150.- Understanding Taxes. 3 of 7.

Day 151.- Understanding Taxes. 4 of 7.

Day 152.- Understanding Taxes. 5 of 7.

Day 153.- Understanding Taxes. 6 of 7.

Day 154.- Understanding Taxes. 7 of 7.

Day 155.- Build your Business the Solid Way.

Day 156.- Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.

Day 157.- Add simplicity to every action you take daily.

Day 158.- Direct your attention towards your future.

Day 159.- Owning your freedom is owning your power.

Day 160.- Align your Mind with your Heart for Success.

Day 161.- Actively patiently build your Networth.

Day 162.- Margaret Thatcher: What is Success?

Day 163.- Steve Jobs: The hardest thing when you think about focusing.

Day 164.- Walt disney: the 4 C’s of making dreams come true.

Day 165.- Thomas Edison once said...

Day 166.- Henry Ford: Success is...

Day 167.- Aretha Franklin: Be your own artist...

Day 168.- Abraham Hicks, the greatest gift is...

Day 169.- Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally. 1 of 7.

Day 170.- Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally. 2 of 7.

Day 171.- Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally. 3 of 7.

Day 172.- Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally. 4 of 7.

Day 173.- Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally. 5 of 7.

Day 174.- Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally. 6 of 7.

Day 175.- Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally. 7 of 7.

Day 176.- Change your outlook in Life!

Day 177.- Be Silent to Listen to Yourself.

Day 178.- Rectify your direction, goals and objectives.  

Day 179.- Find your Peace and Enjoy your Life.

Day 180.- 180 Days of Building Wealth!

Day 181.- Recap on the 365 days CHALLENGE.

Day 182.- Take a day to Rest.

Day 183-189.- Looking into the Future!

Day 190-196.- We are all into Real Estate!

Day 197-203.- Supercharge your Success by becoming SuperNatural.

Day 204-210.- Thanksgiving week, a time to be grateful.

Day 211-217.- How to Change Yourself.

Day 218-224.- Who are You with Money?

Day 225-231.- Consistently Different Approach to Life.

Day 232-238.- The Best Gift to Yourself.

Day 239-245.- Closing Cycles.

Day 246-252.- COMMITMENT.

Day 253-259.- Confusion Strategy.

Day 260-265.- Focus. Simplify. Amplify.

Day 266.- Rebuild Yourself.

Day 267.- My Reputation.

Day 268.- Privacy.

Day 269.- Your Friends.

 Day 270.- Talk less, Think more!

Day 271.- YES or NO… which one you prefer!

Day 272.- Build a Bigger Income. 

Day 273.- The Price of your Networth.

Day 274.- Play Offense vs. Defense.

Day 275.- 90 Days Closer to Completion.

Day 276.- Healthy Changes are Always Needed.

Day 277.- Results win over Opinions.

Day 278.- Circle of Excellence.

Day 279.- Living Inflation-less.

Day 280.- Exercise your Gratefulness.

Day 281.- WHY do you want to build up your networth?

Day 282.- WHY are you on Social Media?

Day 283.- WHY are you so obsessed?

Day 284.- WHY do you let people take advantage of you?

Day 285.- WHY are you taking advice from people who aren’t doing it?

Day 286.- WHY be Wealthy?

Day 287.- WHY are you still clinging to poverty?

Day 288 - 294.- FAKE: Fake Money. Fake Teachers. Fake Assets.

Day 295 - 301.- What is your biggest fear in life?

Day 302 - 308.- My Takeaway on EXPANSION.

Day 309 - 315.- Rampage to Create a Wonderful Life.

Day 316 - 322.- Does Size Matters?

Day 323 - 329.- Are you Scrolling through Wealth?

Day 330 - 336.- REVIEW success.

Day 337 - 343.- Bringing Business and Pleasure Together.

Day 344 - 350.- K.I.S.S. your Success.

Day 351 - 357.- Excuses or Results.

Day 358.- Build wealth on your terms.

Day 359.- Commitment to be Happy and Prosperous.

Day 360.- Your next 360 of your Life.

Day 361.- Massive Action Approach.

Day 362.- Profits, Wins and Success.

Day 363.- Choose What is Pleasing to You.

Day 364.- Your NetWorth is Your Legacy.

Day 365.-  365 Days Later Building Wealth is Up!

Ms. Pino Warning and Disclaimer!

Before you start reading this material, I want to set up the right context for you. I want to tell you what to expect from this material and what not to expect.  

This material has not been professionally edited by anyone other than myself, so you might find many errors.

If you are one of those people who want perfection, this might not be a good read for you. However, if you are most interested in the content and the lessons and the experiences shared here… please continue reading!

Simply follow your heart. Follow your desires. It will all work out beautifully by the time you are finished.

It is your creation, so enjoy the process.

Make it fun!


I believe wealth gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want to do what you desire.

Wealth gives you the ability to experience life in a bigger way and allows you to make a bigger impact in the world.

Networth is the best way to understand your financial health. It captures all of your financial efforts in one place. If you do a really good job tracking it, it will illustrate the progress you are making towards building your wealth.

Networth, wealth and money are all words that create a mindset… A winning mindset to be more specific. Money and wealth facilitates the exchange of value.

You are wealthy if you can comfortably and reliably pay for all your monthly expenses to support your lifestyle. And let’s be honest, the majority of people want to live comfortably and want the fine things in life, but in their mind they struggle to manifest this luxuriously satisfying life.

Why? Because they have negative beliefs that do not allow them to move forward towards the life they deserve.

Once again, I pose the question, why is building wealth important? Because your financial security impacts your personal life, your professional life, your present and most definitely your future.

We all desire to take time off to travel, to rest and to enjoy life to its fullest without having to worry about money.  In my experience as a woman, wealth gives me independence. It gives me more options to decide with more clarity where I want to be as I get older… And I understand that wealth means different things to different people.

To me, wealth means having the option to build a family legacy as I build my business empire.

Wealth gives us the power to turn goals into reality. It opens up the world to new possibilities, it has the power to enrich our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

In addition to monetary wealth, it also gives us the freedom to be truly abundant in our mental, spiritual and physical well being. Free from all the concerns and anxieties of not having money. The accumulation of all our wealth gives us the total of our true NetWorth.

Building our wealth, our family legacy and our empires is an everyday event. It requires us to be present and incredibly focused. Your winning mindset will dictate how far you will build your wealth.

The way you see yourself with money is very important. The way you feel about yourself with money has a huge impact on your life.

See, if you have a very poor opinion about yourself you will not feel worthy about receiving wealth into your life; however, if you truly think highly of yourself you are totally confident opening the floodgates of abundance.

Bottom line, your relationship with your Self Worth and Money is very life-changing in its own weight.

This is why taking upon the 365 DAYS CHALLENGE TO BUILD WEALTH will become a huge stepping stone for you to build your Net Worth.

This challenge will stimulate your mental, spiritual and physical growth.

 It will allow your mindset to expand and to show you how resilient you are. Pushing your boundaries beyond your financial comfort zone will give you the opportunity to correct and move forward from past mistakes. It will destroy negative beliefs about your money mindset.

Every day for 365 days, you will have the opportunity to implement new methods and ideas to grow your NetWorth.

 You will learn to value yourself more and to become stronger and wiser as you build your wealth. It is through this challenge that you will enable yourself to do things that feel totally uncomfortable, things that will get you moving out of your comfort zone and into the life you truly deserve.

We must believe we are worthy of what we want in order to claim it and receive it. I am confident that this 365 DAYS TO BUILD WEALTH Challenge will change your life, your wealth and your NetWorth. It will help you achieve success and will educate you in how to maintain it.

This challenge will for sure change my own life and my net worth even for generations to come

My wish for you and me is that we internalize that we all are Worthy of creating our Wealth and growing our Net Worth one day at a time.

 Vianca Pino.


Setting up the context!

In order to get the most value out of this material, I decided to share some pointers.

First, as far as I know, there is no other challenge/book out in the marketplace at the time I am publishing this material that combines text with a transition to watch a video with additional content about the chapter, except for my previous book “I LOVE LIVESTREAMING”.

I definitely invite you to use this template that I have created to publish your own content and become a published author.

The chapters are named consecutively starting with DAY-1 until we reach DAY-365.

If you are on a tablet, phone or computer reading the book, you will be able to click on the links and go to the video immediately.

If you are reading a printed version, simply type the link in your smartphone browser and watch it.

The overall goal here is that you personally commit to check-in daily on this page with the specific purpose to receive guidance, ideas and recommendations to help you build your cash flow, your income and your wealth in the next 365 days.

DAY 1.

What does the future hold for you?

Commit to changing your life forever. Commit to focusedly build your income, cash flow and wealth for the next 365 days.


1.- Commit to doing this challenge… no quitting, no excuses, no procrastination, no negotiations… your only option is to make this happen as if your life depends on it. Period.

2.- Decide what is the dollar value, the number you want to achieve in the next 365 days.

3.- Get a notebook today where you will keep track of your daily-updates-and-progress. This is a very simple instruction. Make sure you do it.

4.- Join the GoNetworthing Facebook Private Group… and invite as many friends as you want. Together, we will make this a global movement where everyone will benefit from.

5.- You will invest 15 minutes today imagining, daydreaming, identifying, creating what your future life will be like this time next year.

And do me a favor, do not start judging or criticizing the advice that is given to you today, right here, right now.

In order to create your future, a future that serves you well, YOU GOT TO TAKE THE TIME TO CREATE IT FIRST…. And investing a few minutes doing it in your mind today, is not too much to ask… as a matter of fact, it is very doable.

By the way, you are free to share as much or as little information on the public group as you wish… the objective is that you stay plugged-in, connected and that you feel that you are not alone. Just like you, there are many others wanting to build wealth.

Make this challenge an opportunity for you to become accountable with yourself.

Make this challenge the perfect opportunity for you to achieve financial wellness, financial healing and financial stability… do it for YOU.

Watch this video-series now… it will give you ample perspective to help you formulate your specific money-plan: Joy-to-Millions  

Now, it’s time to take action. Get things done!

DAY 2.

Awareness of the Now.

An open-minded approach to assess your current, real and present financial health is key in order to create space to build bigger and better.

You might fuss a little or a lot with this, but it is necessary because only when we come to terms with what we have now, we will be able to build from there.

We got to know where we are financially now so we can move forward in a direction that better serves us.


1. Write down on your notebook all your debts (current liabilities)... house payments, car payments, student loans, medical bills, credit cards payments, maintenance fees, IRS, etc... in other words... write down all the things you are making payments on... all that you owe now.

Be honest. If you want, break them down yearly and then monthly.  Have a clear picture of where your money is going right now. Avoiding turning your face the other way does not help you. Living in denial is like having a slow and painful death. Stop that. Face it. There are new avenues for you, even if now you think you are buried in debts... that's exactly one of the reasons you joined this challenge... because you're beyond tired, you are exhausted from making money, making payments and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are here to correct that. And guess, what, you will. Let's correct and let's continue.

2. Now, go ahead to write down all your income streams... list all the ways you receive money. List your paychecks if any, business income, commissions, dividends, sale of products or services, food stamps, alimony, child support, stimulus money, rental income, royalties, inheritance, divorce settlement, lawsuit settlement... you got the idea... make sure you account for every penny.

3. In addition, list all your current assets with their current market value... If you own a home, what's the market price... What's your car worth now?... jewelry, watches, purses, suits, etc, what's the value of your current assets if you sell it now... Cash on savings, cash under the mattress. Gather all your valuable assets.

4. Now, you are in a RIGHT NOW space to evaluate if your current net worth is positive or negative. Subtract your total liabilities from your total assets… and that is your current net worth.

You might be surprised, scared or skeptical, but nonetheless, you are aware now.

If your net worth is positive, awesome... Now, you can freely move faster to build more wealth.

If your net worth is negative, it is what it is, don't punish yourself either... you are here to turn things around... and we have 365 days to make significant changes that will serve us better.

5. Invest 15 minutes at least, thinking about how wonderful it will be when you no longer have to worry about all that debt that is eating you alive.

Be free to imagine that dream-life as if it is happening now... after all, you're investing 15 minutes, so make them worth it for you.

Taking action today in all 5 recommendations might seem like a lot for some of you. But, it is not. It is the bare minimum to start doing things differently and more efficiently.

My intention today is to help you zero-in into how healthy or unhealthy your financial-life is now..

If you keep doing it your way... Please tell me how it's working out for you… Please tell me where you're gonna be next year. Many will be in a similar situation or even worse... and that is totally crazy.

I am trained differently. I have been trained to succeed and I am inspired to share that training with you day-by-day. Make the most out of it for you.

DAY 3.

Understand how you and others are wired.

How well do you know yourself? How much do you trust yourself when it comes to your skill sets, talents, expertise and ability to make money?

Some people might not know how to answer these questions.

To build wealth and to make lots of money, you must maximize your daily activities. You got to know what you are really good at.

You have to focus on those specific few activities that will bring you the most, the biggest and the fastest results.

But, how do you figure this out without being afraid of being mistaken?

Today, I absolutely invite you to invest about 40 minutes of your time getting to know yourself even better, even deeper.

Recently, Ray Dalio (his net worth 20.3 bn) and his team made available an assessment test that will give you priceless information about how you best operate, where you exceed naturally, where you least execute, among others parameters... knowing this information will make a world of a difference for you from now on.

After you take the test and you see your results, you will understand why you do the things you do, why you thrive, why you lack at some things.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with you. It is simply that we don't know ourselves well enough and we push ourselves to do things that feel in opposition to the direction we want to go.

We become masters at creating resistance and making our lives impossible and full of struggles.

There is no need.

Life is supposed to be fun. Life can be as beautiful and enjoyable as we make it... when we make it a priority to truly create a life full of joy, happiness and prosperity.


1. Go to

This is a FREE assessment test... it will reveal much to you... and better yet, you will know where you are the best and where you will need to get help from.

To take it a step further to know yourself better...

2. Go to and take the Kolbe Index-A test. There is a small fee you need to pay. Yet very much worth the cost.

The Kolbe test is used by the FBI to hire agents. It is used by Inc.500 companies when hiring their top CEOs and executives. It is used by the NFL for athletes. Companies and organizations like NASA, TD Bank, Campbell's, Samsung, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan and many others use it.

I did take the test myself and it gave me a huge relief by knowing and understanding that I am wired in a unique way. I understood my best ways to deal with pressure and also it gave me relief by understanding aspects of myself that have little value for me when I want to exceed my performance.

In addition, these two tests gave me an even bigger value and that was, to use them when selecting my closest team members and associates.

These tools will be extremely valuable to you in the upcoming days as you advance to build a bigger team and a bigger net worth.

Feel free to share in the group your findings after taking the tests.

DAY 4.

How to Speed Up Your Results.

My wonderful friends, by now, on a quick recap from the past 3 days... you have a much clear picture of what your financial map looks like.

You know where you want to be by this time next year financially speaking. You know how you best operate, where you exceed the most and in which activities or areas you are the least effective.

You also have made a commitment to follow through with this challenge... and you are not alone. There are plenty of us very interested in this topic of creating wealth.

Today, I want to make it very simple for everyone, myself included, because if this is happening to me, probably you are experiencing similar feelings.

I am very and genuinely excited to take action and maximize all the things I can possibly do in a day's worth of business... and that feels like a productivity boost totally as a natural reaction of the past 3 days.


1. Choose your top 3 activities, tasks, chores business-related that you are better at, that you execute best... and commit to focus on them from now on. Period.

You will find new ways to create more of them, do more, execute more, accomplish more in the same time you now have. Trust yourself.

This little switch in your mind will lead you to increased results, profits and success.

2. Choose the 3 least activities, tasks, chores business-related where you know you are very very inefficient. You will delegate them. Period.

Do not find excuses, or apologize to yourself, or justify them to anyone.

Your focus is simply to be effective, productive and be able to sustain your rhythm of success... that's how you will grow your business over the next 365 days.

Just like me, you will be super happy... and wanting more.

DAY 5.

How to Reprogram your Mind for Success.

Do you have a proven M.A.P. to help you high-perform in your life and in your business?

Today, we share many insights to inspire you to enjoy a better life, a more successful life and a life that you are proud of.

Most people are not trained to succeed… As a matter of fact, most people spend all their lives failing one time after another, no wonder why they feel depressed and unhappy.

We are here to tell you that if you are willing to learn, to practice, to master yourself… your life will skyrocket… and you will go from average to high-performing in every area of your life.

When you examine any and all high-performing people, super successful people, you will find all  these traits and attributes in them.

Here are some examples in different industries... Jennifer Lopez. Michael Jordan. Tony Robbins. Steve Jobs. Oprah Winfrey. Deepak Chopra. Tiger Woods. Sadhguru. Donald J. Trump. Sir Richard Branson... and we can top it off mentioning Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

Today, study these foundational keywords for success. Get familiar with them. See how you currently apply each one of them. Get yourself engaged and think about which words you relate the most with and which one you relate the least.

The more you learn, the more life will bring to you… Laugh. Learn. Live at your Best!

Keep connected with us.

Keep watching our upcoming shows… and learn all you can about our Millionaire Approach Philosophy… and make it a lifestyle that makes you happy and prosperous!

Enjoy watching this show today: Videos – LAUGH. LEARN. LIVE @ YOUR BEST (

DAY 6.

How to Talk to Yourself into Success.

Talk to yourself in a way that you will hear it and in a way that will serve you best.

Today, I am happy to share with you the exact language, the exact words, the exact message I use every day before I do anything in the early morning.

Let me introduce you to my Millionaire Approach Affirmations.

I talk to myself with the intention to condition my mind for success every single day.

I have made this 15 minutes segment a fun part of my early morning routine because feeling good about myself makes a huge difference on how I conduct my life and my business.

I simply read them out loud or I read them quietly to myself if I have company… I reflect on how each affirmation makes me feel inside that day.

Every day is a new experience… and I look forward to figuring myself out best so I can be even better.

Now, go and get familiar with the Millionaire Approach Affirmations.

DAY 7.

Recalibrate your Spirit.

Congratulations on reaching the first 7 consecutive days on this challenge.

Has it been a challenge for you to keep up?

Have you done the exercises?

Have you cheated, skipped or discarded the recommendations given?

The past few days have been packed with information to help you get familiar with what success feels like, looks like and makes you aware of where you are financially now. Also, it has opened the door for a bigger vision, a better life... and to achieve it, change is inevitable.

We got to play bigger if we want bigger and better... and we got to think, act and execute differently if you want bigger and better.

There are no shortcuts.


1. Use your day to day-dream about all the things you want... everything... play that movie a thousand times... see yourself already having it, doing it, enjoying it.

2. Enjoy this audiobook from Deepak Chopra, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success"...  

(click on the title to listen now.) 

This audiobook will help you center yourself. It will make you aware of what is important to be happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

According to Google and other sources, Deepak Chopra net worth is about 150 millions. My point is... you can be very spiritually oriented and be very wealthy at the same time.

Enjoy your Day 7 of the 365Days CHALLENGE to build wealth.

DAY 8.

How do I increase my Income?

Starting today, focus your efforts, time, energy and activities that maximize, innovate, improve, duplicate, triplicate YOUR INCOME.

Your income dictates the level of life you enjoy every single day of your life.

Your income level allows you or not to participate in investment opportunities.

Your income dictates the kind of life you will have at retirement age or when you can no longer work.

Is your income enough to cover your monthly expenses?

Take advantage now of your good health and the years you still have ahead to produce enough income so you are covered later.

Are you left with any income every month that you can use to invest in your future?

If the answer is "NO", like for many people... then you must do things differently... and you have to be willing to embrace those changes. Otherwise, you'll end up old, tired and broke.

Take this 365 days challenge to change that ugly outcome forever and even your generations to come.


1.- Study, plan and sort out the different ways you can consistently increase your income for the next 365 days.

Is it starting a business?

Is it investing in real estate?

Is it joining an existing opportunity?

You decide, but you have to do something additional other than you have been doing up until now if you want to change your current financial situation.


Remember, income, income, income!

DAY 9.

Where's the Cashflow?

How do you cashflow now? … Daily? … Weekly? … Monthly? … only a few times per year?

Many people only cashflow when they get their paycheck or their commission check… times are changing quickly and now we have access to get paid even daily, consequently, we can cashflow every day.

Think about how you can establish or add this business-model to your current way to bring income home… Think about a subscription-based business model.

If you’re an employee for a company, you can keep your job and join an opportunity that allows you to build a team… which leads you to #1, increase your income… and #2, have passive, recurrent income every month.

If you own a business, think how you can best integrate a subscription-based model to any of your services or products.

If you own rental real estate, simply keep buying more units, more doors and make sure your cashflow is positive every month.

Think in terms of how improving and  increasing your cashflow will help you cycle faster, which means, will help you move money more times… make more income… so you can build up your net worth faster.

Building up your net worth is about doing it effectively, efficiently and sustainably… the faster, the better.

You don’t need to take your time. Slow motion here, will kill you!

You need to do it as fast as you can, so you live money-worry free knowing that you are taken care of.

Today, enjoy this recent livestream which will give you a deeper sense on how you can cashflow even more.

Click and Enjoy:

DAY 10.

Owning Assets is the Key to Grow your NetWorth.

Assets put money in your pocket. Liabilities take money out-of your-pocket... This is the best definition I have heard from Robert Kiyosaki.

When you sell a service or a product, you earn money... (asset)... but when you spend that money... you no longer have that asset... then, you go do another sell... and the cycle repeats.

When do you actually realize that in order to enjoy a more stable, secure and comfortable lifestyle you need to have enough for now and for later, for retirement time?

We got to own assets.

Assets that cash flow. Assets that never get depleted. Assets that appreciate in value over time. Assets that will take care of us financially forever... and those assets have to be enough so we never run out of money.

Most people are totally oblivious about this problem most face... and they don't know how to fix it... because they are mainly focused on paying their monthly bills. That's it.


Examples... rental real estate, investments, passive income business, digital assets.

One question most people never never never ask themselves: "How much do I need to own in assets to support me forever without running out of money?"

Everyone's answer is different!

It will depend on your lifestyle level, your current age, the age you think you will live, your health, your family members you're financially responsible for, etc...

What is that number for you?


1. Take the time to figure this out, to sort this out... doing so, you will gain a new direction, a focused idea of where you need to put your time and efforts to build what... your net worth... your wealth!

It is your responsibility.

2. Watch these short series to further clarify why you need to own assets:

Asset Accumulation… WEALTH ACCUMULATION. Stream #665. (

Asset Creation… WEALTH CREATION. Stream #666. ( 

Asset Management… WEALTH MANAGEMENT. Stream #670. ( 

Asset Preservation… WEALTH PRESERVATION. Stream #671. (

DAY 11.

Which Skills will Impact your NetWorth?

Take inventory of your skill sets. Are your current skills good enough to make you earn all the income you need?

What if you need to update your skills?


What are these new skills you now need to acquire in order to adapt to the new economy, the new way to earn your money?

You got to figure that way...QUICKLY!

If you're stubborn to keep doing it your way, you're going to struggle.

Invest time in mastering skills like, marketing, advertising, sales, public speaking and closing deals.

You want results. You need to be effective, efficient and profitable as much as possible.

If you know you need help in those skills mentioned above, then, start making time to incorporate at least 30 minimum of your day to learn and improve those skills... nobody can do it for you... only you can do it... and it takes discipline, commitment and persistence... it is all up to you.

When you master a particular skill better than anyone else, you will become rich.

Look at Tiger Woods... golf.

Look at Jennifer Lopez... singing, acting.

Look at Ellen de Generes... talk show, comedy.

Look at Elon Musk... Tesla.

Look at Serena Williams... tennis.

They are all experts, authorities in their field, influencers... They have worked more than anyone else to achieve mastery levels... and so can you at what you do... and when you do, you will enjoy the same benefits they do... it is law!


1. Make a list of the top 5 skills you need to master in order to dominate in your industry, your local market, your city.

2. Then, get to work on it for the rest of this challenge. Incorporate your training as part of your new success habits.

3. Watch these 3 streams:


 MARKETING 101. Live Stream #387. (


ADVERTISING: Why? How? Where? Live Stream #465. (


Why to love SELLING?. Live Stream #464. (

I trust you have already gotten lots of valuable tips, advice and recommendations for today… Now, start implementing them in your daily business.

DAY 12.

Activities that drive up my NetWorth.

Are you needing more time in your daily business day to produce more results in your business?

FOCUS your time in maximizing your SKILLS…

FOCUS your time in only DOING what you know you are REALLY REALLY GOOD AT to bring you more revenue.

DELEGATE the rest.


Watch this next 5 minutes… and change your approach to the many activities that dilute your day, your time, your energy and consequently, your results, your income and your NetWorth.

Click the link below to watch now:


I trust you got clear on what you will be implementing next to be more effective in your day-to-day activities.

DAY 13.

Making Sense of my Sales.

Your sales drive your bottom line. Your sales are the ones that keep you in business or put you out-of-business.

If you are not making sales, you are driving yourself to a voluntary suicide… and you are killing your business.

Reconsider your sales approach now!

How many sales will it take you to achieve the income level you set for this challenge back on Day 1?

Have you broken down these sales in detail? Time, schedule, ideal client, per month, per quarter, per year.

Do you have to sell one product or service… or… a combination of them?

Have you figured out the marketing cost to get leads and convert these leads into paying clients?

Once you make a sale, is this sale ongoing…or… do you need to find a new client for the next sale?

Have you contemplated increasing your unit price in order to reach your goal faster?

Once you make a sale and money is in your hand, do you have a plan to maximize that money return back to you to build up your networth?


Take the time to answer these questions… Those answers will help you become more efficient, more productive and more effective in your approach to make your sales a success.

DAY 14.

How to Scale and Leverage your NetWorth?

Do you have a Scale and Leverage strategy?

So far on this challenge, you are now aware of where you are financially and where you intend to be in 365 days.

You are aware of where to focus your attention… your income, your cash flow, your activities, your skills.

What if you put in place a consistent strategy to scale your networth and use leverage to make it faster?

You must connect with an investment opportunity that allows you to achieve your goals faster.

For example, real estate is my default, favorite and most reliable way to scale and leverage my networth.

Owning rental real estate gives you monthly cashflow, allows you to increase and maintain your networth. You can take advantage of appreciation on the market. You can also take advantage of depreciation when doing your income taxes every year… and when done correctly… you will be able to retire wealthy in a few years just by focusing on acquiring rental real estate.

There are many other ways to invest… but, for the specific purpose of this challenge and to keep it simple… I will only mention real estate. This vehicle is the one that I am personally using every day during this challenge.

Regardless, what is your current business, job, career, you will always be able to add real estate.

All high-networth individuals own REAL ESTATE… and so can you!


1. How many rental properties will you need to acquire in order to have enough assets that you will retire wealthy?

2. How much monthly cashflow you need to retire wealthy?

3. Write it down in your notebook… by when will you be ready to retire?… put a date to it… and start working your plan.

DAY 15.

Track Your Time.

Being productive, being efficient, being profitable are key elements to success… and time is the common denominator we all have. How we use our time is what makes the difference.

All high-networth individuals, all high-performing people use their time to the maximum.

They only do what matters most!

They delegate everything else. Period.

This is a simple formula to apply.

So, why are you diluting yourself trying to do a thousand things in your day?

Guess what… you are spinning your wheels with little or no results. How is that working out for you?

Starting today,

1. Track your time… see if you can keep up with writing down every activity you do this week on-the-hour. No exceptions.

2. Notice,

– How much time you waste on social media.

– How much time you rest, sleep, relax.

