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Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Special Board Meeting February 24 2021
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Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Special Board Meeting

​​​5:30 P.M.  Joslin Memorial Library

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

                                              Via Zoom

Present:  Jean Joslin, Trish Read, Sally Reisner, Carol Hosford, Jason Butler

Absent:  David Babic

The purpose of the meeting was to decide what to do in the face of the TD Bank’s closing its branch in Waitsfield.  After a discussion, Trish moved and Sally seconded that we move our accounts to the Northfield Bank.  Motion was passed unanimously.

Sally and Jean need to go to the Northfield Bank to become signers on our accounts.

Jason said that the Bridge Street door has a significant crack.  Jason will contact Myndy Woodruff, who did the repairs on the door, to check it out. He will also ask George, who does our shoveling, to shovel a single passage up the steps on the Bridge Street side of the building.

At 5:55 Carol moved Trish seconded that we close the meeting.  Accepted unanimously.