Instructional Strategies:

Integrate instructional strategies that encourage students’ development of critical thinking, problem solving and performance skills.


Learning Outcomes


Methods of Teaching

In-class Activities

Student Engagement Techniques

High-level preparation Strategies

  • I can identify instructional strategies to meet learning outcomes.
  • I can identify teacher focused, student focused and dialogue oriented learning experiences.
  • I can locate and create informal assessment opportunities for students
  • I can identify tools for student feedback about the course including organization and instructional items
  • I can explain different methods of instruction and in what context they can be used.

  • I can explain the key elements of effective in-class-activities.
  • I can explain what differentiation is and its importance as an instructional strategy.

  • I can explain what student engagement techniques  are and their goal as instructional strategies.
  • I can articulate the characteristics of high-level preparation strategies such as Flipped Learning, Team-based Learning, Active Learning, etc.


  • I can select a variety of instructional strategies to show students are successfully meeting learning outcomes through a variety of instructional techniques.
  • I can develop and implement several informal assessment techniques (CATs) such as Background knowledge probe, entry and exit tickets and Comprehensive Factors list.
  • I can choose a method of instruction that is aligned with my student learning outcomes, materials, and assessment.
  • I can create effective in-class activities aligned with my learning outcomes, materials, and assessment.
  • I can design learning experiences where I differentiate instruction based on my students’ needs.

  • I can design student engagement techniques that challenge my students to thinking critically and promotes problem solving.
  • I can integrate high-level preparation strategies to my class such as Flipped Learning, Team-based Learning, Active Learning, etc.