– How much time you spend on everyday activities.

– How much time you truly invest building your business, your networth, your wealth.

Trust me, you’ll be choked. You might even feel embarrassed to realize how poorly you perform on what is important, yet, you keep doing it.


Start today by tracking your time… and focus on networth-building activities ONLY.

DAY 16.

Track your Money.

Where focus goes, energy flows… and the same is true for money.

Awareness of where your money is going is important. Awareness of how much money is coming in is even more important.

Read this again,

Awareness of how much money is coming in is even more important.

People think they don’t make enough money, when in many cases, the problem is all the nonsense avenues where they are spending, wasting and discarding that money.

Purses. Watches. Boats. Expensive clothes. Club Memberships. Vacations. Shopping. Alcohol. Drugs. Just to mention a few.


Focus on the many ways you can increase the amount of money you receive every month.



1. Take inventory of how much money you have available to you. Consider cash, credit lines, equities, investments, royalties, etc.

2. Think how you can add, increase, expand at least 30% more for each avenue.

3. Think how many more new ways you can add to your financial life that brings you more money.

4. Everyday look at how much money you already have and bless it!

5. Track your money daily because you are focused on building up your networth.

DAY 17.

Track how GOOD you feel.

The way we feel dictates how we think, how we act, how we behave, how we react, how we execute, how we project ourselves, how others perceive us.

There is so much unspoken conversation that is carried out that is totally controlled by the way we feel… that is the one thing that is mostly underrated.

If you feel like shit, you act accordingly.

When you feel good about yourself, you carry yourself with pride, elegantly and you are confident everywhere you go. You speak powerfully. You look sincere and genuine. You shine with your own light.

Well, then,

Track how GOOD you feel… in your notebook! Daily!

When you feel good is when you make the phone calls, do the meetings, close the sales, share a positive message, raise new monies, talk to new prospective clients and you feel awesome all the way.

When you feel bad, you must learn how to change your emotional charge quickly and at-will… from negative to positive… This is a skill that you can very well learn. The more aware you are of it, the easier it will become over time to switch.

Your goal is to be emotionally stable at FEELING GOOD most of the time, every day… because everyday you are creating your life.

DAY 18.


You want more money… make more meaningful connections.

Be willing to explore new connections, new relationships, new people… outside your normal and comfortable environment.

Now, these new people are NOT your peeps to party, drink or go on vacations with.

These new connections are purposefully established to help you build your networth.

Your conversations will be about how we can mutually benefit from our talents, expertise, network, common values and financial goals.

When you have this clear, it will be very easy to connect with new people because those who are interested in similar results will stick… and those who are not, will spin off even faster.

You… will be emotionally and vibrationally steady on making meaningful connections that only get you closer to building up your networth.


1.- Schedule yourself to make (set a number) new connections daily from now on.

Good or good?!

DAY 19.


What resources do you have available to you right now that you can use to build your networth?

Most people overlook the amount of available resources around them… they believe they need more. They lack awareness of what they can do with what they have now… so they perpetuate the lack of it.

Friends. Connections. Internet. Groups. Credit. Money. Expertise. Knowledge. Your phone. Your computer… They are all resources you can tap right now.

Focus on finding resources you can use to get you closer to your goal in the next 365 days.

Your focus here is the key… you are building your wealth… and you will purposefully use these resources to help you leverage, expand, increase, grow your NetWorth.


1. Take inventory of your available resources now.

2. Tap into each one of them with the intention to get closer to your financial goal.

3. Write them down in your notebook to keep them in front of you.

DAY 20.


To grow your business, you need money. To live your life, you need money.

We go to work or to a business with the purpose to do something of value and receive money as compensation… and yet, many people say money is not important.

Who are you kidding?

Money is essential to our lives… and the more we have, the more opportunities we have available.

For years, I argued with my father saying that you didn’t need to have the money to build a business.

He said to me that in order to exploit a gold mine, you needed another goldmine to feed it… we went back and forth for years… each one trying to convince the other.

Until, one day I said: “you’re right dad, you need another goldmine… but it doesn’t have to be yours… you can find who has it and partner up with them”… he looked at me perplexed with his big blue eyes and we both laughed.

Did you get the message here?

Learn where to find the money to fund your ideas, your business and to grow your wealth.


1. Identify from the people you have access to, who have money that will help you grow your business.

2. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. You can offer interest payments, split profits when it sells, equity position, etc…

3. Identify outside of your known people, who will be able to fund your ideas, your business plan… is it local banks, credit unions, hard equity lenders, private investors.

4. Take ownership and commit to raising all the money you need to fund your ideas and grow your business, your networth and your wealth.

Be committed to getting educated about money. Learn all you can about using, investing and managing your money. It’s your responsibility!

DAY 21.

Plan Your Success.

Being successful takes lots and lots of planning.

You will need to shed your old-mindset and replace it with a complete new-millionaire-approach-mindset.

Since you know what you want to achieve, only you are responsible for crafting that path.

Plan your days. Plan your activities. Plan who you surround yourself with. Plan your outings. Plan your time to rest. Plan your time for personal growth and development. Plan where you are investing your money. Plan for everything.

And for all of that, you have to be committed… it is your life you are planning.

It does not need to be complicated. You simply have to decide the path of success you want… and get on the road to build it, to create it and to live it.

When you are in control of your life, life itself feels awesome and energy flows through you totally effortlessly… Life is worth living!


Simply write down those things that matter to you in your life. Take time to meditate and reflect on them. See yourself already living that life.

Enjoy your day!

DAY 22.

Timeline Your Life.

Draw a straight line on your notebook. Put a bold dot at the beginning of the line to signal when you were born. Write down your year of birth.

Then, think forward and guess until when you think you are going to live... go to the end of the line, put another bold dot and guess-timate the year you are going to die.

Is it 100 years? Is it more than 100?

Then, go to the middle of the line, write down the year and your age where you are 50/50 in your own timeline.

This is a brief introduction to timelining your life... and it is intended to help you visualize your own life.

 Further subdivide your timeline in increments of 10 years at a time...

And now... make a general review of your life of the most important experiences you have already lived.

Write them down.

What was really memorable for you when you were 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and reached your current age.

Take your time. Do this exercise even though you might think this is silly, just do it.

Seeing with clarity the possibility of how much more you will live, it will give you a better perspective on how much money you will need in order to fund your lifestyle... remember, this challenge is to build wealth, your networth and to heal your finances, your money-blueprint.


DAY 23.

Timeline Your Past.

Going back to your Timeline, let’s now focus on your “past” for this day.

Some of you will revive painful and unpleasant memories as you go through this exercise. However, have the courage to do it. Don’t quit on you today. You have already come this far. And tomorrow will be better. Believe it and believe in yourself.


You are going to more specifically and purposefully jot down:

1. Your WORST memories, experiences and circumstances both in life and in business.

2. Your BEST memories, experiences in life and in business. Your BEST, most productive, most successful performances, most high-performing events, deals, etc.

Both, BEST and WORST reviews have totally and undoubtedly changed your life in many ways.

Notice the lessons you have learned. Notice the way you felt. Notice the way you still feel when you visit these memories in your mind.

Some memories you wished they never happened. I am sure. We all have those in our personal lives, but we need and must move forward.

This day, today, you might realize that many of these past memories are still holding you back. You fear, doubt, blame, justify, excuse and even grief, hate and resent yourself and others for what you had to go through.

Make an extra effort and be kind, gentle and soothing to yourself.

Acknowledge what happened. Acknowledge that you don’t have to stay there emotionally. Acknowledge that you must move on emotionally because you are going to change your life.

You are day-by-day transforming your life for the better. You are self-coaching, self-mentoring yourself to grow your networth, your wealth, but most importantly, you are creating a new life for yourself that makes you happy everyday.

And be willing to leave your past where it belongs… in the past!

Tomorrow, there will be an even better day… be excited to receive it with open arms.

Congratulations to you for coming this far with me on this journey! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP!

DAY 24.

Timeline Your Future.

An empty future is not fun. A boring future is not what you want.

Life is more fun when we are happy, excited, thrilled and inspired.

Your future is like a clean canvas where we have total freedom to paint it the way we want to become real… and we can do that at will.

Let’s continue on the Timeline… and now, let’s explore the future.

Start adding, writing to your Timeline things you want, travels you want, achievements you desire.

Dare to put them approximately by when you believe you can and will have them, do them, enjoy them.

Be blunt. Be bold. Be courageous.

This is your Timeline… this is a glimpse of what your life can and will be like for you from now on.

As you commit, you will give a new direction, meaning and purpose to your desires and wants.

Nothing will be impossible, because you will find the best path to get where you want. Trust yourself.

Today, you have scratched the surface of the power you have to create a beautiful, wonderful, magnificent life for yourself.

Keep coming back to this exercise periodically. Keep adding more. Keep adjusting. Keep erasing what no longer is suited for you.

The more you add, the more fun you will have!

I guess you will have a smile on your face now.

May happiness and prosperity always be with you!

DAY 25.

New Success Habits.

If you want different kinds of experiences, you have to change your ways… because obviously, it is not working out for you. Bluntly said, but is out!

Your willingness to redirect your attention to shifting activities and mindset towards activities and mindset that support your future lifestyle is where your mind must be from now on.

It is a conscious decision .

If you have honestly followed through the past 24 days of this challenge, then, you have already instilled, reprogrammed in you some of these new habits.

If you have lightly decided to just glance at the content and put a like just to sound cute, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself.

Here are some new habits that are easy to incorporate to help you achieve more in your day and make you feel more successful:

1. Do your daily affirmations.

2. Write down your daily progress.

3. Assess your top 5 things daily you must do.

4. Assess your low-priority things you’re delegating to someone else.

5. Track your time daily.

6. Track your money daily.

7. Track how “good” you feel daily.

8. Enhance your products/services to provide more value to your current and future clients you serve.

9. Execute more efficiently and more effectively.

10. Honor yourself first highly regardless of anyone’s opinion of you.

As you believe more in yourself, you will also see how your networth and wealth flows towards you. More experiences become available to you and life itself changes because you have changed, starting by changing your old habits by new habits.

DAY 26.

Your Success Support System.

We can not operate in isolation.

Consequently, we must operate in teams, groups, in a society.

It is of monumental importance that you zero-in who are the people who will support your dreams.

This is not about convincing, begging and crawling so others join you in your dream… This is about attracting to you the correct people who will be inspired to join you effortlessly because they believe in your dream.

For that to happen, your posture toward your dreams must be stable, firm, clear, transparent, genuine, authentic, mind-blowing, inspiring.


Assess from those around you, those who know about your dreams, who is really a positive supporting player and who is not.

The ones who are not… leave them alone… it is not your job to change their mind.

Your job is to focus even more on where it is you are going… and proceed towards building your dreams successfully.

Choose at least one person and unconditionally work with this person together as a team to achieve your goals.

By now, you know how you best operate and how they operate because you did the PrinciplesYOU assessment test. You know how to dance together as a team and support each other 100 percent.

Together, you now are more powerful and committed with each other and your dreams.

DAY 27.

Healing your Emotional Wounds.

We all carry wounds that sometimes, more than others, easily bleed when touched.

Our emotional wounds keep us away from moving forward with our lives. We get to the point that these wounds are part of our present that we grief and hurt every day without even being consciously aware of what we are doing on a daily basis.


What are those emotional wounds you carry with you?

Go back to your Timeline and look at your past… you will probably find them there if you were truly honest with yourself.

Allow yourself to release those wounds today by replacing your pain and putting in their place a new picture, a new outcome, a new perspective, a new view of you and your future life.

I know it is not easy to let go, but we must do it for our own sake and well-being.

Your job today is to substitute in your inner space where your wounds exist… replace that mental feeling with the new-you-life view… and for that, visit your timeline in your future to draw from there.

I have done this exercise many times… at first, I struggled with letting go… but as I did it several times, I started feeling better and hurting less… until I realized that my new reality is more joyful than the one I was stuck on for a while.

Do this exercise as many times as you want, as frequently as you need to… until you know you are stable in your emotions even when you think about these events that hurt you enormously.

Healing your emotional wounds will free you up to feel excited to build something new, bigger and better… and that also has to do with your finances, your career, your networth, your wealth and your life over all.

If you want to heal your finances, heal your emotions first… when you do, you will thank me later!

DAY 28.

Healing your Emotional Wounds.

Create a new successful YOU.

What the NEW-YOU looks like, dress like, live like, drive like, travel like, dine like, vacation like, do-business like???

If you design your life as a game, as a fun canvas, as a delightful experience… it will be so easy for you to add all the stuff you want, all the things you want… and indeed you can.

Become a Master-creator at adding so much to your future that you feel you need more lifetimes to live all of that… and the truth is that you will probably will live many lifetimes after this one… yet, for now, concentrate to live this life in a way that totally pleases you.

If you can convince yourself that you deserve the best life ever, you will create such a life for yourself and those around you.



Enjoy your day and live this day in pure bliss creating YOU!

DAY 29.

Review Your Progress.

Since you joined this 365 days challenge to build wealth, you have learned new things about yourself, you have more clarity towards achieving your goals, you have simplified your activities, you have put more focus on your most important activities, you have delegated many things already, you might be learning new skills, you have made new connections, you have made new sales, you are negotiating new deals, you know what is your income goal for this year, you have looked into your past to heal your emotional wounds, you have created a new future that thrills you… I mean, if you have really followed through every day as instructed.

For most of you, you might have barely reviewed this material.

For some of you, you have glance at this material and found some points of interest and maybe have tried them.

For very few of you, you have successfully checked-in every day and you have put in your best effort to do every exercise… and you feel very proud of yourself… you feel confident… you feel that you have a new direction in your life and that you are in control of it.

To achieve success, you get what you put in… if you show up 10%, guess what, you get 10% back from the Universe… and when you give all 100% of yourself, the Universe will definitely deliver its promise back to you… you choose!


1. What has worked the best for you after you have made the adjustments in your life, business, activities? Write down your progress.

2. What has not worked at all? Why is that? What are you doing to correct this? What’s your new plan? Write down your observations.

3. What have you done, accomplished, in-progress-of-accomplishing that is leading you to increase your networth for this challenge? Have you done the numbers? What’s the money value that this progress represents towards your overall goal?

Looking back since we started this challenge, you can rate your level of commitment, discipline, focus, willingness to do things and your honest desire to build your networth.

Unless you do it, nobody is going to do it for you!

DAY 30.

30 Days Building Wealth.

Congratulations for keeping up your commitment to build your networth... YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS OF THIS 365 DAYS CHALLENGE!


Celebrate your progress.

Celebrate your commitment.

Celebrate YOU!

Review the content from the past 30 days during your spare time… you will always pick up new insights because as you expand your vision you will see and interpret content differently.

What do you want out of your next 30 days?

What will you do even more, even better, even more focused?

Keep up with our daily advice. You don’t have to do it alone. Just like you, there are many other people doing this challenge as well.

Our next 30 days will be geared to create more action, more results, more income, more networth and more wealth.

DAY 31.

"YOU" are the brand.

How relevant are you in your local market, in your area, in your city?

Those who connect with you know how uniquely different you are in terms of working with you, your services and your products?

Why should they work with you, buy from you, do business with you?

YOU are the brand!

Regardless of whether you are currently working as an  employee for a company… or… that you are a solo-preneur… or… that you are a small business owner… YOU ARE THE BRAND.

But, how do you build a brand that helps you build your networth?




How do you do that starting today?

You will start thinking about what makes you different from others.

You will share your talents, your expertise with others in a genuine way.

You will show the world who you are and what value you bring to this world.

When you see, hear, read, watch anything about Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Grant Cardone chances are that you pay attention.

They have built powerful personal brands that differentiates them from everyone… and they all started small, from one idea… the idea of letting the world know about them and what they can do to serve others.

YOU can do the same.

You can start from the same idea of showing the world your uniqueness. You can share your talents and expertise.


It doesn’t matter what your services or products are. It doesn’t matter that you are new to a city. It doesn’t matter that you are new in your industry.

What matters is that you decide that you are going to become relevant, known, acknowledged, discovered, recognized… because “YOU” are the brand, not your products, not your services.

When you value yourself first, others will value you.

Think about what you look like as a powerful brand presenting your products and services to others.

Your investment in creating “YOU” as the brand is your single investment with the highest return-on-investment you will ever make.

Once you position yourself as the brand… everything you touch will turn to profits, success and your networth and wealth will automatically grow.

Check out today my book I LOVE LIVESTREAMING… I will show you how to STAND OUT and how to become your own brand.

DAY 32.

"YOU" and Your Website.

When you want to know more about someone’s services and products, what do you do? …You go searching online for their website immediately.

When you want to know more about the individual, you go to their website, read the “About” section trying to gather information so you make a decision if he or she is worth your time.

Well, your website is very valuable and it will help you make millions, even billions of dollars when you build it the right way, when you make it client-centric.

Your website is, in many cases, the first point of contact people have before they speak with you. Yet, most people give it very little attention.

Building your networth and your wealth requires that you establish yourself as an authority, a credible advisor, an expert in your area… and you can easily achieve that by providing your website visitors with valuable content that even if they never talk to you, they receive value out of your expertise… in other words, you add value to their lives just by visiting your website.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Own your name in a (.com) dot com.

2. Write blogs frequently to keep your visitors wanting more of your expertise.

3. Always offer value.

4. Offer FREE something… gift, advice, consultation… This will incentivize people to talk to you.

5. Offer products or services people can purchase directly on your website… People love to buy things they want.

Keep your website updated. Keep it simple. Keep it professional.

Think about this…

– the more time visitors spend on your site, the better.

– the more they consume your information, the better.

-the more value you offer on your site, the better.

Unconsciously, your visitors are already sublimely accepting, agreeing, saying “yes” to you… that process allows to drop resistance and it makes it easier for a sale to happen… and that makes you money… and that will help you build your networth and your wealth.

Your website is a super powerful tool you can use to monetize yourself ongoingly.


Take time to re-evaluate your website. Think about what you can add, change, modify that will give it a kick.

If “YOU” are the brand, like I said yesterday… Then, make yourself look really good, sound really smart and be confident in your talents, gifts and expertise… Tell the world about YOU  by having an awesome website that people enjoy coming back every time.


DAY 33.

"YOU" and Your Social Media.

Know that if you are building a business and your online presence, you will benefit from having a consistent social media presence.


You do not need to be on every platform.

You do not need to have millions of followers.

You do not need to overwhelm yourself at all.


You can carefully and thoughtfully choose which platforms are a better fit for you.

You can schedule your posts ahead of time.

You can share a message that is consistent with what you are promoting.

Sharing public posts in social media platforms makes you public… and you have to be clear what you want others to know about you… and what you prefer to keep private.

There are always many eyes watching you online… they might not comment on anything, but they are quietly watching and keeping track of your life posts… so think about it well before you put yourself out there.

To build a real solid authentic online presence, you must be very clear on the content you share.


1. Revise your profile pictures across your different platforms… are they congruent, are they the same.

2. Do you have the same website links across all of them?

3. How often do you post? Too much or too little… or too much nonsense …or too much serious … or too much boring… or too much sarcasm…what is the overall tone of your messages?

Making little changes will make a huge difference on how others perceive you from the point of view of how you show up to the world in social media.

You don’t have to be fake… just be you, be authentic, be respectful… that’s all.

DAY 34.

"YOU" and Your Unique Message.

Everyone can say what they sell. Everyone can describe benefits and advantages that their products or services bring. But, your unique message is totally exclusive to you.

Let’s talk about this today…

In a nutshell, what do you stand for? What do you value? What do you believe in so much that people need to hear about?

As you build a business and build your networth, think about how you present, offer, show to the world your unique message in a way that is totally exclusive to you? In a way, that nobody else will say it, do it, offer it, present it the way you do it.

When you achieve that tuned-in message, people will be captivated and inspired to be with you, buy from you, learn from you, refer others to you… and consequently, your results will skyrocket… and so will your networth.

Let me repeat this again:

“In a nutshell,

What do you stand for?

What do you value?

What do you believe in so much that people need to hear about?”

Craft your unique message around these 3 simple questions.

Make it simple, clear and compelling.

As you answer these questions, write down in your notebook your thoughts. At first, you will go in many directions, but as you trim your answers, you will find more genuine, authentic, personal… and your message will carry a very strong personal vibration that will send people a strong message… you mean business… you mean: I am doing this… you mean: I believe in this.

That is confidence, clarity, certainty… and that is so powerful that you’ll open doors to yourself you never thought possible.

Once you have your unique message in place… make it relevant, make it congruent with the content you share on your website and social media platforms… Remember, YOU are the brand… you are positioning yourself differently than the rest, you are the credible advisor to many.

Here are a couple of examples so you get a better picture of what I mean.

If you go to my website… You’ll see that I have tons of videos about business, entrepreneurship and real estate… consequently, you can see that I love talking, mentoring and building my wealth with real estate.

If you go to Vianca’s website,… You will see that Vianca writes beautifully, loves cooking and also does real estate.

In other words…

What do we stand for?

What do we value?

What do we believe in so much that people need to hear about?


Craft your unique message with passion… This is essential for you to stand out from the crowd… and is a critical component to build your networth and your wealth.

DAY 35.

"YOU" and Your NetWorth.

Most people believe that to build your networth you have to be super special, super smart or super famous.

Not true!

We all live in a time and space that we have at our fingertips tons of tools, mentors, ideas, systems, vehicles to do it; yet, few take advantage of it… because the focus is NOT there… The focus is into everything else, except building your networth. Simply said.

You might not aspire to a huge mega networth, but, I am sure you would be happy knowing that a smaller networth will take care of you… and your money worries will be gone.

According to a Yahoo Finance article some celebrities have a small net worth.

Well known people like: Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Carter, Pamela Anderson, Chris Tucker, Burt Reynolds have small digits compared to others in the same industry.

Check out the article here:


You are only a year away from reaching some of these numbers.

You are only a few more clients to get to your income goals.

You are only-a-restructuring-of-a-debt away to improve your game.


Think about what would be like if you double your income and your NetWorth within these 365 days of this challenge.

What would it take in terms of deals? How many more deals? Just that!

You will have so much more breathing room to build even bigger from that space.


Review your numbers.

Review your vehicle.

Review your process.

Your job is to expedite your results.

Your job is to make you more efficient.

Your job is to build your networth once and for all and forever.

Enjoy your beautiful day!

DAY 36.


There is never such a thing like too much marketing.

We all under-market ourselves tremendously… and that can change if we change our marketing strategy.

Marketing your services and products is essential to grow your business. Everyone has a different idea of what Marketing is and how to do it.

From my perspective, Marketing is what you say to your future clients before they know they will be your clients that engage them so much that they indeed become your clients.

Marketing is the stage that precedes any sale.

Marketing is the process that tells your future clients the story about your services and products… and gives them a reason to want to have it.

When you become really good at telling your story, your marketing will give you the results you want.


Watch this stream about Marketing… it will give a better perspective to market yourself better, affordably and sustainably.

Click the link:

Are you currently using video Marketing to grow your business?

If you have a very limited budget, how do you do it in a way that works for you?

My answer: do short daily or weekly videos talking about what you are passionate about.

Over time, you will have a significant amount of content that you can always repurpose, reuse to market yourself for the years to come.

Remember, you are building your networth over time… and Marketing is part of that oxygen you need every day to survive.

I use video Marketing daily to promote my business. I share it on social media platforms. I send them to my clients. I write blogs and include the links so people watch my content. I compound them and put them in a book-format.

Marketing is a daily activity you must Master, even when you sleep.

Pay attention to people like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Russell Brunson… they market themselves constantly because they have clear what they are selling and to whom they are selling.

Study what they do… and apply it to yourself in your budget.


DAY 37.

How to Market Effectively.

Marketing your message effectively is one of the biggest challenges most entrepreneurs and business owners face every day.

What do you say in your copy when you write a blog, send an email, post a message on social media… that’s your copy… the words you use, the words you choose to convey your message.

Is it too strong, too vague, too soft, too confusing, too shallow?

Is it direct, on-point, specific, clear, simple?

Your purpose is to get to your prospects in a way that they feel engaged with your proposition, but in order to achieve that, you must do some homework beforehand.


Pre-selecting, pre-qualifying, and pre-targeting your audience will determine the language you use.

If your target client is a professional female, mother, married, raising children… you will speak to her about the things that are important to her… and you will tell her the BENEFITS and SOLUTIONS you bring to her to make her life easier, better, happier, etc.

If you are talking to a millennial, you will customize your message tending to what they pay attention to. Maybe your message will be shorter, more straightforward and your call-to-action will be more looking for a simple YES or NO. That’s it.

If you fail to recognize who you are talking to, your message will be wasted and no results will be the end-result.

Another point,

Have you taken the time to create a profile of the clients you want?

What are they like? What pre-qualifications do they have that make them a good potential client for you?

Not everyone is your client… Your potential client is the one that fits your profile. Period. If they don’t fit, then don’t waste any time talking about what you do.

Once you know who you are talking to and when your message is customized to that clientele, your marketing will work every time… and your sales will go up, your networth and your wealth.

Look at this topic as fun, play with it, tweak it a little until you see the results you want.

DAY 38.

Email Marketing Works.

Email marketing can double or triple your income when used effectively.

Thanks to technology, you can send a consistent and predictable message to your prospects and clients via email.

Most businesses don’t do it.

Marketing is an ongoing component of your business… if you don’t do it, you become irrelevant in people’s minds… and that my friends, will cost you millions of dollars in revenue over time.

If you have a small list, no problem… you can always grow that list and you will grow it as you craft specific strategies to achieve that result.

Well-known successful people like Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Matt Morris, Russell Brunson, just to mention a few, send automatic daily messages to your inbox.

You might feel like they overdo it, but what they are doing is intoxicating you with their preeminent presence so you think of them first.

Is that wrong? Is that bad?

Who says… they are executing consistently on one of their marketing strategies to close more sales and build their cash flow, their networth and their wealth.

You can do the same.

Starting your own email marketing campaigns is fairly inexpensive. Look for services like GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact…


1.- Ask yourself: How can I keep myself in front of people daily at a price I can afford?

2.- Ask yourself: How can I create a campaign that is automated, but keeps me in front of people?

3.- Watch this stream and learn more about how you can effectively, consistently and sustainably use email marketing in your current business.

Click the link to watch now:

Remember, you are here to build your networth and every effort, every step, every activity should be geared to achieve your main goal: BUILD YOUR NETWORTH!

DAY 39.

Cross-Promotion Marketing.

Marketing your business, services and products using cross-promotion is very clever and gives you a high return on your time, energy and investment.

What if…

You have 20 people beside yourself promoting you.

You have 100 people sharing about how good what you offer is.

You have 2,000 people using your products or services.

Start thinking outside the box to maximize your exposure!

Cross-promotion gives you the highest leverage ever… that is what Network Marketing companies do, they have hundreds, thousands of people talking about them… and practically, their cost to promote is zero.

You can do the same in your industry… and become very relevant.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

1.- Find an organization that has many members and become part of it and offer them to promote you in exchange for XYZ… (think about something you can give them of true value to them).

2.- Find an industry totally different from yours with lots of people, employees, members or affiliates… and offer them something that will improve their people and they can not refuse in exchange for you being promoted.

3.- Find yourself a group, a company who has a big email list and have them include you in their emails with a special offer from you.

4.- Find yourself an event, online or in-person, hosted by someone else and offer to speak to their people in exchange of a valued-proposition that is beneficial to them.

5.- Find yourself podcasters with an established audience and offer them to interview you as a guest, offer them a benefit and be in front of their audience.

