Math Plus Tutors Summer Programs for

High School Prep


Our programs (in Math, English, French and Science) are comprehensive, fun, engaging and delivered by a group of progressive teachers eager to help your student succeed. Programs are designed to review the material covered in grades 7&8 and fill the gaps (if any) your student may have. It will also give the students a taste of what to expect in grade 9.

Our Program Advantages

  • Effective teaching methods
  • Exciting  adaptable lesson plans
  • Technological advantages
  • Address the Ontario curriculum
  • Fully licensed teachers
  • Convenient location
  • Separate work areas to promote concentration
  • Stimulating environment

One-on-One Sessions

Math, English, French Sessions

7 Weeks Starting July 3

Frequency as per needed

Fees: $43 per hour

 Limited Time Offer Expires June 15 

Senior Math Group (7-8)

2 Sessions a week, one hour each

7 Weeks Starting July 3

Fees: $350 per student


Registration deadline June 28, 2018

Call: 519-542-1999



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