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1.        Authority


The Board shall engage in short-term and long-term facilities planning in order to meet the ongoing needs of the district’s educational programs and operations.  Involvement of the Board, staff, community, businesses and parents/guardians is an important part of this process.

        SC 1351

The Board shall continuously or annually conduct a census of all children from birth to eighteen (18) years living in the district. The Board shall employ as many enumerators or attendance officers as necessary.

2.        Delegation of         Responsibility

In order to inform the Board of the district's future needs, the Superintendent or designee shall:

  1. Prepare a written description of existing physical facilities.

  1. Annually report to the Board on enrollment projections.

  1. Report to the Board on the enrollment by grades during the school year.

  1. Estimate each spring the number of students who will be enrolled in the district's schools in September of the year for which the estimate is made.

  1. Prepare student population projections and compare the actual population figures to the previously projected figures to detect early any changes in population trends.

3.        Guidelines

        SC 1351

Information gathered in the census shall include for each child the name and address of the parents/guardians, name and location of the school in which the child could be or is enrolled or belongs; name and address of any employer of a child under eighteen (18); child's name, date of birth, age, gender, nationality, and address; and other information the Board may legally request to assist in the efficient and equitable operation of the district.

        SC 701


When planning to enlarge or modify its facilities, the Board shall consider not only the number of students whose educational needs must be met, but also the physical requirements of the programs it deems best suited to meet those needs.

        Pol. 103, 103.1,



Each school building and site shall provide suitable accommodations to carry out the educational program, including provision for the handicapped/disabled, pursuant to law and regulations.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 501, 502, 503, 504, 701, 701.1, 702, 703, 703.1,

     704, 706, 731, 731.1, 733, 736-741, 1351, 1601-C et seq.

State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 21.1 et seq., 349.1 et seq

Department of Environmental Protection Regulations – 25 PA Code

     Sec. 171.1 et seq.

Board Policy – 100, 103, 103.1, 104, 122, 123

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