If you put into practice all these ideas, you will grow your business exponentially in a relatively short period of time.

What does it mean to you 10 new clients, 20, 30, 100… what is the monetary value of one new client for you? …do your numbers so you have a clear picture of what your return is and put in context the results you get by adding cross-promotion as one of your marketing strategies.

Cross-promotion is using leverage to build your networth and your wealth… USE IT!

DAY 40.

Promotional Items Marketing.

Promotional items is a 23.3 billion dollars industry and most businesses do not use it that much.

It is estimated that people who get free promotional items tend to keep them for an average of 8 months… that means that for literally pennies you can be in front of a client or future client for months.

Now, if you combine promotional items marketing with an additional method like direct mail selling… you can give the promotional item for free and at the same time make an offer that they can’t refuse because it is a definite YES.

This strategy alone can increase 20-30% your overall revenue, your networth and your wealth.


Think about the items that are the best fit for you… journals, pens, caps, t-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, towels, magnets, key chains, picture holders.

Since you know who your ideal client is, send  them something they will appreciate, they will value and they will remember who sent it.

Figure out your cost involved… the cost of the item itself, the mailing cost… and compare it to the value you receive out of one client.

Let’s say that you make $1,000 a year from one client and that your promotional marketing campaign will cost you $3.00… then your overall cost is 0.30%… and your overall return is 99.7%… now, does it make financial sense to you to activate a strategic promotional marketing campaign? … you bet, it does!

DAY 41.

Event Marketing.

Marketing your business, services and products at events is very powerful when done right.

Imagine that you promote your business at an event with 500, 1000 or 5000 attendees… what could be the return-on-investment that you could get out of it.

Imagine tradeshows, conferences, workshops, seminars, summits, Universities, etc.

Do your numbers first to make sure it will be financially profitable for you… figure out your upfront cost and determine how many clients,  sales you need to break even and to make a profit.

When you know your numbers, it is easy to make a decision.

And if you are open to co-promote with someone else’s business, your upfront cost can be cut in half or even zero.

There are local events happening all the time. Look in your area and find the best fit for you.

It is a numbers game. The more people you present your business, the more changes you have to offer, to present, and to close a deal.

Remember, that in every step you take, you are walking  towards building your networth and your wealth.

DAY 42.

Marketing "YOU".

Marketing yourself is an ongoing component to grow your business and it is your responsibility.

Marketing yourself is positioning YOU as the person to go-to in your area.

Marketing yourself is never enough because you must keep doing it forever.

Everything you share publicly is part of your marketing. Everything you say is important.

What message are you sharing?

How are you showing up to the world?

Are you consistently marketing YOU?

Most people are not. They do it for a little bit, then they quit. They might even believe they are not worthy of it, which leads me to talk about self-esteem.

If you have self-esteem issues, you will have a hard time marketing yourself because you will find faults, mistakes, excuses all around you, your message, your services, your products, you name it.

Successful people, as a general rule, have a good opinion about themselves, so they are happy to promote what they do, what they offer, and how they help others with no problem.


Evaluate if your opinion about yourself is stopping you from marketing yourself.

This one unique distinction will make a huge difference on your bottom line, your results, your income, your networth and your wealth.

You want to feel happy to self-promote yourself all the time… Period. You are building your networth and you need to let others know what value you bring to them.

Instead of being shy, be blunt.

Instead of being cautious, be proactive.

Instead of being intermittent, be constant.

YOU are the brand. YOU are the glue that keeps your clients wanting more. YOU are the catalyst for things to happen. YOU HAVE TO OWN IT!

Go and market yourself confidently now!

DAY 43.

Advertising. Why? How? Where?

How are you consuming advertisements every day? Radio? TV? Sponsored Ads? Live stream? Banners? Billboards?

How are companies catching YOUR attention every single day?

Why would you want to learn how to ADVERTISE your business, services and products EFFECTIVELY?

Today, we share POWERFUL tips to help you simplify your process to ATTRACT more of your potential clients. We share one advertising strategy we used to sell over 68 million dollars in Real Estate.

Ask yourself:

– Can you QUANTIFY your results?

– How do you want your ideal clients to FEEL when they see you, they hear talk about your services and products?

– What is your most effective and efficient way to reach out to more people within your budget?

– How can you STAND OUT from the crowd so your potential clients PAY ATTENTION to you?

– Are you strategically using LIVE STREAM technology to capture the attention of your potential clients?

We hope you answer these questions… and most importantly, that you watch this entire show because we really want you to grab the essence of the importance of advertising effectively every single day.

Watch now:

See you all tomorrow with more about Advertising!

DAY 44.

What's Your Advertising R.O.I.?

Do you know what is your ROI on your advertising? Do you know your Return on Your Investment?

Today, I bring forward this important topic because I have found that many entrepreneurs and business owners take this topic very lightly… and not paying attention to this, will make you lose money, time and energy that otherwise, you can use a lot more effectively to grow your business.

Spend time determining which is the best, most effective, most efficient way to deliver your message (((advertise your products))) in a way you know you can afford…

Spend time determining the most effective way you can track your results; for example: your leads, your follow ups, your presentations, your appointments, your sales, your money out of pocket, your man-hours… REMEMBER, it is your business you are building, so stop whining and complaining that it is too much work.


Watch stream to learn more:

You want to be successful, right? right?… well it takes commitment, strategy, passion and the belief that you will get there.

Simply said: “When your advertising is working, you make money”. And when you make money, your networth grows.

DAY 45.

Seal Your Advertising with a Tagline.

There is a simple distinction all powerful, known and successful brands have: a TAGLINE or slogan that is unique to them… and they use it on their marketing and advertising campaigns all the time.

Nike: Just do it.

L’Oreal: Because I’m worth it.

KFC: Finger lickin’ good.

Coca-Cola: It’s the real thing.

John Deere: Nothing runs like a Deere.

Burger King: Have it your way.

Apple: Think different.

American Express: Don’t leave home without it.

AT&T: Reach out and touch someone.

Ajax: Stronger than dirt.

Do you have yours already?

A slogan or a tag line will help you stand out. It creates brand awareness. It helps you reinforce your message and what you stand for.


Create your own tagline or slogan that will make you feel memorable regardless of the products or services you offer.

Here are a few suggestions:

1.- Keep simple and short.

2.- Focus on the message.

3.- Make it timeless.

4.- Put emotion into it.

5.- Be authentically you.

Make your tagline or slogan a consistent component of all the marketing and advertising you do from now on.

For me, as Ms.Pino: “Laugh. Learn. Live at your Best!”

For our Home Freedom Program: “The more we share, the more we help”

What’s yours?

DAY 46.

No Cash Advertising.

We all need to advertise our services and products, but for most, the cost of advertising is a problem, consequently, we restrain ourselves from making that investment because we don’t know how to make that money back in time to continue building the business.

What if… you can implement a long time established way to get what you want with no cash, zero money exchange?


You can easily offer your services and products in exchange for something else you want that you would normally have to pay for.

You can negotiate with any business that they give you services or products and you in exchange give them something back that they want… you can even sale their services or products further to a third party at a discount, collect cash flow for you and it won’t cost you money out of your pocket… because you are bartering services and products at a negotiated rate in exchange for other services and products or cash.

Using bartering in your business gives you a bigger buying power because you can realistically sell something that you didn’t pay for in cash and still make money on the moment.

Let me share what I did before.

When I started building homes, I noticed that most of the subcontractors that wanted to work with me were good on the field, but they were a mess with their paperwork and administration logistics, so I offer them to help them structure them on a system that they could easily follow so all their invoices, orders, jobs, payments, documentation would be in place by the time they needed to file their taxes with the IRS.

They were happy to hear my proposal… In exchange, I wanted them to do 1 or 2 houses on whatever trade they did (slab, bricks, partitions, drywall, tiles, carpets, painting, stucco, landscaping, etc…) as the way to pay me for my business expertise to help them get properly structured.

No cash exchange. All in trade. At even cost. At market price. No discounted prices for neither. Dollar for dollar.

They were happy beyond belief.

The results were amazing. It resulted in over $100,000 in value… real labor cost that I traded for my expertise that I didn’t pay for in cash… once the houses were sold, I put in my pocket an extra $100,000 and that was real cash for me.


Think and create a bartering scenario that you can use in your business to help you increase your sales, income and your NetWorth.

DAY 47.

Free Advertising.

Free advertising or free publicity is possible, very doable and profitable if you know how.

Some celebrities like the Kardashians get tons of free exposure totally for free from media sources out of anything they do. When that happens, their brands, their products and their businesses grow.

You can do the same in your local area.

Free publicity creates brand awareness, credibility, new clients and new revenue for your business.

You can offer to write an article for a publication that gets distributed to thousands of people.

You can send out a press release announcing a new product, a new service, a new joint venture, a new revolutionary approach, etc.

All publications are always looking for relevant stories they can talk about… then, have them talk about you. Reach out to the publication’s writers and share your story… find at least one who will publish your story. Start with one and go from there.

If you get published, that will lead to other media outlets wanting to do the same: television, magazines, podcasts, radio stations, influencers, event organizers, social media platforms.

Free publicity might be all you need to take your business one level higher.

Get to work. Do your homework. Get published for FREE!

Today, think about what story, what message, what news you can share with the world that will allow you to get free publicity for your business.

This one free tool as part of your marketing, advertising and sales strategy will powerfully transform your business.

Create that one opportunity for yourself!

DAY 48.

Effective Advertising.

Effective advertising will help you connect better with your current clients and your future clients.

When working on your strategy make sure it is credible, relatable, unique and memorable in order to work.

You must be willing to test your market with your message… are you getting results? Are your investment dollars being used effectively?

You must be able to track results on every advertising campaign you deploy.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Focus on creating simple steps from the time you do the advertising until the time you have a paying client.

When I was advertising on the radio, my system was very simple.

My step 1: I would talk about the beauty of the area, the size of the new homes, the financing possibilities to become a homeowner and I asked people to call with questions while I was on the air.

My step 2: I repeated my phone number over and over again to have prospective clients call for more information.

My step 3: Vianca would collect all the leads as the show was on the air. Name. Phone number.

My step 4: We would call the leads back after the show. We shared a bit more information and invited them to visit our construction sites.

My step 5: Show them around when they show up on site. Answer every question. Ask them if they were ready to buy.

My step 6: If the answer was “yes”, we would prepare our contract and collect down payment. If the answer was “no”, we would follow up with them within 30 days thereafter.

We were able to know exactly: our initial amount of leads, how many new clients we got, our advertising cost and our gross revenue generated from that campaign.

It may seem like a lot of steps for you, but it was super simple to execute, keep track and repeat.

This simple format allowed us to successfully sell millions of dollars in pre-construction homes… and that totally changed our lives forever.

You can do and you must do the same for you, your family, your business, your networth and your wealth.



DAY 49.

Advertising Your Story.

Everyone has a very unique, exclusive and inspiring story to share with the world… What is yours?

Your own personal experiences are the fuel that can make someone instantly connect with you, want to buy from you, want to be with you, want to invest with you, want to build a business with you… What are yours?

Not one person is exempt from things happening to them… and as you are resilient by nature, you have the power to turn those challenges, failures and chaos into successful stories that will inspire you and others to continue moving forward with a purpose in mind.

Addictions. Weight-loss. Anxiety. Abuse. Divorce. Loss of a loved one. Accident.

A happy marriage. A career change. A successful business.  A spiritual awakening. A teamwork. A dream came true. A future lifestyle.

Be that person who inspires others.

To spice up your advertising strategy, use some of your stories to add reality into your message.

Keep it simple. Keep it real.


Spend some time aligning an inventory of your experiences that you will start using on your advertising, regardless which product or services you offer… it is not about your products or services, IT IS ABOUT YOU!… Remember,  YOU ARE THE BRAND!

Enjoy your day and stay on the path of success!

DAY 50.

Why Love Selling.

Do you love to sell your business, your services, your products and yourself?

If you are like most people… you might really dread selling stuff… the idea of talking to people, offering your services and products, seeing their reactions, and dreading to hear a “NO”… is totally devastating to our hearts.

Our emotions get in the way and before we know it we get paralyzed…and we do not talk with anyone.

I know because even though I love to sell, it happens to me when I am not confident in my ability to get that “YES”.


We invite you to watch this show and get powerful advice that will help you overcome the fear of selling your services and products.

You will get practical advice for you to immediately implement TODAY wherever you are in the world.

Click to link to watch now:

As you continue to build your networth, your ability to master this one skill will definitely be critical for you to achieve your goals.


DAY 51.

Master Your Sales Process.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you want to increase your sales so your income increases, but how do you do it consistently and effectively?

To answer that question, you must be able to master your sales process.

What is your current sales process like?

Have you taken the time to dissect the different steps you take, the different stages you walk your prospective buyers until they buy from you?

The longer the process, the more painful it is.

The longer the process, the less profitable it is for you.

The longer the process, the more chances they have to exit without buying from you.

Make it short. Make it easy. Make it a sale!

Here is a very effective and simple 4 steps system I apply to everything I sale:

1. Pre-qualify my prospective clients even before I present my product or service.

Can they use it? Will I really improve their lives with my product or service? Can they afford it?

If the answer is “YES”, then I move forward. If the answer is “NO”, then I apply my plan AFR. (Ask.For.Referral).

2. Present my product or service.

I use a very simple approach. I talk about the benefits and I put examples of how they can or will use it in their lives everyday, so they can see themselves in context.

3. I am confident to make them an offer.

If you already know how much better their lives are going to be with your product or service, you have a moral obligation to make them aware of it… and that includes that they must buy from you.

Not making an offer is a disservice to them because you are depriving them of a benefit they will receive when they buy your product or service. Period.

4. Close the sale.

You must be able to master this final step.

Close the sale means that they pay, they sign up, they are happy to move forward with you, they want what you have, they will benefit by having what you offer… and only when you are totally confident with the value you offer, you will transmit that to your prospective clients with total and absolute certainty… and that is going to make them buy from you.

When you follow this super simple system, you will see your sales happen faster, easier and it will boost your self-esteem… because you are going to show yourself how good you are at creating value, income, networth and wealth at will.


Revise your current sales process.

Apply your steps, with passion and enthusiasm.

Be certain that what you are doing works for  you.


DAY 52.

Selling at the Right Price.

What is the right price for your services or products?

This is a tricky question to answer… and many people will tend to say: “I don’t know”.

When you pair up pricing and value together it is easy to see how they correlate.

Understanding this simple distinction can increase your revenue 30, 40, 50, even 100% and more.

When you offer real value to your clients, the price becomes irrelevant and people buy.

But if you are struggling because you don’t know what to charge for your products or services… The problem is not the price… The problem is that you are not sure your offer has enough weight, enough value that will make people want to buy from.

When you are not sure about the value of your offer, it goes deeper into understanding what are your personal beliefs about your offer, value, money and you.

Are you worth receiving money for what you are offering? Are you deserving that much money? Are you offering too little?

What is the right price for your products or services?

All successful people charge the right price for what they offer. They understand that what they offer has tremendous value. They know that what they offer has benefits that improve  people’s lives. They know that the price they charge is appropriate. They allow monies to flow to them openly all the time… and that dictates the lifestyle they enjoy.

“Sales is your self-esteem poured into your product or service” ~Ms. Pino.


Revise the price you are charging for your products or services.

Be open to increasing them… and you can easily achieve that by offering more value.

Remember, you are building your networth, your income… you got to charge for it.

Decreasing your prices is detrimental to your growth… DON’T EVEN CONSIDER IT.


When you believe in yourself, you will sell your services and products with no hesitation because you know your own value… You are worth it!


DAY 53.

Sell More and Sell Faster.

When you are confident about your service or product, your sales process and yourself, you have tremendous leverage points that you can utilize to make your sales even more effective and profitable.

You can repackage your service or product and offer groups of it at a time.

I mean, you can offer 10 or 5 or 3 or 2 or 20 of the same and work around your initial price point so it makes sense for your client. You can also include as part of your sales strategy flexible terms.

For example, I sell new homes… I can sell one home to a homeowner or investor which makes me a one time profit… or I can sell 10 homes to one investor that makes me ten times my profit and I only deal with one client at a time.

Good or good?

Basically, what I did was to upsell one client and it allowed me to leverage time, energy and I increased my sales volume, profits and networth by 10X.

You can do exactly the same with your current product or service.


Create an upsell sales strategy that you are going to use from today on.

Make it simple… It is a number’s game.

The faster and easier you build your income, the faster you will achieve your networth-goal during this 365 days challenge.


DAY 54.

Objections Need to be Sold.

Regardless of how much your product or service benefits your client, most prospective clients will always have some sort of objection before they buy from you.

When you understand this simple detail, you will no longer suffer or stress out when they keep asking you questions before they buy.

When clients are asking questions, that means they might be interested, but they do not understand some things about what you are offering them. Might the product itself. Might be the process. Might be the benefits. Might be the price.

They need to reconcile in their mind the price they pay with the benefit they receive.


Your job is to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS truthfully and straightforwardly.

Your sales process includes handling objections as part of the process.

You got to sell the objections… and when you do, they buy from you!

How do you do that? … By being totally confident about the value you are offering.


Take the time to do this exercise… Make a list of all the possible objections your clients could possibly have about your product or service.

You, better than anyone else, know your product, so be your own client for the purpose of this exercise.

As you answer your own questions, you will gain power, confidence, clarity and when you get in front of real clients, the questions will be familiar to you and you will know the answers already… YOU will confidently give them the confidence they need to buy from you.

This exercise will boost your sales exponentially… and consequently, your income, your networth and your wealth-creation cycle.


DAY 55.

Closing Your Sales.

You get your prospective client in front of you. You present your product or service elegantly. You answer all their questions brilliantly.

And then, you stall, wait, hesitate, keep talking, go in circles repeating the same presentation to end up losing the sale… because you didn’t ask a question that triggered them to move to buy from you right away.

Are you serious? After so much work?

Closing your sales is what you are aiming for all the time and every time.

You must be able to master your sales cycle and when you get to the part of closing the sale, you must do it unapologetically.

You must know when to close, when to stop talking, when to stop overselling… and move to the action that follows, for example: “Here is your contract”, “I will send you the proposal by email”, “Let me help you sign up online now”… whatever it is for you… just do it.


Evaluate your closing skills. Look at your past 3 months and account how many new people you have presented your service or product to. How many you close. How many you did not.

Focus on the ones you didn’t close… so you can replay in your mind how it all went… DO NOT JUSTIFY OR JUDGE ANYTHING IN YOUR MIND… just extract what transpired and now that you are aware of improving your closing-skills, simply practice on how you would do it differently.

This exercise is going to allow you to practice different closing scenarios so when you are in front of new clients, you move confidently to the closing… unapologetically!

The more you close, the more you earn… the faster you will build your income, your  networth and  your wealth.


DAY 56.

Follow Up After The Sales.

You closed your sale, then what?

Most people leave it at that and what they don’t realize that they also leave at that is all the potential additional profits they can make from one client in additional sales and referrals.

What is the value of one client for you? … It can be exponential!

And what will that mean for you, your income and your NetWorth?

It can make all the difference.

Include in your sales process the step of FOLLOW-UP after each sale.

Not one time, but many times within the same year.

Make your client feel that they matter to you and that you are always there for them to assist them because you bring value to their lives.

Making yourself STAND OUT is easy because everyone else, your competition, will not do it the way you do… YOU FOLLOW-UP!


Make a list of your active clients.

Put in your calendar when you are following up with them, make it at least a year long of follow ups.

Project to expect at least 1 referral from them… what does it mean for you in numbers.

What if they refer one new client to you and they also buy again from you… what does it mean for you in numbers.


DAY 57.

Red Apple Clients.

You want to sell your products and services. You have a prospective client in front of you, but how do you know if this client is ready or not to buy from you? And how do you figure that out quickly so you don’t waste your time?

There are 3 types of clients or main categories that you can place your prospective clients in.


These are the clients that once you make your presentation, they are ready to buy. They say “YES”. They ask some questions to clarify their thought-process and then make a decision fairly quickly.

Usually RED APPLE CLIENTS have an understanding of what they are looking for. They have the ability to buy. They know what is the maximum price they are willing to spend.

They are considered your ideal clients… because they buy. They want to buy something and if what you offer is within their buying criteria, guess what, they will buy it.

Your ability to detect who is a possible RED APPLE CLIENT for you is important because this simple innocent distinction will make you the most money. You will close the most sales. You will save tons of time. Your income will skyrocket. Your networth will multiply. Your wealth will increase exponentially.


Assess who is a possible RED APPLE CLIENT for you… and go focus on those primarily.

Your job is to answer their questions so they can make the decision to buy from you.

And remember, to close the sale!

How many RED APPLE CLIENTS do you want every month?

Use the simple parameter I shared and you will see how easy it is for you to increase your closing ratio and increase your income.

Focus on RED APPLE CLIENTS… they are your goldmine!


DAY 58.

Green Apple Clients.

Who is a GREEN APPLE CLIENT and how to deal with them?

This category of prospective clients are those who will ask tons and tons of questions after they have heard your presentation.

They are not ready to buy. They will eventually buy if they see the value you offer, but their decision process is very analytical and lengthy.

They will never buy on the first round and you must be able to figure out that distinction quickly, so you don’t keep wasting your time.

What do you do then?

Very simple!

GREEN APPLE CLIENTS love to research on their own before they buy from you… direct them to a tool where they can find all the information they need. Point them to a website, a manual, a video, a blog, a training… let them use their time on their own, not yours.

Be mindful that this kind of client might consume a lot of your time and you need to meet your sales quota, so time is your precious currency and you need to trade it at an advantage to you… so use the leverage of a tool to help you and close more deals.

One key detail about GREEN APPLE CLIENTS is that since they love to learn all about your product or service, once they feel comfortable, they will become the first ones sending you new clients. They will be your number one fans. They will be your ambassadors… and that my friends, has a huge return on investment for you… because they can help you double, triple your income for sure.


Take inventory of your prospective clients list right now.  Determine who is a possible RED APPLE (who is ready to buy now) versus a GREEN APPLE (who needs research and more time to decide).

Focus on the RED APPLES to get faster results.

Point the GREEN APPLES to a tool… follow up with them.

Simple, right?

DAY 59.

Rotten Apple Clients.

There are 3 main groups of clients. There are RED apple clients. There are GREEN apple clients. And there are ROTTEN apple clients.

It is to your advantage to know who you are talking to, because it will save you tons of time and it will help you increase your overall results.

ROTTEN APPLE CLIENTS are not rotten people. They are simply clients who have an objection to every answer or explanation you give them regarding your product or service.

It doesn’t matter how much you explain anything to them, they will not buy from you… and you will waste your time with them.

But, once you realize you are in front of a ROTTEN APPLE CLIENT, all you need to do is ask them for a referral. Who do they know that will benefit from your product or service? That's it!

They are good people. They are just not buying from because their objections blinds them, but they will be happy to send you to a few of their friends.

If you master to get 5 referrals from them and they buy from you, then your ROTTEN APPLE CLIENTS will not feel so rotten after all, right!

Be smart and maximize every opportunity you have to be in front of new clients to share your product or service.

Remember, you are on a journey to build your networth and your wealth. You must be relentless!

DAY 60.

60 Days Building Wealth.

Let’s celebrate today! It is a milestone in our journey to become even more affluent.

60 days seems not like a lot of time, yet we now realize how much can be achieved. We know how much knowledge we can acquire by studying success concepts just 5 minutes a day.

It is also worth acknowledging that time passes anyways and that it is up to us to create a life worth living. It is up to us to be fulfilled. It is up to us to make a positive impact in our society.

Success is built every day.

If you really have the intention to become a wealthy individual, you must do it and do it until you see the results you want.

It will take you some time, yet it is absolutely worth it, for you and for your family.

Be the one who breaks the poverty cycle in your family.

For our 365 days challenge, we still have another 305 days to conquer and together we will make it happen… let’s build our networth once and change our lives forever!

DAY 61.

Mind Your Posture with Your Clients.

When you are dealing with your clients, POSTURE is often ignored.

What posture? … Your posture towards how you want your clients to perceive you and consequently treat you… and buy from you.

Yes, you want to please your clients.

Yes, you want them to be happy.

Yes, you love when they buy from you.

But, at what price?… at what level?

As a professional that you are in your industry, you must have a posture that will uplift you, empower you and make you stand out from others.

You do that by showing your confidence in the way you talk, you explain your product or service, your price, and your overall performance.

Be mindful not to confuse confidence with being arrogant or let your ego lead the conversation.

You must be very clear which are your limits. What you allow and what you do not, in terms of time, pricing, benefits and personal interaction with your clients.

Never allow anyone to disrespect you. No client is worth you accepting them to treat you badly. Period… and if that ever happens, have the dignity and courage to walk away and even fire them as clients.

You must honor yourself first… then others will follow that path.


Reevaluate what is your current posture with your clients. Is there anything you would like to improve? Is there anything you must change?

Then, do it!

Making an improvement in your posture will impact your sales, your closing ratio, your referrals, your income, your networth and your wealth.

DAY 62.

Lifetime Clients.

We want great clients. We want new clients.

But, have you ever thought about how you treat your clients beyond and outside your sales cycle?

Most people do not even understand what I am really asking here.

I will explain now…

I learned this concept with Jay Abraham. He is a highly regarded business consultant and a mentor to many super successful business owners and entrepreneurs, myself included.

When you stop seeing your clients like a transaction and you start seeing your clients like a lifetime relationship, your perspective towards them will totally shift.

You will treat them even with more respect. You will talk to them a lot more caring. You will offer them more value. You will make sure that they are happy with your product or service. You will never sell them something they don’t need. You will always sell to them what you know is better for their lives and their families.

You will become a lot more relaxed in the energy you carry within you and you will not be anxious about having to score a sale to meet your quota.

You will elegantly become a super trusted advisor to your clients… and your clients will become an incredible referral center to your business… and your business will flourish exponentially.

This kind of relationship is up to you. You hold the control of it.

Your honest and most truthful intention. Your feelings. Your way to look at your clients is all on you.

Your relationship with every client should be a lifetime relationship.

Think about it… and start applying this concept to your everyday business.

Just like your clients, you are building your networth and it takes time, effort, passion, consistency, and a lifetime!

When you establish a lifetime relationship approach with every client, they will always remember you. Period.

DAY 63.

Make Clients to Love You.

Why should your clients choose YOU over your competitors?

What is so special about YOU?

You better answer these questions deeply. Your answers are what makes you stand out from others.

There is only one YOU and it is your job to make you relevant, be seen, be heard, be loved.

How do you do it? By doing it… everyday. Giving the very best of you. With no holdbacks, no hesitation to serve your clients at the highest level.

it is your job to become the expert about your service or product so when your clients speak with you, you are in your power to answer confidently.

To be confident, you have to believe in yourself… and many times, you lose a sale because your confidence level is low… so if you don’t believe in what you are offering, why should your clients believe in you?

Be aware of your choice of words, your body language, your tone of voice… your energy!

Clients want to feel certain, sure, protected when they deal with you… your confident approach will give them that sense of rightness that doing business with you is the right thing for them… it is your job to practice becoming an expert!


Make a list about all the things, the reasons, your clients should, must and will love you for.

This will boost your confidence, your self-esteem and will empower you to have clear what amazing value you bring to your clients… and that is why they love YOU. Have fun talking about yourself! You are that good, yesssssssss!

DAY 64.

Teamwork Starts with You.

Will you hire YOU to make your team become the best in class?

