☞ :mused: Web HUD

The :mused: Web HUD attaches to the Top Left HUD location and when closed looks like a small back circle with the :mused: logo.

When clicked it opens the HUD and this logo button changes to have a Plus (+) and Minus (-) symbol on it at the bottom. This buttons will allow you to change the size of the HUD both Up and Down.

Note: the Web HUD is just that, a HUD that works with our website to allow server side management of consumables. If you do not have Media enabled in your viewer you will not be able to use the HUD. 

You will only see the :mused: logo. If you do not have “Allow media to Auto Play” checked you will also see this Logo and will need to click it to allow the HUD to display the web page.

At the top of the HUD you will see the SL interface’s web buttons. Because of the specialized nature of our HUD only a couple of these will be useful.

In the open HUD you will have two sections: Active Bonuses and Inventory

When you consume an item you will get a popup window that will confirm what you consumed and how long the effect will last.

When you give something it will open a pop up that allows you to select from avatars nearby (within 30m), avatars you have recently given items too as well as a section to put in an avatar’s SL name or UUID.  Below that is a box to let you put in the quantity of items you wish to give them.

If you have more items than the HUD can display you can use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the HUD to move up and down on the inventory section.

In the Inventory section the rows are broken up into three possible sections:

You will only see the section for the consumable items that you have in your inventory.

☞Supported Viewers

There are a huge amount of options when it comes to logging into and using Second life and each comes with its own code changes and quirks. As such there maybe issues that arise from trying to use the :mused: systems on one or more viewers and we do not have the resources to troubleshoot and support every viewer on the grid. As such we will only support the use and play of the system on the following viewers.

If you use another viewer and experience problems with play you will be asked to use one of the supported viewers to verify it is an issue with the system and not your viewer. Please take that into consideration.

*Note: The use of a custom client designed to automate the process of milking will not be allowed.

Please see :mused: Standards for more information about our automation policy