Date: October 2, 2018

To: Citizens and Staff of the Randolph School District

From: Board of Education, Randolph School District

Subject: Input Sessions as Board Initiates Search for Next Superintendent

When: Oct 22 and Oct 23, 2018  from 8:30 am until 6:30 pm.

Location:  Room 183. Coaches Office.  If you are a Citizen, please stop in one of the offices and staff will take you to room.

Mr. Kevin Knudson has informed the board, staff and community of his intention to retire

at the end of the 2018-19 school fiscal year.  In preparation for a search to seek a replacement, the school board is inviting you to visit with consultants from Don Stevens + Associates to provide feedback to the board.

With focus on what is best for our students, the board is seeking input on the following

important questions:

1) What do you believe are the strengths of the school district?

2) What do you see as the challenges facing the school district?

3) With those strengths and challenges in mind, what are the professional skills and

the personal attributes we need to have in the next superintendent?

Community members and staff can drop in at any time either individually or in small groups.  Participation is voluntary.

While anyone can drop in throughout the hours indicated above, after school time is provided to ensure interested parents can get to the school to provide their input.