What is your leadership role in your company? Whether you are a business owner or an employee for a company, you hold a space for which you are responsible to produce specific results… How are you working out in your role?

Before you point the finger at someone else, take a moment and evaluate your own performance… Will you hire YOU? Will you promote YOU? Will you allow YOU to take the lead role to scale your business?

Sometimes, you will have to move yourself out of the way to allow YOU to go through… and when that happens, you will thrive at whatever you do.

To become successful you must put your fears, doubts and hesitations to the side so you can really focus on what is important, on what is critical for the expansion of your business.

Teamwork, first and most importantly, is your relationship with yourself.

Believe in you. Trust your decisions. Practice seeing you be a successful person. Promote your knowledge. Acknowledge your talents. Celebrate your results.

Lead by example… become the best version of yourself… and do it, not because others will see you, but because YOU will see YOU and that will make you proud, you will honor yourself… and then, others will follow that example.

Create the best teamwork by making YOU the leader that you are!

Building your networth requires a great team effort and it definitely starts with YOU.

DAY 65.

How to Create an Awesome Team.

When you are building a team to build your business, one essential skill to be highly careful about is being flexible over being rigid.

Too much of either one is detrimental to your success.

However, you must know when to be flexible and when to be firm.

I purposefully chose the word “firm” right here over “rigid” because they mean different things.

Rigid… in my way of looking at it, means being inflexible, stubborn, not listening to others points of view to evaluate issues, challenges and circumstances in the course of regular business.

Firm… on the other hand, means being clear, balanced, strategic, convinced in your approach to a particular situation, which leads to having others agree with you, cooperate with you and support you in order to achieve the common agreed-upon results… in any case, building a successful business.


Flexible… refers to being willing and open to bend the rules a little when needed in order to achieve better goods.

In your team, you will have different types of personalities with different levels of skill sets doing different activities to achieve different results or tasks… Your job is to orchestrate and have them all working together in alignment, easy flowing, in a way that leads to bigger results where everyone involved feels important, acknowledged, accounted for and celebrated.

The better the team, the bigger the success!


Take inventory of who is doing what in your team.

Rate their performance… Are they doing a good job?

What can they do better? Tell them in a nice way so they improve their performance.


Rate yourself… Are you doing a good job as a team leader?

What can you do better? Tell yourself nicely.


Do it,  by doing it!

Being open to improving performance leads to higher and bigger results… and to build a big networth both, performance and results must be evaluated on a consistent basis.

DAY 66.

Your Vision for Your Team.

As a leader, as a business owner,  as an entrepreneur… you must be clear what your vision is… what are you working towards to achieve… and your team must have it clear as well.

Your vision as a team leader must be laser-focused.

Knowing what you are building will allow you to share that vision to everyone in your team… your employees, your associates, your vendors, your clients, your family members… everyone!

If you can’t articulate your vision, you can’t build your business, and you won’t build your networth.

You must become the single most educated person in your team that is responsible for sharing that higher vision, that business plan, that execution strategy.

You must be the person who knows the numbers, the people needed, the timeframes, the clients wanted, the profit margins, the cost of goods or services… everything about your business… because you are the one leading the team.

There are many responsibilities to deal with when you are building a business, yet, they are all worth it… They will give you life. They will give you purpose.

And the wonderful thing is that once you have a clear vision of what it’s that you’re building… you can carry out that vision for the rest of your lifetime… and that is creating a life that you will love!


Work on making your vision for your business and for your life the vehicle that will give you meaning and purpose for the rest of this lifetime.

This will empower you beyond your own beliefs.

DAY 67.

YOU out of the equation.

Building a team that works well without your physical presence day in and day out is one of the biggest challenges most business owners and entrepreneurs have.

Master that!

Mastering the skill of selecting the right team players, supervising their work and examining the results in a timely manner is a wonderful skill to learn.

You want freedom of time. Consequently, you must factor in how you can be more effective to scale your business… and mini-managing every single activity is quite impossible.

How can your business work well and generate income for you even when you are not physically present?  Answer this question.

If you look closer at successful businesses, they all have in common that their leaders and CEOs work differently.

They are very involved in the business, but not the way you think.

They invest their best hours perfecting their system and their processes.

They invest time training their people.

They invest time looking for ways to be more effective, more productive, more profitable.


Invest some time to examine at least 5 ways you can make your business work without you and still bring you income… you might discover that true passive income is a big blessing.

Another point, life happens and what if you get sick or someone you love gets sick and you need to care for them… how can your business support you?


Design a strategy that lets you live without having to worry about you being present to produce results… regardless if you are a solo-preneur. You can do it!

DAY 68.

The Integrity of your Team.

As a team leader, it is your responsibility to know when someone is hurting the team… and they have to go.

Nobody enjoys firing people, but the truth is that your loyalty is towards the entire team, your business… and you must know where you place your loyalty.

The integrity of the team includes many different aspects of the business. Not only the team players, but also the products, the services, the pricing, the systems, the processes, the training, etc.

If it doesn’t work, get rid of it.

Replacing non-performing with high-performing will always give you a better return on your investment.

Today’s advice,

Look at your business now and determine what is not working out.

Can you improve it? Can you fix it?

If yes, do it!

If not, replace it… It’s that simple.

Remember, you are building your business, your networth, your life… correct and continue… show your leadership by doing what is required now… don’t let things drag out of control… the faster you correct, the faster and easier you will profit… and with that, everyone who is trusting you to make the decisions.

Your loyalty is with your team. Your loyalty is with your business. Your integrity is with you!

DAY 69.

Teams. Productivity. Technology. Profits.

When was the last time you analyzed the level of productivity and efficiency of your team?

As a leader, you must evaluate how you can make your operation more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

Technology is one of those tools that add 10X, 20X even 100X leverage to you when used correctly.

Using technology in your business you can  reduce operating expenses tremendously without compromising quality.

15 years ago, I had 5 employees in the office doing different specific tasks. Today, the same tasks can be achieved using technology and done by one single person… which means my profit margins are higher without overloading that one individual.

Back then, I was paying each employee $500.00 per week… so my total expense was $130,000 per year.

In today’s technology-driven world, I can comfortably pay one qualified and skilled person $1,000 per week, for a total of $52,000 per year.

I am saving myself $78,000 per year in salaries that I can now use to buy more land to build more homes… and consequently, generate more assets, more jobs, more revenue, more networth, more wealth.


Take a look at where in your business you can implement the use of the technology we have available with the specific purpose to reduce  your operating expenses, increase productivity and generate more profits.

These savings don’t just happen. You have to make them happen by analyzing your current scenarios.

Remember, you are building your networth everyday!

DAY 70.

Acknowledge & Celebrate your Team's Work.

Acknowledging and Celebrating your team’s performance, accomplishments and milestones is absolutely essential for the good health of growing your business now and forever.

People love and deserve to be celebrated. People appreciate being recognized for their contributions. People who are celebrated tend to continue to do even better work.

As part of growing your business, do you currently have a process in place that is predictable for you and for them that once reached, they will be celebrated?

Most businesses do not.

Some businesses do the regular things like a dinner, a small bonus, gift exchange, a party around holidays.

But what I mean is to implement a process to regularly and consistently reward your team players throughout the year as they reach specific goals, specific results.

You can consider a paid vacation for a week to a resort or a cruise. You can pay for a mortgage payment or two. You can pay for their car for a few months.

Think about something unique and outrageous, an incentive that you can commit to give to them… that will make them super happy and super surprised at the same time. Something they might not expect.

When you account for things like this, you do it as part of your operating expense and part of their individual packages.

If they make $50,000 per year and you want to add another $5,000… what would that look like for you in revenue… what do they need to produce so it makes financial sense for you to give them that extra gift.

I want to clarify that an incentive is in addition to their regular earnings.

Motivating your teams to high performance is one of the most overlooked areas.

Business owners get caught up with daily things and forget what is the true value of a highly trained, productive, happy and motivated team player.

The returns are infinite!


Work on designing a systematic process of rewards and validation in your business, even if you are a solo-preneur.

As you build your networth, think that the people who play with you  are doing the same, so help them reach their goals as well.

Wealth is better when more people can enjoy the benefits of it.

DAY 71.

Emotions We Must Heal: Grief.

Our Emotions are the thermometer that lets us know how we feel, how we are doing and that determines the way we act, react and execute in our business and in our lives every day.

Emotional bleeding creates even more financial bleeding… and your awareness of it, may help you stop yourself from sabotaging your wonderful ideas and projects for your future.

Grief is not only related to losing a loved one like we must associate it with.

Many people grieve everyday due to the lack of personal fulfillment, a loving relationship, and definitely lack of financial success… and they do it quietly, silently and making sure nobody knows about it to avoid further embarrassment and shame.

Going from Financial grieving to Financial Healing is necessary to everyone in your business, in your team, the people we all deal with.


1. – Take a look at your life and see if you can find an area where you are grieving about… anything, any area.

2. Accept your current feelings and emotions… let them flow.

3. Start to transform that hurt into a more positive approach… you will probably find a better feeling space after you relieve some of that pain you are carrying with you.

4. Assess who in your direct team is grieving and help them feel better.

Sometimes the grief you have will be definitely attached to some event in your life that has totally gotten you out of your personal-life emotional balance, so it will be challenging to overcome such events. However, it is necessary to let go of the old story… and program  a new better-serving story in your life now.


I personally know from experience that is not easy, but I also know that is possible.

Stop grieving and start healing… heal your emotions and you will also heal your finances.

To build a big networth, you must be emotionally suited to deal with the responsibilities that monies and assets bring.


DAY 72.

Emotions We Must Heal: Depression.

Another emotion that is being very silently present in today’s reality is depression. Especially after covid-19, many people feel depressed. They don’t understand why. They feel not happy at all. They don’t even know what to do to feel better.

And those people going through this right now might be your employees, your vendors, your subcontractors, even yourself or a close family member.

Your Emotional Health matters a lot.

Your Emotional Health is imperative for you to achieve success.

Be mindful to look out for signs of depression on those who are close to you at home and at work… and be willing to help out.

Depression might be expressed in a mild form, like not interested, lack of inspiration, lack of desire or performance to reach new goals.

Depression might also be expressed in behaviors like, not wanting to even take a shower for days, lack of social contact, crying, sadness, loneliness, not wanting to get out of bed.


As you are building your networth, take a look around, including yourself, and assess if there is anyone in your immediate circles who might need some help to feel better, to perform better… your help and support is not about you making more money… is about you helping a human being save his/her life.

Find out what local support groups exist in your area.

Find out a local hotline that they may connect with to get help now

Emotional Health matters! … do the most you can to help out!

DAY 73.

Emotions We Must Heal: Hatred.

Do you hear people around you saying: “I hate this. I hate that. I hate my job. I hate my life”.

Hatred is a very strong and powerful emotion. Actually, a very negative strong emotion that leads to destruction, pain and more suffering.

As a leader, as a business owner,  as an entrepreneur, watch for the kind of language and clues that relate to a hating behavior.

You do not need to tolerate that level of negativity in your circles.

If it is true that we can not control what people say, do and feel… we can definitely control how we choose to relate or not with such a powerful negative emotion like hatred.

Building our businesses and lives, we deal with people’s emotions on a constant daily basis… ourselves included.


Assess who in your immediate circle displays a hateful attitude or behavior. Approach them head on and ask for what you want from them.

If their behavior improves, awesome!

If their behavior seems to stay the same or worst, remove them from their role in your business and in your life. Period. End of story.

Being complacent with people hating on people does not help anyone to build a culture of happiness, growth and prosperity.

It is your job as a leader to decide who you allow in your circle and who you remove for the better good of everyone else, yourself included.

A hateful salesperson, a manager, a director, a shareholder, an employee can create endless problems for you and the success of your business… Are you willing to put up with that?

I don’t think so!

Remember, you are building your networth. You are building your life.

DAY 74.

Emotions We Must Heal: Anger.

When emotions are high, reasoning decreases, common sense becomes nonexistent and the results can be detrimental to everyone involved.

Anger is another emotion that is present at some degree in our daily environment and we might not even notice because we are too busy or because we manage to cover up very well so others don’t notice how we feel.

As a leader of your business, notice and acknowledge this behavior so you can act immediately and course correct whoever is acting in an angry manner in your business.

Some people will get angry for just anything and those people are the ones who will make challenges, setbacks and obstacles escalate more than they should unnecessarily.

Your job as a leader building your business is to know what you need to do immediately when something happens and people get angry.

Mitigating a problem. Eradicating a problem. Eliminating a problem. Dismissing a problem.

It is your job!

Presenting a solution. Showing a new option. Sharing a new approach. Creating a win-win scenario.

It is your job!

As you are building your business and your NetWorth, you will encounter angry people… and that is part of it… but you must quickly turn into solution-mode and focus your attention on continuing building that business and that NetWorth.

Time is money. Time is precious. Time is what you need to build that business and that NetWorth… make the best out of it!

Do not entertain angry people or angry behaviors from anyone.


Assess your people and look for signs where anger is present. Take care of it head on!

Clean your environment from negative emotions, feelings and behaviors.

Create a happy and uplifting environment for you and for those who join you.

DAY 75.

Emotions We Must Heal: Fear.

What do you fear the most?

Have you noticed that when you fear something, almost always you get it?

What we focus on expands! It is just like that.

We all have fears at many different levels and we learn to live with them daily. As a matter of fact, for some people fear totally paralyzes them. For others, fear is a very strong motivator.

Either way, we all deal with it in ourselves and when we deal with others, both in life and in business.

Fear can dictate your life if you let it. Fear will make you very unhappy if you let it. Fear will destroy your dreams if you let it.

How do you win over your fear?

By acknowledging you have it. By making a decision to conquer it as if your life depends on it. By taking action. By committing to win. By controlling your thoughts. By understanding that even though you feel it, you will still do it and win. By validating your greatness. By believing in yourself!

Fear can go both ways: Fear of Losing… and… Fear of Success.

I have experienced both.

Both are hurtful and that is why we have to equip ourselves with a strong mindset to succeed. Otherwise, we quit. We let go. We don’t fight anymore. We become complacent and miserable at the same time.

However, fear has its own value in our growth and personal development because if we decide to use fear as a motivator… then, we will turn failures into opportunities. We will use challenges to create new solutions. We will create a new success story out of fear… and that is an awesome outcome to look for.


Make a list of your current fears. Make two columns. Write them down on a piece of paper. On the right side of the sheet, write down all the possible ways you can solve and get rid of that fear.

Create at least 5 to 7 possible outcomes for each fear you have.

Why so many solutions? Because when you will feel that fear again, you need to have enough solutions in place to overcome it and win every time… I learned this process with Richard Bandler, the Father of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an expert helping people to become successful in their mind first.

Work on you. Master you… and you will find it rather easy to deal with other problems outside yourself.

I trust you will do this powerful exercise as deep as you need to.

You are building your networth and you need to be aware of what holds you back… and fear can definitely do that… so you need to tackle it and win that battle for your own good.

Remember, you are creating your life everyday!

Instead of living in fear, become fearless!

DAY 76.

Emotions We Must Heal: Doubt.

Both, in life and in business, we all arrive at that spot where we don’t know which way to go.

What is the best direction? Which is the right decision?

Do I go this way or that way? Do I move forward or backward? Do I go right or left?

What do I do now?

Doubt is another emotion that can and will drive you insane, paralyze you and totally disempower you if you let it.

Doubt can and will keep you stuck on that tough spot if you let it.

What do I do now?


You are not going to figure out your 10 miles ahead all the time.

Well, focus on what you can do that will help you take one step forward… just one step… one small step… that’s all!

When building a business, a career, we all go through these situations and we must be able to recognize our emotions and feelings.

Why aren’t you moving forward? Why aren’t you happy? Why aren’t you thriving?

We have to come clean and honest with ourselves and find these answers within ourselves.

What truly motivates and inspires you is unique to you… maybe others feel the same, but it will never be exactly like what it feels like for you… so you must answer your own questions… and clear out your own doubts.

One approach I have practiced for years is: “When in doubt, don’t do it”… first… get clear, listen to your inner voice, decide, commit and then do it when you feel ready.

Because of doubt you might have passed on that great deal. Because of doubt you never went to that meeting where an opportunity was waiting for you. Because of doubt you never made the decision to commit to build a big business, make millions and change your life forever…because you doubted yourself… you didn’t believe in you making the right decision… so you gave up and did nothing.


You can and will change that.

You will make a decision that will change your life forever and you will trust yourself on making that decision.

You will say good-bye to your doubts that have kept you a prisoner and away from you feeling happy and excited.


1. Examine where in your life and in your business, you have doubts.

2. Write them down… evaluate them carefully.

3. Commit to making a decision so your doubts turn into a new reason to thrive.

Doubts are wonderful opportunities for you to fine tune even more the things that are really important for you while you are building your networth.

It is not only about your networth… while you are doing that, you are also building a path, a journey, your life experience… What do you want your life to be like?

Think about it well!

DAY 77.

Emotions We Must Heal: Resentment.

Resentment carried over time will profoundly hinder you and make you not good at all.

Problems we encounter through life are difficult to overcome many times… and our dislike or dissatisfaction with the outcome make us recurrently go back and resent it and relive it again… we don’t leave it alone… we don’t forgive it.

Resentment is one emotion that will allow you to practice an opposing emotion when you allow it, for the simple fact that you want to feel better about the situation that caused it.. and that is FORGIVENESS.

Yes, we all feel it… and Yes, we can all forgive too.

Negative emotions are detrimental to your feeling-good mental state when you are focused on building a business… so it is to your best benefit to be aware of the emotions that drive you on a daily basis.

Correct. And. Continue.

Don’t look for things or people to be resentful about… it will not do you any good, other than you will keep feeling bad about what happened and now is only part of your past.

Look for reasons to forgive instead.

When you forgive, you heal, you reset, you feel much much better… and that new-found space is an excellent start to keep building a positive mindset.


1. Make a list of things or people that you are still resentful about.

2. Create at least one strong reason to forgive them.

3. Commit to being willing to let go of those resentments in your past where they belong.

Create a new space where you help yourself to move forward towards the life you want to create… a life that makes you happy and prosperous!

DAY 78.


A feeling of CONTENTMENT is a mild form of happiness.

It is accepting of where you are under current circumstances.

It is a mental state where you are vibrating more towards feeling good… and that is great to build a great networth.

Being content is a good start if you make it your new default-setting.

We must feel good… our emotional state determines how we execute.


Feel how you feel. Rate how you feel.

Can you at least say you feel content?

If you do, awesome!

If you don’t, then explore further the reason behind it.

“We give what we have”… and when you feel good or bad, guess what, that exact feeling is the one you share with the world.

Track how you feel throughout the day, everyday.

The better you feel, the better it will be for you to work on the things that are important to you.

Our wish is that you feel good everyday!

DAY 79.


HOPEFULNESS is a bit stronger feeling than contentment. It is more like, things are starting to go my way and I have good expectations of the outcome.

Feeling hopeful while building your business will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

When you feel hopeful, you have a plan, you have ideas, you know what you want, you know what you expect out of it.


Practice the feeling of HOPEFULNESS all day.

What your life looks like when you get your networth to where you want (money-wise, cashflow-wise).

Allow yourself to design your life!

DAY 80.


When you feel positive about something, do you feel good or bad?

Sure you feel good.

POSITIVENESS is a powerful mental state to be in, as much as you can, for as long as you can, daily, hourly and minutely.

The feeling of POSITIVENESS will enable you to move forward, to make great decisions and to move your needle one more degree towards your goals and objectives.

When we are feeling positive, we feel clear. We know where we are going. We move effortlessly.

It is not always like that though. And that is also ok. But, the sooner you go back to your positive mindset the better it is.

Look for things that give you evidence of a positive outcome.

What we focus on expands. 

So, expand your evidence that good and positive things will come to you.

Your networth growing is an evidence of good coming to you and you allowing that good to come to you.


Look all around you for things that bring you a feeling of POSITIVENESS.

Practice that feeling within. Get comfortable feeling positive. Repeat it many times until it is anchored in you.

Make the feeling of POSITIVENESS your new and improved default-setting.

DAY 81.

Feeling of ENTHUSIASM.

Being enthusiastic as much as you can possibly be, gives you a huge leverage to build your business.

Enthusiasm is contagious!

People want to be part of something fun. Something that makes them feel something beyond the same boring feelings.

When things go well, it is easy to feel good. But when things don't go as planned, it is challenging to be enthusiastic.

How do you stay enthusiastic through the rough times?

By keeping yourself mentally, emotionally and vibrationally connected to the end result.

You must be able to master, to train your mind and emotions to keep yourself steady, firm and committed seeing yourself accomplishing your goals.

If you can do that, you will feel enthusiastic most of the time regardless of what is happening around you.

People will follow success and successful people.

Become the leader who inspires others to build their own dreams.


Implement at least 10 different ways that will keep you enthusiastic when things get tough… This will ensure that you will not quit on yourself and your goals.

Feeling enthusiastic is key to your success while you are building your networth!

DAY 82.

Feeling of PASSION.

What are you passionate about when it comes to building a business and making money with that same passion?

Most people hesitate to honestly answer when you put passion and money in the same question or sentence.

But, it is very possible to be extremely passionate about building a business that makes you extremely wealthy.

And, those who manage to do both become very happy people and very prosperous people.

PASSION is a critical feeling that we must integrate, engrain, anchor in ourselves at such a level that it becomes cellular in nature.

When you are passionate in your business you thrive. You come up with amazing solutions. You become creative. You flow. You are happy.

Use your PASSION to set the stage for your present and future success.

Find ways to stimulate your passion in your business or career consistently.


Rate yourself 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) on the following:

1.- How passionate are you now with your business?

2.- Will you be doing this business in the next 10 years?

3.- Will you do this business even if you would make no money?

4.- Have you figured out a way to make at least a million dollars with your current business or career?

5.- Can you visualize yourself being passionate about doing what you love and making tons of money with it?

What was your total score? Are you above 80%, 90% or at 100%? Are you below 70%, maybe 50% or even less?

Let the numbers tell you where you are… and be willing, be open to correct… and… continue.

Adjust what you must. Drop what you need to. Keep moving forward.

Building your networth requires a rooted passion for what you are doing… and only when you are emotionally stable on the feeling, things will flow into your experience like magic. Doors will open. You will thrive!

Practice activating your PASSION everyday from now going forward.

DAY 83.

Feeling of HAPPINESS.

How are you creating happiness everyday?

Are you feeling happy when you wake up? Mid-day? At dinner time? At work or business? When going to sleep?

Most people don't even notice the level of dissatisfaction or disappointment they live in daily because they are so used to it that it has become their normalcy.

There is a better way to create your life in a way that continually pleases you.

You just have to be aware of including the feeling of HAPPINESS as an important component, an essential ingredient, a key element in your personal world on a daily basis.

Make this simple, yet powerful distinction.

Being happy feels good… anything less than that is the opposite.

Your job is not to wrestle your bad feelings to the ground.

Your job is to maintain your feeling of HAPPINESS steady… that's the trick, the secret sauce.

When you make the feeling of HAPPINESS a priority, a default-setting, a habit, everything in your world is beautiful, fun, exciting, things happen, connections show up, deals close, relationships improve… you thrive! … and that feels awesome!


Practice the feeling of HAPPINESS all day. And tomorrow you do the same. And the next day, do it again. Until it feels a part of you.

Don't worry about problems or challenges, they will come to you as an opportunity for you to practice how fast you end up balancing your feelings and emotions towards the HAPPINESS side of the equation.

Decide to live a happy life.

Commit to choosing happiness.

Build your networth, your business from a happy space.

Both, making money and feeling happy can be achieved when you focus your mind to do it!

How are you creating happiness everyday?

DAY 84.

Feeling of EMPOWERMENT.  

EMPOWERMENT is by far the highest level where you will want to operate from on a daily basis as you build your Networth and your Life.

The feeling of EMPOWERMENT is one where you know exactly what to do, what to say, how to solve any problems that come your way.

You are inspired.  You are happy. You are certain. You are in control of every life decision you make. You are in alignment with yourself, your desires, your vision, your purpose.

You could care less about what anyone says because you know where you are going.

You don't ask for opinions because you have a solid plan in place.

You live your life with meaning and purpose.

Living your life with EMPOWERMENT will always give you the best and highest returns ever, exponentially… because your mindset is set to win, is set for success… and anything less than that is simply not in your radar.

That's how successful people achieve their big goals… pulling themselves up to a level of EMPOWERMENT from where they operate consistently… and we all can do the same!


Craft. Create. Construct. Build. Execute… your life from the level of EMPOWERMENT.

What will your life be like?

What will you be doing since you wake up?

Where will you be living?

What type of car will you be driving?

What kind of teams will you be leading?

What products and services will you be providing?

How will you be making your clients super happy?

How much money will you be depositing in your bank accounts weekly, daily, even hourly?

How will you dress?

How will you keep yourself inspired?

What will your daily routine look like?

What legacy will you be leaving?

How will you want to be remembered?

The feeling of EMPOWERMENT is your ideal emotional state to build your biggest networth… and it is all worth it!

DAY 85.

Review your Goals.

We have been crafting our new success path for the past 12 weeks so far.

Our initial goal was to build wealth for the next 365 days and change our lives forever.

How are you working out?

How are you feeling?

How much progress have you made?

How committed are you today?

Today, it is time to review your goals for the rest of the 365 days yet to come during this challenge.

Look at your numbers again.

Look at the vehicle you have chosen to achieve this challenge.

Are you still writing in your notebook on a daily basis?

Are you honestly and consistently reading day-by-day all the business advice we are sharing?

Are you more focused?

Are you more disciplined?


Review your goals once again. Are they in alignment with what you want to achieve for the purpose of this challenge?

Make the necessary adjustments.

Keep moving forward.

Building up your networth requires careful planning. Time to execute. And total commitment to make it happen.

DAY 86.

Review Your Skills.

Your execution level will dictate the level of success and achievement you reach.

Refer back to DAY 3, have you even bothered to take the free assessment test we shared?

Here is the direct link:

Do you know which are your best performing skills?

If YES, congratulations!

If NO, stop right now.  Go back and at least get this test done.

If you don't take proactive steps, you will never reach your goals. It is that simple!

In addition,

Review the content provided on DAY 4, 5 AND 6.

Help yourself help YOU… applying self-discipline is key.

Remember, you are creating your life and only you know what really turns you on, inspires you and makes you feel joyful.

So do it!

If there are skills you feel you lack, well, get to learn them. Period.

Everything you do to enhance, improve and execute will benefit your performance level and is part of your responsibilities.

Make yourself proud!

"Do it by Doing it", like I always say.

DAY 87.

Review Your Business Strategies.

Fine tuning your business strategies takes dedicated effort, focused attention to the steps and a willingness to admit when something is not working out.

Revising your business strategies this week or today, for example, may seem like a waste of time. However, you may find out that there are areas where you need help.

Ask for help if you have to.

Your objective is to reach your overall goal which is to build up your networth within these 365 days challenge.

Correct. And. Continue.

Go back to the advice we shared for review.

Take a look at your products, your services, your marketing, your advertising, your sales process, your prices.

Review your business strategies quarterly.

Let the results tell you how you are doing.

Remember, you are creating a life as you do this challenge that will dictate the quality of your life for the years to come.

DAY 88.

Review Your Emotions.  

Your Emotions have the key that opens or closes your Bank accounts.

Yes, if you feel good… you thrive. If you feel bad… you struggle.

I know life happens for all of us and there are going to be events that will bring you down to your knees, but we must find the way to stand up, tall and proud.

We must learn how to heal our wounds so we can carry on with our lives with joy and prosperity.

