North Carolina Homebrew Invitational 2022

Information Sheet

Event Date: 10/22/2022


North Carolina Homebrewers Invitational (NCHI) is an event hosted each fall by Cabarrus Homebrewers Society (CABREW) to promote fellowship among regional home brewers and encourage interaction between brew clubs and most of all, to share homebrew.  

Our event is put together by homebrewers for area homebrewers and is a beer focused adult event intended for active roster members of invited clubs and their significant other only.  This is a private event offered to an invite only group which consists of the paid roster members of the invited clubs and their guests.  Every effort is made to comply with all ALE laws and provide a safe and relaxing environment for your enjoyment.  We suggest that each club have AHA insurance for their members.

Event Cost:

Putting on this event costs CABREW a non-trivial amount of money.  We ask each club for $75 to help cover the cost of porta johns, food, paper goods, printing, etc.  We do not do this to make money but only  to try to cover the cost of the event.  You can easily pay online via our web portal.

Overnight camping will cost $5.00 per tent/RV. Have this in cash when you check in.  This money goes to the event land owner.

Online tent reservation instructions:

Event Location:

Event Schedule:

Event Rules: (these are everyone’s responsibility)

Club Notes:

Attendee Notes:

What should I bring?

Questions and Answers


If I am a professional brewer can I still attend with a beer?


We are specifically a homebrew event but if you want to bring a beer as a pro brewer, just don't bring a production beer from your line.  If you want to brew on your homebrew or your pilot system a one off beer or an experimental brew you are welcome to do that.

Think about the spirit of the event: You could bring one of your production beers with a different name and nobody would ever know... but you would.  The day is really about fellowship, education, and passion, not the competition.


I need a CPAP to help me sleep overnight.  Is there power available?


We have a camping area with power outlets nearby.  Bring an outdoor extension cord and a splitter to connect your machine.  Let the guides know your needs when you arrive.


Can I come Friday afternoon/night?


If you are far from the event and need to come Friday so you can be ready on time Saturday morning  please make arrangements with event planners in advance if you are coming on Friday.


Can I bring a camper/RV?


RVs are welcome but with the restriction that it will be a dry camp.  No filling, No dumping, No land power.  All RV trailers must be in the designated area on Friday afternoon at 6:00 PM and will stay in place until Sunday morning.

Have other questions?

Contact us via your club representative on Facebook or email We are happy to help.