Revise week 11 and week 12, we covered many different emotions and feelings that you will relate for sure.

Your ability to heal will dictate, at many levels, the quality of life you will enjoy now and in your future.

Whatever it is that makes you suffer now, make sure you come to a resolution with it because that is probably the same issue that is holding you back to achieve bigger goals in your life.

You deserve an awesome life experience. We all do!

DAY 89.

Review Your Dream Team.  

Your big goals are achievable for sure and in order to achieve them, you know you require people to support your vision.


Review your team.

Do you already have a real dream team? Are you in the process of putting it together? Do you need to let go of some of them now?

Do what you must.

Your bigger goals require the leader in you to lead this mission. Act like the leader you are within. 

Do not negotiate with your doubts and fears about whether you should do this or that.

Be firm. Be committed. Be certain.

The Universe will yield to you every time and all the resources you need to bring your vision to fruition will align at the right time when you are ready to receive them.

Believe in yourself and in your dreams!

DAY 90.

Review Your Progress.

A new milestone… 90 days… into the 365 days challenge to build wealth!





By now, do you realize how much progress you can create in only 90 days?

Where attention goes, energy flows!

Take inventory of the things you have accomplished. The deals you have closed. The emotions you have healed. The new connections you have made. The new goals you have set to achieve. The money you have earned. The added-value you have given to your clients.

And this is only a tiny little percentage of what you can do as the days pass by.

"USE TIME OR LOSE TIME"... I heard this powerful phrase over an audiobook recently. It really made me stop and reflect on the power of these words. Do the same!


DAY 91.

Review Yourself.

Today, simply take a couple of minutes and evaluate yourself.

Be open. Be honest. Be yourself.

1. - Will you hire you?

2. - Are you doing your very best every day?

3. - Are you willing to hold yourself accountable for every decision you make?

4. - Are you committed to building your networth, your wealth and your legacy?

5. - Do you promise to do what you must to give yourself the life you deserve?

Reflect on your answers.

Make the necessary adjustments to better fit your desires.

 Align yourself to your new vision.

Keep moving forward.

Successful people always pass the finish line… and we all can do it!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

DAY 92.


After 12 weeks of continuous new knowledge and week 13 as a review week, we have survived our first quarter of this 365 days challenge to build wealth.

Starting our second quarter towards achieving our goals is important to keep clear single steps that help us in our everyday to grow our businesses.


PROMOTE your business every single day.

Use your website, your social media platforms, use videos, do live webinars, attend in-person events, network with others, send out emails, make phone calls… think about unique ways you can promote your business, services and products.

I personally do all of them because I understand that without promoting how I help people I will have no business… and the same goes for you.

How do you help people?

Please tell it to the world!

Promote. Promote. Promote.


Take a dive into Steve Jobs' approach to marketing and promoting…

Steve said: “Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.”

Enjoy this link and use the ideas Steve shares to promote your business.

DAY 93.


PROSPECT every day. Easy, right? But, will you do it? Will you really be so disciplined to do it? Will you be consistent enough to see results?

In most cases, lack of prospecting new clients is the main reason why you don't earn more income.

Is not the product or service. Is not the system. Is not the economy. Is not the client.

Is you who does not have the discipline to be consistently persistent in the activity of PROSPECTING NEW CLIENTS.

Make prospecting an everyday habit and you will skyrocket your business.

When I was doing truck financing, 23 years ago, I used to prospect in the mornings everyday for 2 hours straight via fax. Then I would follow up with a phone call. After 3 weeks, my income more than doubled.

15 years ago, when we started to build homes with our first development company Pilar Homes Developers, I made it a purpose to talk to new people everyday, at least 10 people. We ended up selling 68 millions dollars in pre-construction.

Now, with our new development company Viamar Homes, we are back to talk to new people everyday to pick interest and see who wants a new home or who wants to invest in real estate.

We do it via email, instant message, text, phone and in-person.

We have already sold several homes in pre-construction and we project to reach 100 sold units by the end of the year. Good or good!


Implement prospecting for new clients as an everyday activity. Do it consistently. Period.

Let the results speak. Let the results tell you how good you are doing.

The question is: will you do it?

DAY 94.


Have you ever met people at an event or at a bar... and 10 seconds later, they are pitching their business to you trying to sell you or recruit you?

Sure you have… LOL… 😃😃😃

PRESENT your business elegantly and professionally keeping in mind that it is your job to share the benefits of what you do in a way people decide by themselves how much your business benefits them.

You don't need to impose or be pushy.

When you PRESENT your business highlight the benefits, first and foremost.

And you will present your business to those who fit your pre-qualified criteria. Those who have the ability to buy your product.

Stop wasting time presenting to unqualified people. 

Take the time to master your presentation. Make it flawless. And do it, over and over again. Keep presenting your business for as long as you are actively building that business.

Fill your schedule with presentation meetings. It is a number’s game.

This is how you'll keep growing your business… presenting your business by talking to people!

DAY 95.



After you present your business to prospective clients, you must be excited to the anticipation of those clients saying YES to you, but you must ask for the sale and you must close the sale.

Most people get embarrassed to ask for the sale. Big mistake!

You are bringing value to this client. You are giving them something that they will use to their benefit. You should be proud of yourself for helping others and you should get paid very well for doing it.

Master the step of closing your sales every time.

What does closing a sale mean for you?

It might be exchanging cash right there on the spot.

It might be sending a contract for your client to sign.

It might be sending your client an invoice for them to pay it.

It might be taking them to a website where they sign up online.

Whatever your process is, make sure you are telling them exactly what they need to do.

Many times, clients are left alone in the process and they get confused or doubtful and consequently, they end up not buying from you.

Make it a habit to make them feel good all the way. Be there. Show them how it is done.

When you treat your clients like they are clients-for-life, your relationship and the way you go about it changes exponentially… and with time, so will income, your networth and your wealth.

DAY 96.


A PROFIT is not the same as a sale.

Many companies sell millions, even billions, and they still don't make a profit.

Only those who figured out how to make profits stay in business long term and are able to create huge fortunes.

Most people are in survival mode, just trying to make it work and they struggle with whether they will ever see a profit or if the profit margins are too small.

Study different ways, different alternatives to increase your PROFIT on every sale you close.

As long as you know that what you do is ethically correct, you shouldn't feel ashamed or guilty about making a big profit.

Think about this, the bigger the profit margin, the less clients you need to sell and close to make the money you want.

The bigger the profit, the faster you can use that money to invest in other assets to build your networth faster.

DAY 97.


FOLLOW UP is the one step most people in business overlook, miss or simply they don't even acknowledge how important it is.


If you don't follow up, you are wasting all your effort to get zero results. Guaranteed! Every time! Zero results! Nada! Nil!

Do not assume that people will call you back after you offer them your services, products or an opportunity. It is not their job. It is your job to FOLLOW UP and see where they are in their decision-making process.

Because I followed up, I have had clients buy from me.

Because I followed up, I have had investors fund my deals.

Because I followed up, I have had vendors giving me better pricing on materials.

Because I followed up, I have received time extensions and additional perks on deadlines I needed extra time for.

Besides, when you follow-up, you also show how you show up to the world… Are you reliable? Are you someone who cares?

From now on, make sure you incorporate FOLLOW UP as one more step in your sales process.

This simple, yet powerful distinction will increase your closing ratio, your sales, your revenue, your networth and your wealth.


DAY 98.

REPEAT the P.P.P.C.P.F. Steps to Increase Your Income.

Today, let's recap what we have shared for the past 6 days.

The steps to increase your income in a consistent, effective and sustainable way.

  1. Promote.
  2. Prospect.
  3. Present.
  4. Close.
  5. Profit.
  6. Follow up.      

Practice each step everyday if possible.

If you get to the point that every day you are closing a new client, you are seeing a substantial increase in your income… and that is awesome!

Do not change the order of the steps.

Keep the process simple, yet consistent.

If you want to make changes, then change, or better yet…

  1. Increase the number of people you prospect.
  2. Promote your business to targeted audience, groups, industries, segments.
  3. Make more presentations every week.
  4. Close more clients in less time.
  5. Increase your profit margins by adding more value to your clients.
  6. Make your follow ups more efficient.

Keep your steps in the correct order.

Become so good at doing these steps that each step will feel like second nature to you.

Master yourself everyday!

And remember, to make it fun!

DAY 99.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by NATURE.

Keeping yourself pumped all the time to achieve your goals is a big challenge for most people.

If it is true that you must be consistent with your actions, that consistency is usually interpreted by our brain as boring and monotonous once we do it over and over again.

We become desensitized by it and we start to drift into other actions that are farther apart from our goals… and we do it to keep us entertained and engaged.

So, what is the solution then to keep us pumped and in alignment with our goals?

Find different sources of inspiration.

Draw inspiration from NATURE, for example.

Look at nature and all it has to offer as a focus and grounding point to keep you connected to your goals.

Let me explain a bit:

When you take a walk in nature, feel the stability of the ground, feel yourself being safe as you walk… make a mental connection that the same you can feel about what your business brings to you, stability and safety.

When you look at the many different varieties of plants as you walk… realize that they all coexist in pure harmony and every plant respects the one next to it… make a mental correlation that there are many similar businesses like yours… and all can create wealth individually without taking anything away from each other.

When you acknowledge that the oceans, the mountains, the rivers, the snow, the rocks, the trees are all different and that they all bring us some value… and you make a correlation that the same stands true for your business… you will no longer compete or defend your position… you will find peace within and will look at other businesses as new wonderful opportunities to co-create more wealth.

Drawing business inspiration from NATURE will be very soothing and relaxing to your soul.

You will feel enthusiastic, confident and inspired to keep on going everyday building your business, your networth and your wealth.

DAY 100.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by ARCHITECTURE.

Keeping yourself pumped by ARCHITECTURE will always keep you enthusiastic.

There is so much variety in architectural styles that you will never get bored or tired of looking at something new.

We are constantly surrounded by real estate regardless of where in the world you might be… and with that being said,  you can draw inspiration pretty much every second on the second just by looking around you.

Now, how do you connect architecture with your business in a way that serves you well?

ARCHITECTURE represents stability, long-lasting, wealth, shelter, protection, safety, economic development, growth, creativity, job creation, taxes, and much more.

Isn't it a fact that your business provides the same for you regardless of the industry?

Look at the beauty.

Look at the patterns.

Look at the different styles.

Look at the colors.

Look at the different kinds of materials that are used.

You will be mesmerized! You will be amazed! You will be inspired!

When you feel elated you will be able to create amazing results in your business and in your life.

Help yourself stay inspired… keep yourself pumped!

DAY 101.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by SPORTS.

What is your favorite sport?

Do you like to practice that sport? Or… Do you only watch it on TV?

Either way, you can get the benefits of how sports can and will inspire you to perform better.

If you have ever practiced any sport, you know that there are things you have to do over and over again.

Persistence. Resilience. Expertise. Discipline. Mindset. Focus. Commitment. Results.

The same stands true for building a business.

Observe any high-performing athlete and dissect their qualities. You will find them all to be very similar regardless what sport they have chosen.

I personally practiced diving for many years and I learned what it takes to win.

We can do exactly the same with our businesses.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by SPORTS is easy… just watch, observe and model after them.

DAY 102.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by MUSIC.

Let MUSIC fill you up with good vibrations.

Use music to help you change your mental state at any moment, any day, any time.

When we listen to music we can literally change the way we feel in a matter of seconds.

We can cry. We can scream. We can hate. We can feel like a victim. We can feel betrayed.


We can also feel happy. We can feel uplifted. We can feel inspired.

We choose!

MUSIC is a magical tool to become more efficient, more effective and more productive.

Sometimes we want to reinvent the wheel when indeed, all we need to do is use what is available even in our phones.

Listen to Pandora. Listen to any playlist you prefer.

A few minutes of fun and relaxation might be all you need to brighten up your day and build your big business with a happy mood and attitude.

Sing. Dance. Have Fun and become wealthy!

DAY 103.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by OTHER PEOPLE'S SUCCESS.

Do you need or want a role model?

Do you want someone to inspire you daily and never get bored?

That's easy!

Make a list of 30 successful people you admire, respect and inspire you.

Follow them. Study them. Model them.

You can choose a quality you love about them and begin modeling that quality daily.

You can read about them.

You can watch a video about them.

You can attend an event to meet them if possible.

You can read their books if they are published authors.

You can become their trainee or mentee if they offer coaching or mentorship programs.

You can explore if you can do a joint venture with them.

Building your business requires education and who better to learn from than the ones who are successful at what they do.

Some of my favorite people to learn from are: Jay Abraham, Dan Peña, Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Denis Waitley, Ray Dalio and Abraham Hicks, among many others.

And the best part is that with the leverage of technology, you have access, free access, to many resources from these mentors.

It is up to you to choose if you stay playing the victim or if you decide to live in victory.

Successful people always celebrate the success of other successful people!

DAY 104.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by BEAUTIFUL PLACES.

There are beautiful places all around us. Just look. Just seek out the beauty everywhere you look.


Your world will be beautiful!

Draw inspiration from different places around the world.

Be genuinely interested in visiting different countries, different cities, different cultures.

As you build your business, imagine having people from different backgrounds in your team.

Their contributions can be of crucial importance to your business in terms of revenue, expansion and social interactions.

If you can't afford to travel right now because of lack of money, then, watch a video, read an article, watch a movie… let your creativity flow easily and effortlessly.

We live in a beautiful world!

DAY 105.

Keeping Yourself Pumped by YOUR OWN VISION.

Let your vision pull you forward. Let your vision make you jump from bed. Let your vision inspire you daily.

Easily said. But many struggle keeping up their inspiration.


Simple… their vision is not big enough… their vision is not clear… their vision is not in alignment with what they believe they can do.

Invest time creating that vision which will make you immensely happy when you achieve it.

A big vision will help you focus your energy, your activities, your resources and it will bring much personal satisfaction to yourself… because above anything, you are giving yourself the recognition you deserve… you are honoring YOU!

Be proud of yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Love yourself!

DAY 106.

Protect Your Name.

Do you own your name? Do you own your name in a (dot) com? (

Most people do not.

Big mistake if you are building a business.

Do you own your business name in a .com?

As you continue to build your networth, you must think about all the different ways you must protect yourself and your assets, including your name.


Let's just focus on your name.

Go to and check if your name is available… if it is, invest in it and buy it.

What do you think is the value of a dot com in these names if you would own them: JeffBezos, ElonMusk, RichardBranson, Madonna… Do you get my point?

You don't necessarily have to use them or make them public, but if you own them, you have control over the fact that others will not be able to have them..

The more valuable you become, the more vulnerable you become… and the more bad-intended people will try to hurt you.

Learn to protect yourself and start by protecting your own name.

DAY 107.

Protect Your Income.

Did you know that you can insure your income in the case you get sick and can't go to work or go to your business?

Most people insure their homes, their cars, their expensive personal properties, even they insure their lives… but very few insure their income.

While you are building your networth and your assets that will give you cashflow every month, it is of relevant importance that you consider insuring your income.

If you live on 5k a month, what happens if suddenly you get injured, get sick and you can't bring that money home for 5 or 6 months?

What if your spouse breaks a foot, needs surgery and can't walk and needs your help? Can you financially take care of it? Can you keep your family financially stable and safe?

Most people have no clue.

Well, there is a type of insurance you can get to protect your income in case of an accident or sickness.

This type of insurance kicks in immediately and money continues to come to your household while you recover your health.

If you want to know more about this option, please reach out directly with us and we will give you a name, their phone number so you speak privately with the experts about your situation.

Keep your family safe while you build your Networth!

DAY 108.

Protect Your Assets with Entities.

Building your networth requires that you study, learn and apply the strategies and tools that rich people use.

Buying assets in your personal name is a big, huge mistake on your behalf.

Instead, use companies like an LLC or a Corporation. Maybe a Trust.

Buying assets in your personal names puts you and your family at risk with collection companies or anyone that decides to file a lawsuit against you.

Besides, when your company owns the assets you also have additional tax benefits you can take advantage of and reduce your overall tax bill.

Consult with a legal counsel and a tax expert about what are your best options right now to protect your assets.

Prepare and take action before it is too late.

Protect yourself and your family and your assets and your NetWorth!

DAY 109.

Protect Your Relationships.

When you have people that show up, that support you, that believe in you… make sure you protect those relationships.

Building a business is a team effort. It's teamwork.

Honor and respect everyone who is part of that team regardless of titles, positions, backgrounds, educational level, ethnic, gender, color, sexual orientation.

Always treat the CEO as you would treat the electrician… in my book it is called: TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT!

As I have built several businesses, I know what is like being in different positions, especially in a position of power.

Never use your power to hurt, ridicule or humiliate anyone.

Use your power to teach, inspire and protect those who are close to you, helping you move the needle everyday to achieve your goals.

The bigger your networth, the more you will understand and appreciate those around you… they will protect you and you will protect them… it is a two-way mutual relationship.

And when you have to let go of someone, do it politely, elegantly and with respect.

There are times when you will not see eye to eye with someone, but that doesn't give you the right to mistreat them in any way.

As a leader, you set the pace,  you set the path and it is your job to be very clear about the way you protect every relationship you are into as you build your business.

DAY 110.

Protect Your Intellectual Property.

When you are building your business and you are writing posts, blogs, making videos, sharing your expertise… that’s your Intellectual property!

The way you share your message,  the words you use… that’s your intellectual property.

When you come up with your own unique quote… that’s your intellectual property.

When you lay out a business strategy that you came up with, even if it is by default, that’s your intellectual property.

If you happen to innovate something, a product, a service, a concept… that’s your intellectual property.

Now, how are you protecting your intellectual property?

Do you have a Trademark?

Do you have it Registered as you being the owner?

Is your content on your website safe? Do you have rights to it?

When we post on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… now our content becomes public and it's curated by search engines as their content if you directly posted your content on them.

The trick…

Post your content first on your own website ALWAYS.

Then, share the link to the social media platforms… that way the initial share or root leads back to you always… and consequently, search engines will have no choice but to acknowledge that you are the original creator of your content...and they have to index it like such.

That is very good because it gives you brand recognition and curates the content you share as your original content.

So, from now on, before you share your wonderful posts and writings anywhere… make sure you put it on your own website first… and then share it.

DAY 111.

Protect Your Privacy.

Do you share everything you do on social media?

Many people do it without realizing that they are sharing more than they should unnecessarily.

Yes, you are building a business.

Yes, you have to market your business.

Yes, you want to establish yourself as a credible expert.

Yes, you want people to follow you and be attracted to you.

However, you choose what is relevant to achieving your goal and what is way too much.

Your PRIVACY is important.

Be mindful of what you share publicly.

Publicity and celebrity status have a high price attached to it and makes you a target for those with bad intentions.

It is your job to keep you and your family safe at all times.

People don't need to know what every corner of your house looks like.

People don't need to know every place you visit.

People don't need to know what you do everyday and every hour of your day.


Think in which ways you are over-sharing information about you that is not relevant to building your business and your NetWorth.

Make the immediate adjustments.

Protect your privacy and that of your family!

DAY 112.

Protect Your Greatness.

You want to do big things and help a lot of people in your lifetime. Great!

How do you protect yourself to help you achieve your greatness?

In order to achieve your greatness, you must operate at your best everyday in every area of your life.

You must practice what it is like to live a life of greatness in your everyday life.

There are no shortcuts. Either you do or you don't.

What are your current standard habits? … and… which habits you must change in order to upgrade your current lifestyle?

  1. Be sober.
  2. Avoid overeating.
  3. Have a good night's sleep.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to succeed.
  6. Learn new skills.
  7. Study and enhance your own goals.
  8. Invest in assets, not toys.
  9. Treat everyone respectfully.
  10. Love yourself.

It is easy to do the opposite of all 1-10 I have just mentioned above.

Will you commit to hold yourself accountable to protect your greatness from today on?

Without YOU,  you have no plans.

Without YOU, your family will never be the same.

Without YOU, it is not fun!

Today, I want to invite you to PROTECT YOURSELF and dare to live in GREATNESS!

DAY 113

Make More Phone Calls.

MAKE MORE PHONE CALLS this week… Get comfortable talking to people with the intention to close more deals.

Yes, it is tedious.

Yes, it is maybe boring.

But, it sure works… and if you prefer your excuses over results… then, do not complain that your life sucks.

Get on the phone. Talk to people. Do it daily… and see your results skyrocket.

Build a business by doing it!

Even 20 good calls could yield you 3-4 new deals or clients… and that on a consistent basis, can change your entire lifestyle.


DAY 114.

Stop Being Busy Doing Nonsense.

STOP BEING BUSY DOING NONSENSE… use your time to do things that lead you to results. Being busy is just your excuse to procrastinate on what matters.

Quit being busy… to be more focused.

Quit being busy… to execute more effectively.

Quit being busy… to become a success.

You are doing way too many small micro activities that do not matter.

You get tired, exhausted and overwhelmed because you put yourself in that situation.

You know you are smarter than that. You know what you need to do.

Stop pretending and stop playing small.

Build a business that inspires you and makes you happy.

Build a business that makes you a lot of money and makes you prosperous for the rest of this lifetime.

DAY 115.

Work with those who want to work with you.

WORK WITH THOSE WHO WANT TO WORK WITH YOU… Spend zero time trying to convince others of your worthiness. Focus on building your business with the ones who join your vision.

Time is precious and you are on a journey to build your networth… but equally important, you are building your business, your life, your relationships, your future and your legacy. Make yourself proud!

DAY 116.

Get really good at creating opportunities.

GET REALLY GOOD AT CREATING OPPORTUNITIES… Opportunities allow you to be in control of your destiny and they give you freedom to live the life you want.

Opportunities bring prosperity, advancement, development, expansion, fulfillment… and when you are the one creating those opportunities, you put yourself in a very sweet spot, a very good position.

You have the key to your own freedom… to choose, to live, to create even more.

I create opportunities in real estate by building new homes.

I love what I do.

I love helping families own their home.

I love helping investors expand their portfolios.

I love creating more jobs.

I love helping the cities grow and expand.

What opportunities do you create in your industry, your city and in your life?

Today, you have the opportunity to be happy… and that's a very good starting point to create even more!

DAY 117.

Always be prepared to walk away if needed.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO WALK AWAY IF NEEDED… Walking away is not quitting, it is simply your decision to move on, to move forward with a better option at the moment.

Oftentimes, as we build our business we tend to stay in a situation we don't like because of what others will say about us if we decide to walk away… that's a big mistake!

Walking away is, by the contrary, a sign of strength, clarity and leadership in your end.

Accepting things you don't want or like doesn't help you any.

Switch your mindset…

Be OK with leaving a relationship that no longer suits you.

Be OK with telling someone you no longer want their business.

Be OK with owning your decisions.

Now, do not confuse clarity with arrogance, resentment or reacting from your egotistical ego.

Walk away if you need to with clarity, certainty, humility, compassion with the intention to preserve your inner-joy.

Everything will be OK in your life and in your business.

DAY 118.

Listen to the advice of those who have done it.

LISTEN TO THE ADVICE OF THOSE WHO HAVE DONE IT… Don't confuse opinions with advice… It is easy to talk, yet very few actually take action.

Anyone will say their opinion and they think it is great advice, but are they really advising you correctly?

Have they done it before successfully?

Are they doing it successfully?

Keyword here: "successfully".

To build a successful business you must be very clear that success takes education, practice, patience, resources and be able to do it successfully.

Be more mindful about who you listen to as you build your business!

DAY 119.

Assess for Better or Worse.

ASSESS FOR BETTER OR WORSE… Every time you are not sure which way to go, simply ask yourself: Is this "better or worse" than…

I learned this from my optometrist… I found it funny at first when I was asked the same… is this better or worse, referring to how good and clear my vision was.

Since that experience, it resonated with me so much that I kept using it in my life and in my business.

We are always discerning what is and what is not.

We are always deciding about what we do and what we don't.

Is your life better or worse without a networth?

Is your life better or worse without consistent income?

Is your life better or worse without cash flow?

Is your life better or worse without your current spouse?

Is your life better or worse if you decide to create a new you?

I wish you an amazing day today wherever you are in your life, in your business and in the world!

DAY 120.

Define Your WHY.

Do you truly know WHY you do what you do?

Do you know WHY you get up in the mornings?

Do you know WHY you are living your life the way you are living it?

You might know.

You might not be so sure.

You might have no clue as you read this and watch this stream.

Either way… it is fine where you are right now… because after you invest your time and go through a one-on-one with you… after you decide to help yourself and bring clarity to your own soul… you will be able to FIGURE YOU OUT in such a way that nobody else will… because nobody else is inside of you.

ONLY YOU know what you are really wanting every moment… ONLY YOU can and will satisfy YOU… nobody else!

Do as much soul searching as you need to until you FEEL HAPPY with your WHY. 

I want to THANK YOU all for watching this stream and this stream concludes the series of 7 streams to help you get aligned with YOU for this year… and help you get started on a new path to reach for your own success, under your own terms and definitions.

You have total and absolute FREEDOM to create the life you want every single day… IT IS UP TO YOU!

DAY 121.

Execute. Execute. Execute.

Are you willing to take action on your plan?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your own plan of complete success?


Now, it is time to IMPLEMENT.

Watch now: 

In order to see your desired results , you will do, you will follow a CONSISTENT plan of actions.

EXECUTE. EXECUTE. EXECUTE…. until, you see the results you want.

It is that simple!

DAY 122.


Why hold others accountable to help you achieve your own success?

Have you ever thought that others might not want that responsibility simply because they are doing their own thing?

Who wants to be successful? YOU do.

Who wants to create an extraordinary life? YOU do.

Who must be accountable for your own decisions, actions and success? YOU do, my friend!!!

Free yourself up from any social misleading ideas that others will help you get what you want. You will get what you want when you COMMIT yourself to get it… when you hold YOURSELF 100% ACCOUNTABLE on whatever it is you want.

Watch now: 

Thank you for watching this show.

See you on our next stream!

DAY 123.

Feel Good.

How much emotion do you put behind your thoughts?

Are you really excited?

Are you low tone, quiet and uninspired?

Depending on how you answer these questions, you will know if what you are doing right now is aligning with you or not.

How can you know? Very simple… How do you FEEL? Are your EMOTIONS strong?

Now, beware of your NEGATIVE EMOTIONS because they can, and they will make you walk away from what you want.

Focus your mind on FEELING GOOD! Feel excited. Feel inspired. Feel enthusiastic. Feel powerful… And from that space do all the things you want to do in order to achieve the results you want.

The more POSITIVE EMOTIONS you give your ideas, the faster you will move closer to your results.

Watch now: 

See you on our next stream!

DAY 124.

Plan of Action.

Is your PLAN OF ACTION in place?

Do you have a DEFINITE PLAN?

This show is intended to bring you clarity and help you get your plan of action in place for this year, so you can confidently step-by-step move forward and toward your desired goals and dreams.


Doing activities that do not align with your desired results is a total waste of your time. And certainly, time is a very expensive, intangible and our most valuable commodity… Once time passes by, once time goes by… there is absolutely no way to bring it back.

Most people do, do, do and get really tired and exhausted doing things that at the end are counter-productive to the results they want…WHY?…. because they do not have the necessary CLARITY in their minds to find their best way… their easiest way… their most effective way to create a plan that WORKS FOR THEM.

Watch now: 

Enjoy your creative process!

DAY 125.

100% Focus.

What are you EXACTLY doing this year to earn the kind of money you are looking to earn?

What I mean is???

… that one business,

… that one activity,

… that one service,

… that one product,




So you 100% FOCUS your ENERGY and skyrocket your RESULTS!

Watch now: 

Thank you for watching.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for getting CLARITY in your life so you can achieve what you want this year!

DAY 126.


Even though this lesson I first taught back when we were welcoming 2017… It is a perfect fit for today as we are on 126 day of our 365 days challenge to build wealth.

Welcome your new intentions!

Welcome yourself to a wonderful year!

Today, I want to provoke your thoughts with one question: “HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE…TO EARN… TO ALLOW… TO HAVE IN YOUR POSSESSION THIS YEAR?”

What is that number for you?

What is that amount for you?

Now, that you have chosen a figure…

What are some of the most exciting experiences you SEE yourself doing this year because you will have the money to pay for it.

Make this a FUN exercise.

Feel the realness of the possibility of you in possession of that money.

How much more can you do this year?

Take a moment to watch this short stream now: 

Thank you for watching this show… for sharing this message… and for starting your year with a tangible, believable and achievable MONEY amount that will manifest in your life as you continue moving forward in the belief that you will HAVE IT!

DAY 127.


Watch how I help myself feel better and because of me feeling better, I execute better, I perform better and I achieve bigger goals.

Click link to watch now: 

Learn how to best help yourself!

DAY 128.


This is a wonderful process that has allowed me to focus even more, attract thousands of organic followers and viewers… and best of all… it is fun!

Click the link now to watch: 

Thank you for watching and for sharing!

DAY 129.


Learn how to apply the Creative Workshop process in your life and in your business. Use the creative power of your mind to help yourself achieve the things you want, the goals you want, the wealth you want, the health you want, the relationships you want and the life that you want.

Click this link to watch now: 

Thank you for watching and sharing!

DAY 130.


Virtual Reality will become your everyday reality when you have an awareness of feeling-good as you build your business and your life. Learn to use this process to your advantage.

It is so awesome to allow yourself to feel-good that from that space you can create even more of the same… more happiness, more prosperity, more health, more friends, more travels, more wealth, more contribution, more, more, more…

Thanks for watching: 

DAY 131.

Prosperity Game.

When you do this Prosperity Game you will change the way you feel about money, about abundance, about spending money, about investing money, about making use of money as a tool for you to achieve other goals way more fulfilling than just having money or making money.

Learn the process now : 

I strongly encourage you to do this process, to practice this process and to play with this process.

DAY 132.

The Process of Meditation.

The Process of Meditation is extremely helpful when you want to raise your energy level, your feeling-good state and your personal vibration. Click the link to watch now: 

Meditation acts as a clearing mechanism for you to let go of your resistant thoughts, including your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.

See you on our next process for this week!

DAY 133.

Evaluating Dreams.

Your dreams are important to you and your power to make them happen even more. Your vibrational alignment is key.

Are you helping yourself or hurting yourself by the thoughts you think all day even when you sleep?

Find out how you can better manifest what you want by using this process. Watch: 

Keep dreaming. Keep manifesting. Keep building your networth!

DAY 134.

Create Your Own Inspirational Quotes.

Building your business is more about building yourself as you go… And the more you love and appreciate who you are, the better your journey will be.

Create your own inspirational quotes… Share your thoughts… What you believe in… It will inspire you and others as well.

And when you look back in time, you will realize where you were when you wrote it and how much you have grown since then. Make yourself proud! Build your business, your networth and yourself!

DAY 135.

Blindspots for Success.

What you don’t see will hurt you. What you don’t acknowledge will delay you. What you are not aware of will work against you most of the time.

As you build your networth and your life, wouldn’t it be nice if you could move faster, more effectively and have more fun?

Your blindspots are those areas, habits, activities that are usually working against you.

Here are some of them for you to evaluate how they are affecting you right now:

1. Overeating… you struggle with losing weight and keeping yourself fit… but when you are at it, you feel good, satisfied, even successful… if you overeat, it’s usually a habit at this point… you can change that when you commit.

2. Excessive alcohol intake… it is easy to get drunk daily on a budget… and then blame the stress and everything in your world… but the truth is that the real issue is that you do not have big enough life-dreams and projects that will keep you connected to reaching an exciting goal… you can change that!

3. Auto-medication… there is a pill for everything you could think of… and guess what, in 8, 12 or 4 hours you can pop another one… did you fix the problem?… NO… and the habit goes on… you know can change that, right!

4. Living-in-the-past… you are always constantly going back to your childhood or any stage of your life where you were hurt and use that as an excuse or a story you keep telling now in your present… you can change that!… you can change that story by telling a story of the things you want now and where you want to be in the future.

5. Lack-of-focus… you might even think you have ADD or ADHD, but no… you have none of that… your issue is lack of clarity, lack of commitment, lack of sense of what you want next in your life and you procrastinate making a decision, reflecting on what matters… you sabotage yourself all the time… you can change that.

Be honest with yourself and evaluate yourself today.

All those blindspots affect the way you make money and build your wealth.

When you overeat, you’re sluggish. When you overdrink, you’re hungover. When you automedicate, you’re a zombie. When you live in the past, you’re wasting your time. When you lack focus, you’re in limbo.

That is not a way to live your life.

You can change that… turn your blindspots into guiding lights to enhance, improve and grow your life experiences.

Create a life that makes you happy and makes you prosperous!

DAY 136.

Are You a Good Tipper?

When you tip other people for services rendered, do you tip them well? … and what does it have to do with you building your networth and your wealth?

When you go to restaurants, use valet parking services, go to a hair salon, buy an ice cream… Do you tip all the time?

What kind of client are you?

Do you tip well in excess of what is suggested?

Do you tip only what is expected?

Do you reduce the suggested tip amount on your bill?

Your relationship with money and the way you look at people dictate your behavior and your actions.

If you are abundant, you know it.

If you are stingy, you know it.

And usually there’s a repeat pattern… you keep doing the same.


Reflect on how you tip for services rendered.

Reflect on how you feel inside the moment you are adding the tip to your bill… Do you feel good? Do you feel conflicted? Do you feel worried? Do you feel guilty? Do you feel grateful?

Money is all around us everyday… and feeling good around money is part of you healing your relationship with it.

Start by this small observation… How do you tip others?

And keep building your networth everyday!

DAY 137.

Create Extraordinary Days.

Every day is a new opportunity to celebrate life itself and to create that day we way it will please us the most.

Yet, so many people are so used to struggling emotionally that they cut themselves off from the joy of being happy.


Create an extraordinary day for you.

What will you do today that will bring you the most joy?

We have 24 hours today… we can create small segments and do different things… What will that be like for you today?

We can create extraordinary days everyday regardless where we are in our lives, business and in the world.

It has to do with your MINDSET!

Be more interested in creating joy…

Be more interested in creating fulfillment…

Be more interested in creating results…

Be more interested in creating good moments…

Be more interested in creating a life that pleases you!

We did this stream 5 years ago, yet it is on point for today.

Watch it now… 

See you all tomorrow!

DAY 138.

Success Blueprints.

Success is fairly easy to achieve when you understand the formula to achieve it.

But, most people will sabotage their own success, even unconsciously.

This is how you achieve success:

1. Choose something you do well and enjoy it.

2. Repeat it many times over.

3. See the results you have created.

4. You keep repeating the same 1, 2 & 3 steps.

Here are some examples:

You eat, eat, eat ,eat, eat… you become successfully overweight.

You drink, drink, drink and drink… you become an alcoholic.

You go to the gym every day for 30 minutes… you become very fit.

You buy assets, buy assets and keep buying assets… and you become very wealthy.

See… it is very easy.

But then, you start getting creative… and change your blueprint.

You start eating more and drinking more… and then you are super depressed and unhappy.

You stop going to the gym… and in a few months you blame Covid for your gut and flabby butt.

You stop making phone calls, closing deals and you think the economy sucks… and shortly you are back to broke.

See… There are always patterns that will show you whether something is working and when you sabotage yourself, you go back to your old ways. STOP IT!

You can be happy. You can be healthy. You can be kind. You can be in love. And definitely… You can be wealthy.


DAY 139.

Detox from your BS.

Take a day like today to detox from your own BS (Belief System).

Today dare, challenge, be inspired to do something different than the regular routine you do.

Give your life a bit of a new flavor.

If you normally drink coffee… drink tea instead.

If you normally eat meat… eat a fresh chicken salad instead.

If you normally drink wine… drink water instead.

If you normally smoke… quit for a day.

If you never exercise… try doing a yoga session.

If you argue and complain regularly… be grateful and appreciate all you encounter this day.

If you always binge watching Netflix… listen to an audiobook to teach you about a topic you know nothing about.

Change can be fairly easy, but will you do it?

Will you commit? Do you trust yourself enough to sustain that change?

It is your decision… only you have the key to your change, your life, your experiences, your business, your networth, your wealth.

Invite and embrace small changes regularly and your life will be fun, exciting and fulfilling.

DAY 140.

140 Days of Wealth Building.

Review. Reflect. Redesign. Restore. Reset. Retake. Remember.

For many of us, if we go back to day 1 of the 365 days challenge to build wealth, it may seem so far back and distant.

We may realize how much we have personally, emotionally and financially grown since then.

That is great! That is awesome! That is worth celebrating!


Revise your goals once again.

Review the material at a glance from the past weeks.

Reflect on the changes you have made and praise yourself.

Redesign any areas you feel need an upgrade to meet your new-found-purpose.

Retake where you left off the last time.

Remember that you are creating a new life day-by-day as we go on with this challenge… and we still have many many days to accomplish what we set ourselves to achieve.

Keep going. Keep believing in yourself. Keep tracking your progress. Keep updating your goals. Keep studying success!

Be excited. Be thrilled. Be inspired. Be empowered.

This year is a turning point in your life… and you will win it.

DAY 141.

Start And Finish Your Day With A Grateful Heart.

Today, take a moment to simply say “I AM GRATEFUL FOR…” and carry on with the first 10 thoughts that appear in your mind.

For me, today,

1. I am grateful for waking up again in my bed.

2. I am grateful for the wonderful coffee I enjoy sip by sip.

3. I am grateful for feeling healthy.

4. I am grateful for being in love with Vianca.

5. I am grateful for my business, my investors, my clients, my vendors and everyone in our teams.

6. I am grateful for the meals I will enjoy today.

7. I am grateful for my family and my friends.

8. I am grateful for believing in myself and following my heart.

9. I am grateful for feeling happy.

10. I am grateful for feeling prosperous.

Now, write yours down… What are you grateful for today?

DAY 142.

Thoughts of Prosperity.

Make it easy for you, repeat it daily… until you know it is a habit engraved in your mind… THINK PROSPERITY THOUGHTS.

You can do this anywhere and anytime… many times a day.

What are prosperity thoughts? … Any thoughts of abundance and feeling-good leading the way.

Say to yourself:

Ok, my prosperity thoughts for today are:

1. I am working towards buying a new home.

2. I am depositing and flowing monies in my bank accounts.

3. I am going out for dinner this week.

4. I am booking a vacation by December.

5. I am buying new clothes this month.

6. I am investing in real estate this month.

7. I am feeling abundant in every area of my life.

8. I am working with others in wonderful ways to create even more prosperity.

Define your own prosperity thoughts…

Feel the feeling of prosperity inside your body… and get familiar with that feeling… once you do… you will see manifested all the things you want in your present reality.

I wish you a happy and a prosperous day wherever you’re in your life and in your business!

DAY 143.

Be a Turtle when you Want to.

How many times have you felt rushed to do something or make a decision… and you know you need more time to sort out your best option?

We all have experienced that feeling of pressure… and honestly, it is very uncomfortable.

Today, I want to share a very simple perspective that will help you find which is your best option at the moment.


We choose how we react to external circumstances… and sometimes it is best to slow time down in our minds.

Being a turtle doesn’t mean you are a loser, a procrastinator or failure.

Being a turtle is about honoring yourself, your decisions, your desires, your choices, your ideas, your feelings, your actions… and when you do, you are acting in your power, your inner-wisdom without compromising yourself over pleasing anyone.

Be a turtle when you want to… and trust the fact that everything is going to work out perfectly well as it is intended to unfold.

Practice being a turtle to regain your emotional alignment both in your life and in your business.

DAY 144.

See Your Future Now.

Are you living in the past?

Most people will say “NO” to this question.

However, most are living in the past everyday, 24 hours a day… they are totally unconsciously repeating the same old patterns and expecting different results.

Today, focus on making the distinction to practice thinking more consistently on creating a future that pleases you.

That is a simple distinction. But, not necessarily so easy to implement and get used to… unless you practice it.

We are used to our old habits and creating new ones will feel unfamiliar, uncomfortable and unknown… Yet, pushing yourself to it will yield you a world of new opportunities.

See your future now…

What is it like? What do you drive? Where do you live? Where do you vacation? What is your day like? What kind of clients do you deal with? How much fun do you have doing what you do?

Create that future now!

We have the power to do it with no special training… We are equipped to do it perfectly well.

Trust yourself. Have fun. Do it by doing it!

DAY 145.

Laugh. Laugh. Keep laughing.

If today would be your last day to laugh, what would you laugh about?

I bet you would laugh about anything.

You would find something funny in every circumstance, in every person, in every interaction you have.

Your happiness hormones will rise as a result of your change in state. Your stress hormones will be decreased.

You would feel good. You would be in such a state of bliss that not one person or situation would make you angry.

Will you be willing to test yourself today… and become that happy person at least for one day?

Pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention to how you react. Pay attention to your thoughts.

If you decide that you want more of the same feelings… then, keep doing it… until your happy YOU dominates your everyday life.

Happy Laughing! 😃😃😃😃😃

DAY 146.

Benefits of Being 24 Hours with Yourself.

We are always busy, doing different things, going to different places, engaging with different people and like that, in constant motion, we live our lives almost non-stop.

What if…

Today, you set your alarm for 24 hours to be by yourself alone in your own inner space.

Prepare ahead of time… if you have other people around you, tell them not to interrupt you and respect your space.

Prepare some meals ahead so they are ready when you get hungry.

Have plenty of liquid available, and by the way, keep it simple, drinking water only. No alcohol whatsoever.

You will do the least possible physically.

No driving. No reading. No writing. No cellphone. No Facebook or any social media. No answer to any emails. No TV. No movies. No talking.

Just lay down comfortably in your bed, the floor, a couch, a hammock, anywhere you can relax and let go.

Your only mission will be to stay quiet without talking to anyone for 24 hours. Period.


Your breathing.

Your thoughts.

Your feelings.

Your stress level.

Your impatience at times.

Your body reactions.

Your peaceful state.

Your desires.

You are going to go through many stages during those 24 hours… allow it to be… let you become one with the Universe.

Rest. Relax. Allow. Think. Feel. Forgive. Heal. Remember. Create. Trust. Cleanse. Embrace. Love.

After your alarm goes off letting you know  that your 24 hours have already elapsed, take time to journal your experience and reflect on what are some of the new-found-self-discovery you are now aware of.

This exercise will be eye-opening for you… and the best is that you can do it whenever you want as much as you need it.

Finding our own alignment is a gift that we can give to ourselves ongoingly.

DAY 147.

Quote of the Week.

Quote of the Week:


This is pretty simple advice that I am sure you are going to allow today in your world.

Be thankful for every minute so far that you have lived.

Be appreciative of all the new adventures that are coming to you starting now.

Be thrilled to walk into your present-future!

Believe in yourself!

DAY 148.

Understanding Taxes. 1 of 7.

Two things are guaranteed in life: Death and Taxes… and since we are not dead just yet… This entire week we will be learning about taxes… and how we can use the tax code to our advantage to build our Wealth.

Since I am not a tax expert in any way, I decided to leverage out of one who is indeed a very good tax expert:

Tom Wheelwright… he is a Rich Dad Advisor!

Here are 3 things for today:

1. It is your money, not the government.

2. Reduce your taxes legally.

3. How to keep more of your income.

Now, with no further due… click the link and start learning:

Listen in for about 45 minutes…

Let the knowledge sink in… and tomorrow take some more!

Let’s make taxes fun!

DAY 149.

Understanding Taxes. 2 of 7.

Did you know that?????


To get more acquainted with how you can take advantage of paying very little or no taxes legally, click on the link below and enjoy the teachings of a tax expert, Tom Wheelwright.

Dive in…

Let’s make taxes fun!

DAY 150.

Understanding Taxes. 3 of 7.


Learning more about taxes and how you can take advantage of the tax code is essential to grow your business, your networth and your wealth.

Ignoring it will NOT help you in any way… so don’t be lazy and learn what you can do to reduce your tax liabilities… because anyways, the more you keep the more you can invest… and you can do this legally and confidently.

The IRS loves it when you have receipts and proper documentation to show them. It makes it easy for them and for you to prove your point in case you get audited.

Taking advantage of depreciation and amortization will make you money instantly… and the best is that you can do it over and over again for many years.

There are different kinds of income and they will be taxed differently.  You must know the main differences because then you can modify your tax planning strategy accordingly and save yourself tons of money in taxes that you will be able to use to build your networth faster.

Earned Income… has many holes on it and you get heavily taxed.

Ordinary Income… also highly taxed, yet a bit better than earned income.

Investment Income… you can use it to your advantage for the rest of your entire life when you know how.

Listen to Tom Wheelwright and get the best from his own mouth…click on this link:

Let’s make taxes fun!

DAY 151.

Understanding Taxes. 4 of 7.

Tax-Free Wealth: How to build massive wealth by permanently lowering your taxes… by Tom Wheelwright... is the material we are sharing this entire week.

Tom is a Certified Public Accountant and one of the Rich Dad Advisors.


Get on now… click the link and start learning:

Let’s make taxes fun!

DAY 152.

Understanding Taxes. 5 of 7.

The advice today is really simple… keep listening to Tom Wheelwright as he teaches many strategies he has used with his clients to help them save on taxes and build their wealth faster, better and sustainably.

Click the link and continue learning:

Look at it this way, the more lazy you are to listen and learn from this link… the more you’ll have to work and struggle to become rich… your choice!

If you have been listening this week, you should now have covered a good 5 to 6 hours… which means, you should have already found out different ways you can save on your taxes. You should have probably realized areas you have overlooked. You have learned new powerful and profitable strategies you can now use to your advantage… and best of all, you can do all of that legally.

Keep learning about taxes fun!

DAY 153.

Understanding Taxes. 6 of 7.

There are many other taxes we can reduce year after year if we learn how it is done.


Remember, the more you learn to reduce your taxes legally, the more you can invest in your business to grow your networth and your wealth.

Now, another super important area that also deals with taxes and assets is you doing some good estate planning ahead of time.

You will want that if something unexpected happens to you, whether you die or you get incapacitated… your assets will continue to take care of you and your family uninterruptedly.

Avoid getting your family trapped in a probate situation.

You got to listen,

Play now:

Keep learning. Keep saving. Keep having fun!

DAY 154.

Understanding Taxes. 7 of 7.

Finally, today we are finishing this section about taxes…LOL… 😃😃😃

Like I said at the beginning of the week, unless you are dead today, you will always have to deal with taxes… and since you are not dead yet, you better learn how to deal with taxes successfully and use every credit, every deduction and every exemption to your advantage.

Taking the time to listen to Tom Wheelwright for 9 hours will save you over $3,000 to $5,000 of initial consulting fees with any decent CPA that will never be able to give you as much value as you are getting here and he will save you thousands, even millions, in future tax dollars.

The best value for you is that now you have a fairly good framework from which to start designing your own tax strategies based on the goals you want to achieve as you build your wealth.

Now, you can go to any CPA and have an educated conversation about your future as you continue to build your wealth and your legacy,

Finish listening:

Happy Tax Week of Learning!

DAY 155.

Build Your Business the Solid Way.

Today’s advice:

Never rely on only one source to generate leads, or clients, or referrals to build your business.

Many people use one source, one system, one strategy… and they don’t even have a second plan.

Your business should be built on solid… and for that you need to build a system of referrals that will fill up your pipeline in a continuous and sustainable way.

DAY 156.

Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.

Today’s advice,

Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.

The more you wait to find a solution, the more you waste your precious time.

Build your business by taking appropriate actions on a consistent basis.

Address every situation with optimism and with the intention to arrive at the best resolution at the moment.

DAY 157.

Add simplicity to every action you take daily.

Today’s advice,

Add simplicity to every action you take daily.

When we simplify ourselves,  we have time to think… we have time to enjoy life… we have time to indulge in the beauty of living a life we love.

By the way, simplicity doesn’t mean having less, scarcity, being poor, being cheap or living a minimalist lifestyle.

Simplicity means that you choose a simple life from the standpoint of having clarity and choosing to create a happy and prosperous everyday reality.

When you eliminate all the clutter in your life, you end up creating simplicity!

DAY 158.

Direct your attention towards your future.

Today’s advice,

Direct your attention towards your future.

How many times in a day do you find yourself thinking and talking about events that happened 2, 3 even 20 years ago in your life?

And then, in comparison…

How many times in a day do you find yourself thinking and talking about the things you want to achieve in your near future and in your life?

I bet you that you are in your old past more than in your upcoming future… yes or yes?

If you want a better future… YOU GOT TO CREATE IT… there are no shortcuts nor magic formula either.

Think more of what you want. Talk more about your desires. Get comfortable thinking and talking about what will be like and how will be like… for you.

Direct your attention towards your future… so… you create your future!

DAY 159.

Owning your freedom is owning your power.

Today’s advice,

Owning your freedom is owning your power.

The freedom to do what you want has a price.

The freedom to travel where you please has a price.

The freedom to make decisions based on what your heart desires in the moment has a price.

The freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you choose has a price.

Now, what price are you willing to pay to have freedom?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to continue building my networth because my freedom is non-negotiable.

You can pay the price of a cheap cheeseburger or the price of an angus premium cheeseburger… your choice!

You can pay the price to work for someone your entire life or you can pay the price to work for yourself and build your wealth… your choice!

When you are free to choose, you own your power!

DAY 160.

Align your Mind with your Heart for Success.

Today’s advice,

Align your Mind with your Heart for Success.

You want a bunch of things in your life, yet you are all over the place, all over the Universe with hang-ups and contradicting thoughts.

How can you possibly get what you want if one minute you say “YES” and the next minute you say “BUT”?


Make yourself understand that when you align your thoughts with your feelings,  you feel good.

Convince yourself that when your mind and your heart are in full agreement, you feel easy, excited, happy, joyful… and life feels awesome… things go your way… your business thrives… and you conquer your own world.

And, when that happens you can create a million dollar business or a billion dollars empire… you choose!

Mind + Heart = Success!

DAY 161.

Actively patiently build your Networth.

Today’s advice,

Actively patiently build your networth.

Patience is a virtue, just like commitment, just like vision, just like passion… and when it comes to building your networth, your patience will be tested many times.

Things will usually take longer to manifest in your physical world than in your mind, so be prepared to stay in the game as much as you have to.

Use time in your favor… and use time to rehatch your ideas, redesign a better strategy and trust that everything is unfolding wonderfully.

Your job is to be so happy and feel so good for the life you are creating… and for the even better experiences you will enjoy as your networth grows.

The bigger your networth, the more access you will have to bigger and better for you to enjoy.

Get used to it. Get used to giving yourself a fantastic lifestyle every single day.

DAY 162.

Margaret Thatcher: What is Success?

What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.

Margaret Thatcher.


What is your definition of success?

When will you know you have achieved the success level you envision?

What does it look like for you?

Today, answer those 3 simple questions.

DAY 163.

Steve Jobs: The hardest thing when you think about focusing.

The hardest thing when you think about focusing. You think focusing is about saying “Yes.” No. Focusing is about saying “No.” And when you say “No,” you piss off people. – Steve Jobs.

And that has to be ok for you when you are building your wealth.

Most people are barely surviving and when they see someone doing better than them, they will feel terrible about themselves… which will lead them to say things, do things and act in ways less than pleasant towards you.

Let them be. Walk away. Let them cool off.

In the meantime,

You keep doing your thing. Keep thriving. Keep looking towards your amazing future.

Create a life that makes you proud every single second… and be proud to say “NO” when you know you have to.

DAY 164.

Walt Disney:  The 4 C’s of making dreams come true.

“The four Cs of making dreams come true: Curiosity, Courage, Consistency, Confidence.” – Walt Disney.

You knew this… didn’t you?


What are you doing next to build your networth, your wealth and your life?

DAY 165.

Thomas Edison once said...

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

-Thomas A. Edison

Coming from someone who failed thousands of times and also found plenty of success with his inventions…it will be nice to model after him.

Confidence. Persistence. Passion… and Ideas worth pursuing!

Never give up! Always keep on trying, doing and trying one more time.


DAY 166.

Henry Ford: Success is...

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

– Henry Ford.

Find those people who will align with your goals and make it a purpose to work with them.

Putting together your best team is your job in order to achieve success.

 DAY 167.

Aretha Franklin: Be your own artist...

“Be your own artist, and always be confident in what you’re doing. If you’re not going to be confident, you might as well not be doing it.”

– Aretha Franklin.

When you believe in yourself you honor yourself. When you honor yourself, you show yourself that you value yourself, that you trust yourself… and that is a powerful feeling.

Basically, you empower yourself to create a life of happiness and prosperity for you and for those you will touch along the way.


DAY 168.

Abraham Hicks, the greatest gift is...

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.”

– Abraham Hicks.

Get yourself stable on the idea that being happy every day is a good thing.

Find things that make you feel happy inside.

Do things that pleases you.

Surround yourself with people that invoke your well-being.

Connect yourself with yourself, your mind and your heart in alignment… and you will be happy!

And from a stable happy place, create the kind of life that you want!

Happy and Prosperous day to you all… wherever you are in your life, in your business and in the world!


DAY 169.

Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally.  

(1 of 7.)

We live in a world where anyone can sue you for anything and have a field trip with you if you are not properly protected… So this week, we are going to learn about asset protection and protecting yourself from credit predators and their attorneys.

Since I am not a lawyer, I can not give you any legal advice… yet, Garrett Sutton can definitely guide you, teach you and advise you legally and professionally.

Garrett is a Rich Dad Advisor, a corporate attorney with 30 years of experience helping his clients protect their assets and their wealth.

I strongly invite you to listen to what Garrett has to say as you are now building your networth and your wealth.

“Start Your Own Corporation”… is a best selling book and Garrett explains it all.

Invest 30 minutes a day for the next 7 days… invest the time now so you don’t have to pay the high price later.

Click to listen:

Knowing when to choose the right entity is crucial to building your wealth… a mistake in this area can make the difference in you accomplishing your financial goal or end up working for others, like other people who feel entitled to take your wealth away from you.

Do not let that happen… You deserve to keep your money, your assets and your wealth for you and for your family.

DAY 170.

Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally.  

(2 of 7.)

When to use a C-corporation and the reasons behind it…

Not only from the legal standpoint you need to know this information, but also from the tax savings point of view.

If you choose the wrong entity, you will probably be paying the consequences and high price of taxes and less legal protection of your assets.

Continue listening to Garrett Sutton, as he explains the differences and the reasons behind them.

Click to listen:

The rich and wealthy do take the time to learn and study from other super successful people how they manage to create, keep and multiply huge fortunes… and we can do it too if we are willing to learn.

DAY 171.

Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally.   (3 of 7.)

When is an S-corporation a good idea? What happens if you lose your S-corporation status with the IRS? Can you have foreign partners owning a percentage of an S-corp?

How about taxation? How are you taxed on an S-corp?

These and many more questions Garrett Sutton explains in a simple to understand language.

Continue to listen:

Remember, the more we learn, the more we are equipped to make better decisions… and yes, maybe it is tedious to be listening to this audio-book, but if you are serious about building and creating your Wealth, you will listen to it for your own good… at the end of the day… you are only investing about 3 hours to learn what most attorneys and accountants will not teach you in detail and they will charge you several hundreds and even thousands to give you a fraction of the knowledge you can acquire here.. so, you choose!

DAY 172.

Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally.   (4 of 7.)

A Limited Liability Corporation or LLC structure for your business is very beneficial and flexible for many reasons… it is good for tax reasons… It is good to limit your exposure to creditors and potential legal problems… it is ideal when you have other partners.

However, depending on your end goal, an LLC might not be a good fit in many other scenarios.

Find out where and when an LLC is good and when it is not.

Listen and learn from Garrett Sutton, a corporate attorney, a best selling author, a Rich Dad Advisor and an expert with more than 30 years of real-world experience helping clients.

Further listen please:

I can share my own insights of what I believe and what I have done before,  yet I strongly believe that if you listen directly from Garrett,  you’ll better grasp how you can use this information to structure yourself better as you continue building your wealth and your networth.

DAY 173.

Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally.   (5 of 7.)

Dear friends… I know it is kind of boring this legal topic, yet necessary as you continue to grow your networth and your wealth.. and we are almost done for this week.

Now, when is a LP or Limited Partnership a good Idea? What is the purpose? How will it protect you?

Well. Listen to Garreett Sutton and learn… since I am not an attorney, I can’t give you any legal advice, but he can.

Pay attention and listen please: 

Confidence is a big factor to create the wealth you envision and that comes to play as you become educated on the right steps to build that wealth.

When you know which business structure is the best fit for the strategy you are working on is of a big advantage to you… you know how you will be able to raise money and bring new partners into your business without you losing control of it… and still being able to properly and legitimately protect all your partners… and that is awesome!

DAY 174.

Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally.   (6 of 7.)

What are the advantages of Wyoming and Nevada corporations?

Are they difficult to maintain? Are they a better option when it comes to privacy and asset protection?

Learn from Garrett Sutton: 

Building your wealth is your job, responsibility and your contribution to this world.

The more you contribute, the more you will help improve your life and the lives of others.

DAY 175.

Protect Your Assets & Wealth Legally.   (7 of 7.)

Today, we happily conclude the week-long training about how to protect your assets and your wealth legally.

We work hard everyday to build a big networth. We invest most of our active years looking to retire comfortably.

Yet, most people do not achieve it ever… simply because even though they work hard, they do not study how the rich protect themselves legally.

I guess, for you and for me, that never again applies… we know what needs to be done!

Closing this audio-book from Garrett Sutton will save us thousands, even millions and a nice billion of our future networth. 

Build your wealth responsibly!

See you all tomorrow to continue building our wealth!

DAY 176.

Change Your Outlook in Life!  

You wake up daily. Probably will drink some coffee. Take a shower. Maybe you exercise before.

Then, you move on to your daily routine… your business… your way to make a living and pay the bills.

Now, my question to you is: Are you fulfilled?

What is it for you that makes you immensely happy?

Please answer that question today?… Reflect on it!… Dig deep inside yourself to discover hidden emotions and desires… And allow those new found-feelings to flourish… Embrace them… And BE YOURSELF!


DAY 177.

Be Silent to Listen to Yourself!  

Today, be silent to listen to yourself!

With so much noise outside everyday, it is challenging to hear your own inner voice.

Today, take a few moments to be silent… to be by yourself… to allow your inner voice to speak to you… and literally, listen to it.

We have a guidance system that we must definitely trust… so learn to recognize it… and honor yourself by listening to yourself.

In doing that… you will gain confidence in yourself and in your thoughts, your ideas, your actions, your feelings… and that will lead you to build that amazing life you so much want.

I am doing it right now as I share this message!

I am creating the life that I truly want!… and you can do the same!

DAY 178.

Rectify Your Direction, Goals and Objectives!  

As we continue to get closer to our goals, it is important to frequently rectify our direction, our goals and our objectives.

Are you still working towards your initial goal?

Have you improved, enhanced and expanded that initial goal?

Are you currently uncomfortable with your current expanded goals?

Evaluate your feelings. Evaluate your level of fulfillment and satisfaction. Evaluate your results.

Celebrate your progress. Acknowledge where you need to improve. Continue moving forward.

Remember that you decided to join this 365 days challenge to build your wealth… and you should not negotiate with that at all… under any circumstances.

You deserve to enjoy an amazingly happy and prosperous life regardless of where you come from, your past bad experiences and all the challenges you may have already endured.

Today, rectify your direction, your goals and your objectives!

DAY 179.

Find Your Peace and Enjoy Your Life!  

Finding your peace so you can enjoy your life is absolutely elemental in your process of expansion.

I usually see super successful people in their business totally struggling in their relationship with their spouse or kids… or struggling with weight… or eating disorders… or drinking way too much… or a messy and empty sex life… and I always ask myself: What void are they trying to fulfill? What is it that they are really wanting that they are not getting, that they are not finding?

When you find your peace…

… it is not about your current weight…you’re happy with all your pounds.

… it is not about your spouse or your kids… you’re happy and in love with them.

… it is not about your bank account… you manage your finances properly even if it is a tight budget, you make it work and grow it.

… it is not about your reputation and what others say or think of you… you believe and trust yourself to make the most appropriate decisions at the moment even when others disagree.

Finding your peace… is about your alignment, your confidence, your certainty that things are going to work out for you.

Find your peace to be happy and to be prosperous every day!

DAY 180.

180 Days Of Building Wealth!  



Now, looking back for a moment, I am sure you have learned new success habits, you have fine tuned your goals, you have a purpose, you are much more focused, you are more confident about yourself, you have overcome many old patterns that kept you stuck in the past, you have achieved many small goals that build up towards your big massive goals… and you should be very proud of yourself for how far you've come… 180 days!

Now, looking forward for a moment… What does your next 180 days look like for you? How much more focused will you be? What new strategies will you be implementing? When do you expect your next big win to be? Are you happy? Is your mindset in the right place? Is your networth sustainably and consistently increasing? Are you fulfilled with how your new life is unfolding?

Take a moment to answer those questions… and make your next 180 days even better, even more productive, even more profitable, even more happier, even more healthier and even more amazing for you and all of those you touch.

DAY 181.

Recap on the 365 days CHALLENGE!  

What’s this 365 days challenge all about?

After being on it myself and a wonderful group of nearly 100 business owners and entrepreneurs… I can personally tell you that this challenge is about who you want to become… It is about exploring, discovering and expanding a better version of yourself in all areas of your life.

What we have done in the past, all our successes and failures are small compared to what we can do in a relatively short period of time when we factor in correctly our skill sets, knowledge, commitment and vision for the future.

Creating an amazing life every day is what this is all about. Being happy. Being prosperous. Being healthy. Being a good person at all times and everywhere we go with everyone we touch.

Feel free to join us and start on your own clock.

So far, I have shared content on a daily basis to help you build your business, to help you grow personally and to inspire you to build up a networth big enough that allows you and your family to become financially free in this lifetime.

I have personally chosen the real estate industry. As an investor and real estate developer, I believe that much can be created and the legacy that is left will change future generations.

What is it for you? Real Estate? Technology? Network Marketing? Crypto? Coaching?… define that for yourself and become a high Networther!

DAY 182.

Take a Day to Rest!  

Take a day to rest.

Take a day to meet with wonderful friends.

Take a day to reset.

And tomorrow,  go back and keep building your networth!

DAY 183 - 189.

Looking into your Future!  

Starting this week, we are changing the way we have shared our message… we are going to go weekly instead of daily.

We believe that so far we have shared amazing foundational information that is enough to get you started, moving forward and propel you to create a life, a business and a lifestyle that makes you jump from bed in the morning.

From now on… if you have already followed our advice… you have already chosen a niche… and you are clear on your direction to build a networth that allows you to become wealthy, financially free and totally independent to decide anything you want when it comes to your life!

We WANT YOU TO FOCUS ON BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS… less reading posts… and MORE ACTION!… In our case, we will be sharing more real estate… in your case, you decide… and we will love for you to share your thoughts in our private group, connect with other members, create new amazing relationships… Let's grow together creating amazing new connections!

DAY 190 - 196.

We are all into Real Estate!  

We are all into Real Estate regardless of what business we think we are in… yes, everything we do and interact with have ties with real estate.

I believe this is a very simple, yet very profound distinction that if we embrace it, we will realize that real estate is the most secure, enduring, stable, profitable and reliable vehicle to create your Wealth.

Real estate has existed since the beginning of civilizations..

Real estate is created every single day in every country in the world.

Real estate creates, fuels and maintains entire economies.

And regardless of your current job or business…you have real estate in your life every single day… SO WAKE UP AND USE IT TO PROPEL YOUR LIFE TO EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER HEIGHTS.

This week, I most definitely want to invite you, to inspire you to look at real estate as a component to speed up your wealth-creation strategy.

Owning your own home is fine… but owning 10 homes is a business that will give you a life of its own and it will allow you to enjoy total freedom, including financial freedom.

If you are a coach, a trainer, a singer, a barber, a lawyer, a dentist, a doctor, an optometrist,  a yoga teacher, a realtor, a mortgage broker, a massage therapist, a public speaker, a financial advisor, a fashion designer, an Airbnb owner… you can always add real estate to your networth and you will always be ahead of the game.

If you really think about it, you have always been into real estate since you were born…  didn’t you live in a house when you were a child?

I recently started thinking about that and I ended up sketching out the house where I grew up and lived in Cuba for 20 years of my life.


I want you to go back in your mind and think about the very first house you remember in your mind… walk it… retrace it… even put it in paper… and then, fast forward and think about the house you live in right now… Are you loving it?… Are you using it to create more wealth?…

If you own a home with equity, use the equity to buy more homes.

If you do not own any home now, start by thinking to become a homeowner or better yet, become a real estate investor… and build a portfolio of homes, rent them out and build that nest egg.

It is possible. It is doable. It is absolutely worth it.

To start your real estate investor journey… first think and define your real estate investing criteria… define what kind of investor you want to be.

Once you have the criteria in place… start taking actions that further solidify your new intentions.

Be willing to educate yourself into real estate. Find yourself a mentor who can help you. Study other successful real estate investors.

And stay in the game for the rest of your life… real estate is a lifetime journey!

In my case, I decided to build new homes and collaborate with other investors that will be happy to do business with me… real estate is a wonderful and exciting business!

I wish you an amazing week exploring any and all real estate opportunities that come to you… remember that you are building  your networth and real estate will help do that!

Do it by doing it!

After all, we are all into real estate! Don’t we?

DAY 197 - 203.

Supercharge your Success by becoming SuperNatural.  

This week, as we continue to build, create and expand our networth and our wealth, I want to share a piece of material that will help you supercharge your success and it will help you become super natural… It is an audiobook by Dr. JOE DISPENZA.

I have personally taken the time to listen and learn from his amazing work… and the result is mind blowing for me.

I have finally understood the main reason why I have repeated the same mistakes so many times, at different levels… It all boils down to my childhood.

Since I am most interested in creating a new future for myself, I decided to dedicate time from my daily schedule to learn how I could help myself become even better, even more successful.

Everyone is very busy, but seriously, you can’t use that as an excuse to make yourself a better version of yourself… and consequently, create a better life for yourself and those you love.


That’s all it takes… you’ll be glad you did.

One across-the-board Oscar-kind-of-Performance I see people do is to pretend that everything is fine in their lives, that they know all they need to know and then they don’t need anything from anyone… and certainly, it is all a huge lie… we all need improvement… we all need help in specific areas of our lives… we all need to unlearn old habits and relearn new habits.

This week, I strongly invite you to start a new path to your emotional recovery at a deeper level.

Once you go through this material, you’ll enjoy much heart and mind coherent… and that will help you in your networth building challenge.

I trust you will enjoy it! … Click to link to start listening now:

See you all next week!

Keep moving forward.

Keep making yourself supernatural.

DAY 204 - 210.

Thanksgiving week, a time to be grateful.

This week, we will be celebrating here in America the Thanksgiving holiday. Yet, regardless of where you are in the world… regardless of your religious background… regardless of your ethnicity and regardless of where you’re in your life… take this week to reflect on all the things, all the people, all the events, all the challenges, all the lessons, all the accomplishments… that you have experienced since we started our journey together of building our networth and our wealth.

I strongly believe that we all agree on how blessed we all are!

I am most appreciative of everyone in our group for showing up and stayed connected.

I have noticed that many of you, myself included, have changed and expanded beyond what maybe we thought possible before we joined.

And, I want to make clear that I do not claim at all that the changes you’ve made are because of the group… the changes you’ve made are because you have changed. You have evolved as a person, as an individual, as a human being. You get all the credit. I only get to witness the manifested results after you’ve done all the work yourself.

I absolutely love to see changes like:

Being happy about life itself.

Flying on private jets around the world.

Starting your own private and mentoring groups.

Becoming a published author.

Moving to a new home.

Attending personal development events.

Opening your own online stores.

Caring more for your clients.

Working out your challenges in your love life.

Divorcing a partner who did not appreciate you.

Having a better relationship with your kids.

Embracing the possibility to have money and be happy at the same time.

Setting up a new office.

Buying cashflowing assets.

Enjoying your ideal weight

Make time to meet with friends and empower each other positively.

Sharing more inspirational messages in your social media.

Feeling good about yourself daily.

And the list goes on…

This week, take inventory of all the blessings that surround you… and simply say: THANK YOU!

DAY 211 - 217.

How to Change Yourself.

This week, I want to inspire you to further advance in your self development and self awareness by sharing with you this really good material from Dr. JOE DISPENZA.

Maybe you find yourself stuck in some areas of your life and you really wish to feel relieved, renewed and refreshed with a new feeling of vitality within you that propels you to do more, to be more and to love more.

You got to CHANGE YOU!

But, how do you do that? How do you stop being you and still be you? How do you break the habit of being yourself?

Allow this week to show you the path to achieve a higher level of self development by learning from an expert.

Here is the link:

Enjoy the process of learning how to effectively, sustainably and successfully change yourself while you build your networth and your wealth!

See you next week!

DAY 218 - 224.

Who are You with Money?

This week, I want to bring you to a moment of reflection about who you are with money.

Yes. Who are you really? Who are you as a rich person? Who are you as a wealthy person?

Are you kind?

Are you a snob?

Are you funny?

Are you authoritarian?

Are you conceited?

Are you nurturing?

Are you abundant?

Are you fair?

Are you compassionate?

Are you respectful?

Are you grateful?

Who are you with money???

Building wealth is not only about money. Building wealth is more about who you are becoming in the process.

The way you treat people who are close to you should give you a good idea of what kind of individual you are.

And honestly, if you are not happy now with who you are… then, make the decision and the commitment to change those aspects of yourself that no longer match with the new YOU… the new YOU with money.

Always be mindful of the words you choose when asking for services… remember that you are always talking to other people and that they deserve your utmost respect at all times.

Always be impeccable with your words, your actions and your behavior.

Become that person with money and wealth that people will love to be around, simply because they are nice to other people.

Now, answer this question:

Who are You with Money?

… See you next week!

DAY 225 - 231.

Consistently Different Approach to Life.

I often hear people saying how bored they are with their lives, how monotonous their relationships are. These same people usually have very bad habits of doing things over and over again that do not bring them any joy, any pleasure, any satisfaction or fulfillment for that matter… and those same people are not per se successful because they do not keep up with what it takes to succeed in their lives and in their business.

My point this week is to share that if you are one of those people or know someone like what I just described… maybe, just maybe, you can share and apply this simple concept or approach: CONSISTENTLY DIFFERENT.

I am someone that gets bored very easily and very quickly… and because of it, I am always looking for new excitement, a new experience. However, when it comes to business we must have a niche, be focused and do it consistently for some time… so, how to reconcile those two points of view… how to stay consistent with our actions and at the same time be excited?


You do not have to be changing business models all the time. You do not need to be jumping from network marketing to crypto to real estate to coaching to insurance to wall street.

Simply do different activities in a way to aligns with the end-result you want to achieve in a consistent way.

For example, in my case, I talk to agents and sellers about buying their vacant lot. I go to my closings in person. I hire my subcontractors. I love tracking my construction progress. I stay on top of my finances… in other words, I keep myself always doing something different, yet totally related and in alignment with the results I am pursuing… that keeps me entertained, excited and I never get bored.

Try this approach in your business. Try this approach in your life.

Building up your networth can turn a bit boring when you are doing it for some time, but if you quit, you’ll never achieve the lifestyle that you want… so quitting is not an option.

Instead, apply a fun way to keep yourself effortlessly motivated on a consistent basis… be consistently different!

See you next week!

DAY 232 - 238.

The Best Gift to Yourself.

If you joined our wealth-building challenge since the beginning, we are in our Christmas week… and most people are buying gifts all over the world to give to others… that is a noble act… that is an act of love, kindness and gratitude.

But, what are you gifting yourself this holiday season that will make you remember you forever?

Here are some awesome gift ideas for you:

  1. The gift of waking up sober from now on.
  2. The gift of committing to build your dreams.
  3. The gift of learning new skills so your life becomes even better.
  4. The gift of coming clean to your relationship and working out any disagreements respectfully.
  5. The gift of investing in real assets like real estate.
  6. The gift of a good night's sleep.
  7. The gift of meeting new people who will love to be part of your dream.
  8. The gift of inner integrity by being very clear about what you want.
  9. The gift of loving yourself.
  10. The gift of feeling-good every day as a new standard.

As a bonus…

The gift of believing in yourself unconditionally.

Give the best present ever by being present and Be the real present.

See you next week!

DAY 239 - 245.

Closing Cycles.

As we approach the end of the year, it will be nice to take inventory of how much we all have accomplished this year.

Awareness of our small and big successes are important for us to recognize how much greatness we all have inside.

Closing cycles is a good way to leave behind what didn’t work… Correct and Continue… and move forward to dream bigger, execute bigger, build bigger.

What if… starting next week, you COMMIT TO PLAY EVEN BIGGER?

This is the perfect timing to reassess your goals.

Go back since you started and joined our challenge to build wealth… keep doing your affirmations.

Jot down your new updated goals.

Celebrate your wins… and COMMIT to give to yourself and your family the best life possible.

You deserve it.

I deserve it.

We all deserve it.

We will continue to commit and re-commit to our success and to help all of you that want our mentorship, especially, if you are interested in building wealth through real estate.

Happy New Year!

And… See you next week!

DAY 246 - 252.


After so many weeks into this challenge, many of you will derail, will stop showing up, will find new excuses, will come up with new doubts and fears to stop yourself from moving forward… and you will do that because you are afraid of the unkown… you are afraid of what you look like as a successful person, a wealthy person.

So, it is easier and more comfortable to stay in the known, comfortable and familiar realm that you have been until now.

This week, examine your COMMITMENT level to continue building your wealth, your networth and the life you want.

If you can’t commit, you can’t accomplish your goals.

If you can’t commit, you are wasting your time miserably.

If you can’t commit, you can’t evolve as a person in a world that pushes you to make adjustments.

Instead of having new years resolutions… make COMMITMENTS.

Commit to be healthy.

Commit to build wealth.

Commit to nurture better relationships.

Commit to enjoying happy days.

Now, commitment requires that you have discipline… and discipline leads you to be consistent with your actions… which in terms will catapult you to mastery.

Master your own game… and dare to become really happy and really wealthy.

See you next week!

DAY 253 - 259.

Confusion Strategy.

Have you ever felt confused? Have you felt like you don’t know which way to go?

… in your life.

… in your love relationship.

… in your career or business.

We all have felt very confused at one point or another.

Then, what?

Being confused can be of great value… When we are confused, we are most likely not to make any decisions on the spot… and that time-delay can very well be exactly what we need in order to bring our life into order, alignment and peace.

Being confused allows us to work deeper, more focusedly into trying to sort out our best outcome… and that has a lot of value.

On the positive side of things, we can use our confused state to discern new possibilities,  to craft new outcomes, to find new alternatives.

So, the next time you feel confused, remember this reading… and open your mind to new solutions.

Your best life is already queued up for you… allow it… embrace it… and live it!

All we need to figure out is our next immediate step,  not 20 steps, just one step, then the next and before we know it, there we go towards what we truly want.

Trust yourself. Trust your inner-wisdom.

Continue to build your wealth. Continue building your networth. Do it until you know you don’t have to work a day for the rest of your life… and then, do some more!

See you next week!

DAY 260 - 265.

Focus. Simplify. Amplify.

As we enter the last 100 days of our 365 days challenge to build wealth, I wanted to touch upon a 3 steps strategy to help you win your race.

In my book, “A Millionaire’s Approach”, chapter 26, explains this process or strategy very much in detail.

FOCUS… all your attention, your energy, your activities, your thoughts, your productive hours in ONLY ONE GOAL.

SIMPLIFY… all your steps, your processes, your activities, your thinking… make things really really really simple and easy.

AMPLIFY… when you are focused, when it is easy and simple… you are ready to pick up speed, increase your frequency, make more phone calls,  close more deals, earn more money and ultimately, build more wealth at a faster pace.

Do not underestimate this upcoming 100 days.

This is the time to do more, to focus more and to believe in YOU even more than ever before.

Do the work.

Let the results speak for themselves.

This is the time to give all you got in order to transform your life forever for the better.

Don’t waste any time dwelling on what you have done or not… use this time to do, to create, to execute and to see the wonderful results you are capable of creating.

You are awesome! … See you tomorrow!

DAY 266.

Rebuild Yourself.

We can always rebuild our networth, our wealth, our cashflow, our businesses, our connections, our clients, our investors, our relationships, our vision.

We will make mistakes, yet, nothing we can’t fix along the way.

If you make a mistake, correct and continue, but never quit! Never!

If you get to understand this and believe this message to your core cellular level, you will never entertain fear and doubts again… and you’ll get really focused to rebuild yourself, regardless of where you think you are right now.

Receive more advice tomorrow!

DAY 267.

My Reputation.

Both in business and in life, most people are always worried about their reputation.

What will people think of me? What will people say about me?

The truth… is … that you can not control what others might say about you… whether it is true or false… so become immune and build a thick skin.

If you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, you already have 5,000 different reputations… and none of them is something you can control.

Be OK with being just you. Do your best. Have good intentions. Be a good person regardless of any outcome.

Your real reputation is how YOU see yourself… and that is what you should care about. Period.

You will make mistakes and people will waste no time to crush you… but, that is none of your business… it is only their opinion of you based on their narrow understanding of who they think you really are.

Free yourself up now… and keep moving forward with your head up high building your networth, your wealth and be a happy human being.

You don’t live out of your reputation. You live out of your cashflow, your assets, your networth and your wealth.


Stop romanticizing with the idea of being liked by everyone… it doesn’t work!

Get real. Grow up and behave like a grown up man or a grown up woman.

 Receive more advice tomorrow!

DAY 268.


As you build wealth, one of the topics you’ll definitely explore is PRIVACY.

How private do you want to be? What are you willing to share publicly or not?

You better be aware that whatever you share in any social media is totally public and it can be used against you by anyone.

If you’re constantly sharing where you go, what you do,  who you are with, where you live, where you travel, which stores you shop… know that now your life is public… and even though sharing it can be fun… at the same time, you are also exposing yourself to crazy people that might be envious of your success and your wealth… and those people could put you and your family at risk of feeling unsafe.

Most celebrities feel that way, very unsafe and they lack many aspects of their privacy. They can’t enjoy a simple walk at a park, going to CVS to buy aspirin or even vacation in complete privacy without a praying eye looking at them and then sharing further to make a buck.

Do you want that for you?

The answer is yours. There’s no right or wrong here… it is simply what you choose for you.

Be aware. Be present. Be mindful of your safety and privacy.

People outside your circle don’t need to know every step you take, especially if you are not pursuing fame or public recognition.

You are better off with your wealth and be able to enjoy it at your leisure, in privacy and in a safe environment.

You choose!

Receive more advice tomorrow!

DAY 269.

Your Friends.

As your networth changes and you continue to build wealth, chances are that your so-called-friends will also change.

Don’t feel bad for them.  Don’t compromise your feeling-good and successful state for friends that are not doing the work you are willing to do.

If you find yourself always paying the bill when you go out with your friends, it’s time to renew your friends.

If you can’t really talk about your dreams and their dreams and what you’re all excited to achieve in the near future, it’s time to renew your friends.

If you realize that your friends are more interested in indulging in alcohol, drugs, group sex, gossiping and negative conversations, it’s urgent that you exit that circle immediately.

It is up to you to make a decision!

Your true friends will celebrate your success. They will inspire you to do more and do better. They will support you in case you need it without questioning why you need the help.

Usually, those good friends are very few and very select ones… and that’s just fine!

You choose to keep your friends or renew your circle.

People usually say that it is lonely at the top… but, those who say it are those that have never been there… At the top, there is more space, the oxygen is cleaner, is where the super achievers hang out, is the place where you breathe success at many levels… because all of those who are at the top have put the work, the sweat, the energy, the sacrifice, the work ethics, the consistency, the persistence and they have showed up 100%.

Now, you decide where you want to be and with which friends you want to hang out.

Receive more advice tomorrow!

DAY 270.

Talk less, Think more!

Talk less…Think more… It is a simple, yet very profound piece of advice I was given by a mentor 20 years ago.

Think more about your future.

Think more about what you want in your life.

Think more about your family.

Think more about your retirement money.

Think more about your current lifestyle.

Think more about your health.

Think more about your relationship with your spouse and kids.

Think more about your networth.

Think more about your happiness.


Go thinking…


Receive more advice tomorrow!

DAY 271.

YES or NO… which one you prefer!

Every day we all have a chance to grab opportunities, create opportunities and embrace opportunities.

We choose to say “YES” or “NO” to all we encounter each day.

Building your networth is no different… We still choose what we create.

Say YES to happiness, prosperity, good health and all the good things the Universe has to offer.

Saying NO is against our birth given right to enjoy a good life.

Embrace good things every day

Receive more advice tomorrow…

DAY 272.

Build a Bigger Income.

Commit to Build a Bigger Income… that’s the target you must reach in order to get out of survival-mode and shift into living-mode, creation-mode, asset-mode.

Most people spend more time trying to reduce their liabilities than creating more money.

Most people spend more time trying to cut here and cut there to make it seem like money lasts longer.

Most people do not take any time thinking how to create more income, more cashflow… and that keeps them years, even decades, in the same rat race.

Change your mindset now that you’re reading this…

Be more practical and admit to yourself that INCOME is what you need more of.

With more income, you can make faster decisions, easier decisions, grow your networth easier and faster… and enjoy a better lifestyle.

What are you doing this year to make more money?

I will stick with Real Estate… How about you?

That’s it!

This is my advice for today… get more mentoring tomorrow…

DAY 273.

The Price of your Networth.

Have you ever heard the expression: “the cost of doing business”… ??? … I personally use it very frequently… because in business and in life we are always paying a price for everything we do.

What price are you willing to pay as you continue building your networth?

What will it take for you and from you to keep building a bigger networth?

My advice today is,

Be willing to put in the work, the hours, the research needed, the necessary corrections, the mindset adjustments.

Think about this for a moment: when you go to an expensive restaurant, do you question or bargain the price of the ribeye steak you want to enjoy? … you probably won’t… so you’ll pay it because you wanted that steak so much… and when you finally eat, you are happy and satisfied… right?!

Well, the same goes for building up your networth.

Be willing to pay the price… pay now, so you can enjoy the rewards for the rest of your life.

It is much better and easier living in abundance and prosperity than living in poverty, worry and fears.

Do what you must now!

Learn. Study. Apply. Correct. Execute. Test. Analyze. Do it again and again.

Remember, all successful people paid their own price to achieve what they wanted… The same rule applies to me and you.

Maybe you’ll have to put in many hours a week. Maybe you’ll have to make hundreds of phone calls. Maybe you’ll have to schedule dozens of meetings.

So what… do it… at the end, you’ll enjoy the benefits, the rewards and a wonderful life!

See you all tomorrow!

DAY 274.

Play Offense vs. Defense.

Go for it… Follow your dreams… Play to win… and play just as if your own life would depend on you winning.

PLAY OFFENSE so you win!

Stop defending your lack of focus, your lack of consistency and your sucky performance.

Playing defense does not help you win big… your safety net can make you suffer for years… so let it go… and choose to play full out.

More advice tomorrow!

DAY 275.

90 Days Closer to Completion.

Are you excited to get to completion? Are you enthusiastic, happy and proud of what you’ve been able to achieve in only 1 year of your life?

I am. And I trust you’re too!


Take time to recap on what you’ve done right… What has worked for you in the last 275 days… what you are doing more of… and also acknowledge the corrections you’ve made during this period and the corrections you are about to make for the next 90 days.

If you have followed since the beginning,  you must have a clear plan, a specific goal that you’re working towards achieving.

Maybe you have already surpassed your initial goal. Maybe you have reconfigured your initial goal a thousand times… and that’s just fine.

We are here on this earth living our own experiences and we have the autonomy to create it the way we want to play out.

Be happy. Be joyful. Be prosperous. Be healthy. Be the very best you want to be… it is all up to you!


Now, let’s go back to our goals and let’s give it all… let’s win this challenge by building our networth in a way we never thought possible.

Make yourself proud of the person you are becoming as a result of joining this challenge.

Prove to yourself what you are made of, what you’re capable of creating and how frickin awesome you are.

More advice tomorrow!

DAY 276.

Healthy Changes are Always Needed.

Week 41… Day 276 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 89 more days to go!

Building your networth will require from you extra attention to changes around you and changes you are consciously creating.

Healthy changes are needed in every area of your life ongoingly.

Today, take into account what changes you need to make,

… in your relationship with your spouse.

… in your relationship with your kids if you are a parent.

… in your daily activities.

… in your exercise routine to keep yourself in good, perfect health.

… in your connection with your local community.

… in your business.

… in yourself, especially your mindset.

Embrace those changes and embrace the new you.

Look into the future and learn to love your new life with those healthy changes.

The bigger your networth gets, the more you’ll create new changes… and that’s part of the growth… so own it! More advice tomorrow!

DAY 277.

Results win over Opinions.

Week 41… Day 277 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 88 more days to go!

Your results will always speak louder than anyone’s opinion… so… do not waste any time explaining yourself… or justifying your actions… or trying to convince people to agree with you as to why you do what you do.

Successful people get things done in their own timeline.

Successful people find solutions.

Successful people focus on results… because without results you can not exist.


What results have you created today?

What is the outcome you’re looking to achieve?

Paint a good picture of your success… make it a Bob Ross creation.

Answer those two questions now and receive more advice tomorrow!

DAY 278.

Circle of Excellence.

Week 41… Day 278 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 87 more days to go!

CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE…wow… What a wonderful phrase!

Today, I was talking with a dear friend, client and investor when she mentioned those words… immediately I reacted to it with a smile on my face.

It inspired me to share with you all that this is exactly what we must create in order to achieve bigger goals, both in life and in business.

How are you creating a circle of excellence in your life today?

Think about…












Dive deep in your answers and dare to play big!

More advice tomorrow!

DAY 279.

Living Inflation-less.

Week 41… Day 279 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 86 more days to go!

Do you listen to people talking about the exorbitant price increase of gas, plantains, meat, medicines, real estate, etc?

Well, those people are mainly the same people who maybe have a 401k for retirement and live paycheck to paycheck… or… they own a small business… or inherited some money. Yet they are far from really thinking through the real outcome of what their lives look like in their retirement years.

They have failed to learn, study and apply a strategy about money that shields them from living in fear, in worry and in constant stress to run out of money.

Are you one of those people?

Were you one of those people?

I was one of them many years ago. I was in my late 20th when I first thought about this topic.

I had to provide for my 2 kids, myself and my wife. My parents were not rich at all… and neither were my in-laws. So, I only had me and Vianca to figure it out.

Then, I learned what I needed to do in order to enjoy my life with peace of mind and become financially safe regardless of what INFLATION looks like.

That’s why building your networth is so important.

A high networth allows you to weather any financial storm that might come in the future… including that future when you are no longer in the capacity to work.

That’s why owning income-producing assets is a very clever idea.

Today, go deeper to establish a networth worth for you and your family that you know that once you achieve it, you’ll never worry about money, retirement or financial safety again.

Work on a 5 years plan… Stick to it like your life depends on it.

We can not control the economy, the stock market, the real estate market, the price of items at the supermarket, the price of gas, etc… but, we can control our actions and decisions to create a solid financial foundation for the years to come.

A couple of hundred thousand dollars in the bank or in your home equity are not enough for you to relax and think all your finances are good.

Prices will continue to increase regardless who is in power.

People are living longer.

Health care costs keep increasing.

We must factor all those components into our scenario.

How much money will I need to live well and comfortably for the rest of my life?

I believe everyone should be thinking about becoming a millionaire because even at a million dollars still might not be enough.

Increase your assets. Increase your income. Increase your cashflow.

And, problem solved! No more money worries.

See you tomorrow once again with more business advice!

DAY 280.

Exercise your Gratefulness.

Week 41… Day 280 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 85 more days to go!

It is simple, easy and very fulfilling advice that I will share today: EXERCISE YOUR GRATEFULNESS EVERY DAY!

As I walked today for about one hour, I came across this bunny… he stopped and watched what my reaction was… I stopped to watch his reaction as well.

We both acknowledged each other's presence.

We both respected each other's spaces.

We both stayed present for the time we were interacting with each other.

Maybe… just maybe… we should do more of that more often in our daily business practices:

Being grateful to everyone and for everything that comes into our awareness is a very healthy way to expand our networth.

Be grateful to your clients, your vendors, your associates, your banker, your lawyers, your accountant, your advisors, your mentors.

Be grateful for your wellness, your happiness and your prosperity!

Tomorrow is another day… get ready to make it amazing!… See you all tomorrow with more business advice!

DAY 281.

WHY do you want to build up your networth?

Week 42… Day 281 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 84 more days to go!

Asking deep questions that we have no option but to answer will help us connect deeper with ourselves.

People lie all the time… we all lie for different reasons, but one big reason is because we don’t want others to think bad about us… yet, we can’t control what others think… and neither should we care… so it’s complicated… Yet, we must focus on ourselves if we truly want to create a life we totally love.


Answer this question:


Be specific. Go deep. What will be your biggest pay off? What are the benefits? How will your life change day-to-day?

See you tomorrow with another question you must answer.

DAY 282.

WHY are you on Social Media?

Week 42… Day 282 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 83 more days to go!

Today’s question is very simple:

WHY do you spend endless hours every week on social media wasting your time while you could be learning new skills and making more money?

It’s easy to fall in the distraction of engaging in social media… for many it’s a chronic habit at this point.

Meanwhile, you could be using that time and energy to create a wealthy, abundant and happier lifestyle that you and your family will enjoy and appreciate.

Being poor sucks.

Being limited with money sucks.

Being stressed out about how you’re going to retire is overwhelming.

Answer the question at the beginning… and if you find that you do not have a real reason to be on social media… then quit it or reduce time-spent… redirect that time and that energy to create the networth that you want.

By the way, I am not against using social media to promote yourself, your services and products.

Using social media the right way may help you attract new leads,  more clients and help you grow your networth… but you have to use it for those purposes.

If you use social media just for entertainment… that’s where you’re wasting your time miserably.

More tomorrow…

DAY 283.

WHY are you so obsessed?

Week 42… Day 283 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 82 more days to go!

Yes, why are you so obsessed?... If you look into your life you have one, two or more obsessions that totally kick your own butt.


Are these obsessions making you wealthy?

For the most part… NOOOOOOOOOO.

Your obsession for food, smoking, alcohol, procrastination, kids, pets, old parents, sickness, drugs, pills, sex, mediocrity, recognition, poverty, wines, ego, approvals, opinions, likes and…  you can fill-in the rest…

Everyone has an obsession… but, is it making you wealthy?

If it’s not… quit it.

If it is… you have figured out what most people haven’t.


Commit to quit unhealthy obsessions.

Commit to craft a healthy path.

Awareness can make the whole difference. Sometimes we do things that hurt us, yet we still do them… but once we realize it, we can correct it and create better.

Quit your unhealthy obsessions.

Correct. Continue building your networth.

See you tomorrow…

DAY 284.

WHY do you let people take advantage of you?

Week 42… Day 284 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 81 more days to go!

Yes, why do you let people take advantage of you?

… because deep inside, you want people to like you, accept you and love you… so you compromise your own integrity in a FALSE EXCHANGE for their approval.

And that has to do with your own self-worth.

When you learn how to hold your posture, your value… you’ll find the way to negotiate, agree and come to agreements in a way that you will not compromise your inner-integrity.

You will always find win-win scenarios.

You will come up with innovative solutions where all parties are happy with the end result.

Letting people use you, abuse you or mistreat you is more about you than about them.

When you know your value, you will put people in their place respectfully.

Playing the victim is not a strategy.

Blaming others is not a solution.

Owning your power is the best you can do for yourself and for others.

Holding your power puts you in the driver seat… you decide… you take responsibility…you feel good about yourself… and in building your networth, you must step into your power one hundred percent. See you tomorrow…

DAY 285.

WHY are you taking advice from people who aren’t doing it?

Week 42… Day 285 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 80 more days to go!

It’s easy to say things like you know what you’re talking about… when in reality, it’s your own opinion… and your opinion is not a fact…even less if you haven’t done it.


People do it all the time.

Better yet,

You tend to believe someone’s advice just because you think they know and you trust them because you like them so you think it is good advice what you’re receiving when in reality it is not good business advice at all.

Big mistake!

Believe those who are doing it.

Believe those who have done it.

Believe those who are taking the risks.

Believe those who tell you based on own-experiences, not opinions.

Building up your networth is not a joke.

Building up your networth is a serious topic that will determine the quality of your life for the rest of your life… so the more focused you’re the better it will turn out.

Go back… and review what your number is… what is your networth value you’re looking forward to achieving… STAY FOCUSED UNTIL YOU ACHIEVE IT!

See you tomorrow…

DAY 286.

WHY be Wealthy?

Week 42… Day 286 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 79 more days to go!

Being wealthy allows you to live a life of absolute pure possibilities… be… do… have… everything you want!

Being wealthy is to have more opportunities available to you in almost every aspect.. it’s having freedom… it’s having options.

If you’re like me and most people you know and you do not come from a wealthy family, it will be a challenge to accept that you deserve to be wealthy.

You will sabotage your success… and you’ll take less than you deserve… just because having too much money is totally unfamiliar to you.

Way before I hit my first million in real estate by age 33, I did endless hours of studying success and studying successful people.

Practice the feeling, the thought of being wealthy.

Play with the idea of you and 1 million dollars… what will you do with a million dollars today?

Will you invest in it?

Will you spend it?

Grab paper and pen… and write down exactly how you will use a million dollars today. Have fun… See you tomorrow…

DAY 287.

WHY are you still clinging to poverty?

Week 42… Day 287 of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth! … 78 more days to go!

Yes, I repeat the question again: Why are you still clinging to poverty? Why do you continue to perpetuate something that doesn’t help anyone in any way?

“No, I don’t!”... I am sure you have already answered in your head what you want to hear to justify your shortcomings.

But, you are…

As long as you continue working for minimal wages, working for someone,  trading your time for a paycheck, thinking small, not learning about money, wealth and investing… you’re clinging to poverty and mediocrity.

How many more generations to come in your family should suffer because you chose to live in poverty?

Today, more than ever I meet attorneys, accountants, engineers and professionals with Master degrees living in poverty after earning more than six figures a year and have no investments, no real estate, no real assets, no cashflow… only liabilities.

They have stress, worries, anxieties and no clue as to how to un-do the financial treadmill in which they operate every single day.

Be the one who changes your future generations and become wealthy, become rich, become a lifelong student of money… how to create it, keep it, manage it, grow it and pass it on to those you truly care about.

Be the one who… creates more jobs… moves economies… help those in need… build new businesses in the community…

We all can do it… yet, only a few really commit to do whatever it takes.

Are you one of them?

Do you have the courage to become really wealthy in this lifetime?

May today be the glorious day that you say “YES”.

That’s why building up your networth is so critical… because only when you give your very best, you’re in a position to give to others… and make a real impact in humanity.

Enjoy this beautiful day dear networthers!

DAY 288 - 294.

FAKE: Fake Money. Fake Teachers. Fake Assets.

Week 43…

Day 288 – 294… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

This week is about learning from a great teacher: Robert Kiyosaki… learn about our economy, inflation, money, wealth and why learning from him?… because he is a real teacher who owns over 6,000 homes, a couple of hotels and golf courses… and uses debt to become rich.

I trust you will listen to this amazing material from Robert.

Here is the link:

FAKE: Fake Money. Fake Teachers. Fake Assets.

If you’re as committed as I am to building up your networth, you’ll find the time and study this wonderful content.

Enjoy listening and learning… and I see next week!

DAY 295 - 301.

What is your biggest fear in life?

Week 44…

Day 295 – 301… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

64 more days to go!

The only request I have from you this week is that you truly, honestly and openly answer this question:

What is your biggest fear in your life?

It might sound silly. It might look stupid. It will probably feel awe.

Yet… will you answer this question?


Will you avoid it… justify it… criticize it… ignore it… or even roll your eyes?

Answer it!

Once you do… you’ll no longer, ever, be afraid of facing your own fears… better yet, your biggest fear.

You’ll be empowered.

You’ll be happy you did.

Move on…

Carry on… Keep building your networth. See next week!

DAY 302 - 308.

My Takeaway on EXPANSION.

Week 45…

Day 302 – 308… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Since you joined this 365 days challenge, how many times have you found yourself thinking how much growth and expansion you have endured?

We either expand or contract.

If we contract, we are operating from fear and doubts.

If we expand, we are definitely walking in alignment to reach bigger and better.

At times, it is difficult to have that courage to just jump, but we must do it if we want to change some aspects of our lives… especially the money aspect.

With so much happening in the economy, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the uncertainty of what could possibly happen… think in terms of what will be your best life even in times of extreme chaos and challenges.

Live without regrets.

Love your life.

Commit to continue building your networth… the more resources you have available to you, the more options you have… and the more you can help yourself and others.

There will be many things we can’t control… but there many others we can definitely change.

Keep dreaming.

Keep building.

Keep doing your greatest work in your own world!

Nobody is going to do it for you.

Nobody will spoon-feed you.

Nobody will carry you forever.

Only you!

See you next week!

DAY 309 - 315.

Rampage to Create a Wonderful Life.

Week 46…

Day 309 – 315… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

This week, we want to invite you to do rampages of creation.

What’s that? You must be asking.

As Vianca and I drove back home this afternoon, we started a conversation about the things we wanted in the near future.

We ended up doing about one hour of ongoing fine-tuning about all the things that matter to each one of us.

It was fun. We laughed. We solidified what was really important. We saw different ways to get it done. We amplified our vision. We created a new momentum about how it will feel when we do it. We have it, we eat it, we drink it, we wear it, we fly it, we smell it, we own it, we drive it, we share it, we gift it.

It was like a game. Yet, it felt real. It felt easy. It felt doable. It felt wonderful. It felt joyful.

We invite you to do the same… create your own rampage of creation to your own wonderful life.

As we approach the last weeks to our 365 days challenge to create wealth, it is critical that we fine-tune even more what we want.

Study. Revise. Visualize… Your processes. Your projections. Your goals. Your skills. Your numbers.

Building wealth requires continuous and ongoing study.

This is only the beginning of what is possible for you, for me and for all we will touch along the way.

See you all next week!

DAY 316 - 322.

Does Size Matters?

Week 47…

Day 316 – 322… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Does size matter? … ask a woman.

Does size matter? … ask a man.

Size does matter… the size of your business matters and also the size of your ticket items.

Building a business is a lot of work and so is working for a salary or small commissions.

Today, I want to inspire you to pay attention to the size of your time versus money… the price you get for your time and your biggest product or service.

Thinking small is not by any means any better than thinking big… having a big ticket item and getting paid big bucks every time is always better!

I take the big ticket item every time.

It takes the same effort with less work and a bigger pay out to do a small ticket item than a big ticket item… the difference is the skills required to accomplish it and the rewards.

Scaling your business is about your ability to design a plan, a strategy that allows you to get more results with less effort, less time and less headaches.

Today, think very seriously about how you can scale your business at least 10 times… and what will that do for you.

How scaling your business 10X will change your life forever?

Get out of survival-mode.

Get into thriving-mode, success-mode, and happy-mode.

Do you have a big ticket item that allows you to jump from survival-mode to thriving-mode?

If not… create it now.

Working for a small salary, small commissions, small dividends do not help you achieve the level of financial freedom that you seek.

A big ticket-item gives you freedom and space to create more of the same… don’t work more hours… let your big ticket item do the leverage for you so you can enjoy life the way you want.

The bigger the ticket item, the faster and easier you will build your income, your cash flow, your networth and your wealth!

More next week!

DAY 323 - 329.

Are you Scrolling through Wealth?


Week 48…

Day 323 – 329… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Are you scrolling through wealth?

Nowadays, it is easy to just scroll on your social media feed when you are not too interested… when you get bored… when you don’t relate… and life goes on… and you do it several times a day with no significant changes at all.

Are you doing the same with your wealth without even noticing your own behavior, your habits and your actions?

Since we launched this 365 days challenge to build wealth, one of the conclusions I have arrived at is that most people say that they want to be rich or wealthy, yet very easily they do everything that is in opposition to achieving such a goal.

One year. 365 days. To a better life.

Take inventory of the positive changes you’ve already made since we started.

Have you increased your income?

Have you increased your assets?

Have you eliminated or reduced your personal debts?

Have you started a new business?

Have you put a stop to acting like a victim?

Have you upgraded your mindset to achieve success?

Have you expanded on your original goal since we started?

What exactly have you done? … The answer is all yours!

Now what…

Then what…

Have you been just scrolling through life?

… or…

Have you seriously been focused on carrying out your goal to build wealth, your networth and your assets so you enjoy the life that you truly deserve?

What is your own conclusion?

You can keep scrolling or you can change the course of your daily thoughts, habits and actions.

Let’s meet again next week!

DAY 330 - 336.

REVIEW success.


Week 49…

Day 330 – 336… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

If you go back to the Table of Content since we started this challenge, one word that pops up very often is REVIEW.

It is not enough to just write your goals once… you also must review them often,  frequently and every so often.

What’s going on after 30 days, 60 days, 180 days?

What needs to be updated?

What needs to be adjusted?

This week… REVIEW…


Review yourself… Period.

Review the content you have enjoyed so far since we started… There are lots of golden nuggets to review!

You are building up your future… and that entails everything that has to do with you.

You might be pleasantly surprised to come into awareness of how much you have changed in only a few months.

Have the courage to change whatever is necessary.

Keep moving forward.

There is no magic to create success, only commitment, discipline and a clear laser-focused plan that once you carry it out, you will find total and absolute satisfaction… you will know you’re happily walking on the life you intended for yourself.

See you again next week!

DAY 337 - 343.

Bringing Business and Pleasure Together.


Week 50…

Day 337 – 343… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

This week, I wish to share a small fragment from one of the Abraham Hicks seminars:

[[[ … As you practice your more positive, better-feeling story, in time your pleasure will become the dominant vibration within you, and then as you couple your pleasure with your means of earning, the two will blend perfectly and enhance each other.

There is no better way to earn money than to do the things that you love to do. Money can flow into your experience through endless avenues. It is not the choice of the craft that limits the money that flows—but only your attitude toward money.

Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08

Our Love,


(and Abraham and Jerry)… ]]]


Simply reflect on these words, on this message… and align it to your life, to your passion and how you want to attract money, assets and wealth to you.

See you again next week! We are getting closer to fulfilling this challenge soon!

DAY 344 - 350.

K.I.S.S. your Success.


Week 51…

Day 344 – 350… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Yes… Keep It Simple and Stupid.

Working on achieving your goals for one year takes a lot of focus, consistency, effort, commitment and passion.

Keep your goals simple.

Keep your ideas simple.

Keep your processes simple.

Keep your actions simple.

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean thinking small.

For the contrary,

Simplicity allows you to scale faster, easier and more effectively.

Think big, really big and plug in simplicity into the equation… and see how your results will skyrocket.

Let’s meet again next week!

DAY 351 - 357.

Excuses or Results.


Week 52…

Day 351 – 357… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Time to assess and come clean with yourself as far as what you have really accomplished during this 365 days challenge to build wealth.

Do you have more excuses?

… or…

Do you have more results?

Your answer will tell you exactly where you stand right now… and where are you going next.

In my personal reality, I have tons of small wins to celebrate that they all add up towards achieving my big goal since the beginning: “Build Wealth through Real Estate”.

But, this is only the beginning… this is only a very small framework from where you can spring… there is much more available and queued up for you.

The best version of yourself is still work-in-progress!

Today, take 5 minutes and write down all the small and big wins you know you have had during the past 52 weeks… acknowledge your efforts, your dedication, your focus, your commitment… acknowledge you.

Can you legitimately say that you achieved the goals you set out to achieve when you first joined this 365 days challenge to build wealth?

For some, results mean:


Reaching for higher levels of happiness and prosperity is an all time goal we can pursue… and there will always be more of it.

Today, feel happy and feel prosperous.

Today, rejoice in your results.

Today is a good time to think about where you are going next in your own timeline of your life.

See you tomorrow!

DAY 358.

Build wealth on your terms.


Day 358… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Final Takeaway #1:

Building wealth is different, special and unique to each individual.

Everyone has unique desires, goals, expectations and skill sets… only you know what you want. Period.

You can learn from the success patterns of other people, but one size doesn’t fit all.

The magic sauce, the trick, the formula will always need some tweaks to make it work for you… so be open and make those adjustments.


But make sure you build it for your own sake and your family regardless how many years it will take you.

Poverty is in the mind.

Wealth is also in the mind… and as you take the right actions, you see the results deposited in your bank account.

See you tomorrow!

DAY 359

Commitment to be Happy and Prosperous.


Day 359… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Final Takeaway #2:

Commitment to create a life by design takes exactly that… COMMITMENT FROM YOUR PART.

It is an everyday priority.

If you can’t commit to creating a life that pleases you, guess what, you will continue day-after-day, year-after-year living a life that makes you unhappy, unfulfilled and miserable.

You either focus your attention on crafting a happy life or you create the opposite.

Your networth is a reflection of where your attention is going.

And do not confuse networth with self-worth… Even though as part of valuing yourself, your lifestyle and your freedom-choices are highly connected with money, income and your networth.

Will you COMMIT to be happy and prosperous for the rest of your life?

See you tomorrow!

DAY 360.

Your next 360 of your Life.


Day 360… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Final Takeaway #3:

What do you really want your life to be like the next 365 days of your upcoming life?

Ask yourself. And. Answer yourself.

Going 360. Going a full circle back when you started this challenge, what are you NOW wanting?

Assess your thoughts.

Assess your feelings.

Assess your actions.

Assess your results.

Are you congruent? Are you in alignment with body, mind and soul?

Cut the bullshit and get down to the grind… do what you have to do to build a networth worth living!

We still have a lot of work ahead of us.

Let’s get going now!

See you tomorrow!

DAY 361.

Massive Action Approach.


Day 361… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Final Takeaway #4:

Honestly, I do believe that you do not need any pet talking, any more coaching, any more inspiring words or guidance.

All you need is to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION in your part so you catapult yourself to the higher level you envision… and from that high level space, now you’ll be able to enjoy some breathing room to then keep moving forward creating that NetWorth you have been creating all this past year.

Don’t underestimate your efforts, your skills, your genius.

You got what you need to make it happen.

And now it’s time for MASSIVE ACTION.



I wish I could say more, but it is not necessary… by now, you know what you got to do.


See you tomorrow!

DAY 362.

Profits, Wins and Success.

Day 362… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Final Takeaway #5:

Be proud to generate profits… profits are essential to build up your networth.

Celebrate your wins all the time, big and small.

Acknowledge your success and own it.

More tomorrow!

DAY 363.

Choose What is Pleasing to You.


Day 363… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Final Takeaway #6:

Choose what is pleasing to you!

Choose the lifestyle that pleases you.

Choose the food that pleases you.

Choose the income level that pleases you.

Choose the husband or wife that pleases you.

Choose the business or job that pleases you.

Doing things against your will is going against the free-flowing energies that allow you to enjoy the life that you want… a life of happiness and prosperity…a life that pleases you!

See you tomorrow!

DAY 364.

Your NetWorth is Your Legacy.


Day 364… of the 365 Days CHALLENGE to Build Wealth!

Final Takeaway #7:

Your NetWorth is your Legacy.

All you create, accumulate, perpetuate, and pass-on to others is your true legacy.

The more you have, the more you are able to provide to your family.

The more you have, the more you are able to help your community.

And in order to give more, to help more… you must become a better version of yourself… so mastering yourself is your very best gift to you and others.

I want to finish this takeaway message by sharing this short excerpt from Abraham Hicks because I want to provoke you to decide what do you truly want to focus on:

[…”It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle or a button…”]

Excerpted from Boca Raton, FL on 1/12/97.

Our Love, Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

So now that you have a wider perspective, decide what you want.

Be bold.

Be outrageous .


See you tomorrow, ONE MORE TIME!

DAY 365.

365 Days Later of Building Wealth are Up!

Closing Thoughts for NOW!

I trust that when you truly arrive to this day-365, you are totally convinced that you are one uniquely amazing individual because of what we have done so far.

You must be totally convinced that you have talents and expertise that ONLY YOU can deliver with your own light to this world.

It’s been a wonderful experience to share with you so many days, 365 to be exact…  and I truly want to inspire you to think about how much your decision to share your talents, your gifts, your expertise and your wealth will positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world.

And like I say in my first book… “A Millionaire’s Approach”

“Take a Millionaire Approach to your own life. The real power, the real answer is within you.

Decide to change. Take a step forward. And continue doing it until you see the results you truly want. Remember, don’t ask why… JUST DO IT, BY DOING IT!”

I will see you soon on my next LIVE stream, my blogs, one of our Viamar Homes or at an event around the world!

Wishing Always the Very Best,

~Ms. Pino.

Now… go and start your next challenge for the next 365 days… and continue making your life absolutely amazing!


Ms. Pino Quotes:

“How do you do it? … By DOING IT!”

“When you are lost, broke and feel cheap, turn that around. Look into yourself. Adopt a new attitude. Start walking, feeling and smiling like a millionaire. You will feel better within the minute. Then, keep it up for 21 consecutive days, and you will make it happen… WHATEVER THAT IS!”

“ Do you want to connect with celebrities, famous & rich people? Why don’t you work yourself to be the one people want to connect with.”

“ One huge lesson I learned when I have lost money: Suck it up. Write it off. Get over it. There is no point in blaming others. Own it!”

“When you know you are not going to quit… Success is Guaranteed!”

“You are already born successful. It is up to you to think it, believe it and act it.”

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