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77.50 Artist
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77.50 Artist

1047. 978-0-399-17421-6

It's Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond

Julia Cameron marches on.  I have my hardcopy.

1048. Creative Recovery:

  1. morning pages
  2. memoir
  3. artist date
  4. walking

1049. “solvitur ambulando” - it is solved by walking - St. Augustine

1050. Cutting out TV gives you all the time you need for any side hustle or exercise program.

1051. Notes:

  1. need major adjustments on my time
  2. my work day is the only time I have to myself - 10 pm to 4 am - writing time
  3. all work needs to be done on the Chromebook
  4. learn Sqribble by creating ChkLines
  5. at this time, make my first major email list
  1. drip list
  2. very low on ads
  1. have to start making money - bust out affiliate marketing
  2. create my Kindle Unlimited system
  1. read with text editor on the side
  2. outline
  3. use ideas to create own posts
  4. sell the ebook using your takeaways
  1. 4 am to 10 am (or longer, depending on the day and medical appointments) is for walking, gym, social, shopping, feeding the critters,
  2. 10 am - wake her up, no matter what
  3. 10 am - 10 pm - cleaning, sleep, food, working on websites, email, carpet cleaning, work on the bedroom computer
  4. 10 pm - put her to bed
  5. 12 hours a day belong to me, 12 others can steal from me
  6. do Pinterest updates on the desktop computer only - Chromebook is the work machine
  7. when reading articles online, post blog comments if possible, and create profiles
  8. create subdomains in for various ebooks
  9. emails also
  10. build up FB contacts to create a nation of couches to visit
  11. could small towns be the place I teach WS

1052. My blood sugar is out of whack again.  I don’t know why, but I believe stress is a major factor.  I am fasting for at least the next 6 days.  I have to get radical.



1055. Create a test blog in a subdomain to try out different plugins.

1056. Setting up a new WP blog:

  1. install in https
  2. change to a theme you want or use one of the defaults
  3. delete unused themes
  4. change settings
  1. select time zone
  2. posts|categories - change uncategorized
  3. change update services with short ping list
  1. delete Akismet and JetPack
  2. install Classic Editor
  3. install antispam bee
  4. if you have A2 hosting, activate plugin
  6. use my personal terms, disclaimer, and privacy policy pages
  7. add wp gdpr fix

1057. To be honest, I have no idea. I’m a solopreneur, so I was not affected by the government shutdown.  What is the company culture I can create around the world, or does it have to be a confederation of Walkabout Solopreneurs?  You have to make sure your income is not at the mercy of any one other person or company.

1058. Need to organize my many graphics into usable folders.

1059. No matter how well or how poorly life is going, it can and will change in an instant.  Not all changes will destroy your health or your income or your relationships, but they can.  At any time.

1060. – if you’re interested in learning how to recognize fake news, check






1061. As an IBM*, you can only rely on you.  Not anyone outside.  Not your family, friends, others.  A personal blog is the place to start as you begin your WS journey.  This personal blog is what you will use to make money in a number of ways.  


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1063. Social Bookmarking Sites List

1064. You start WS with a personal blog to get to know Wordpress.  You can explore other content management systems, but why would you?  Learn one that is the most dynamic on the web today.  Thousands of themes and plugins.  Even your personal blog can become your platform for product reviews or to establish your expertise and authority in a particular niche.  Of course, you can do both, and even more.  

1065. I started requesting affiliate links left and right and would always

create a post for each new product.

When people clicked on the “Learn More” – they were sent to the

product in question, via MY affiliate link like so:



1067. What Made America, America

The United States has always been a grand experiment. People came from all over the world seeking fortune or fleeing oppression.

For centuries the peoples of the world had been ruled by kings, queens,

tsars, shahs, ministers, satraps, chiefs, rajahs, emirs, warlords, parliaments,

senates, legislatures, and gangs.

An individual could not refuse their rulers demands. The rulers could take whatever they wanted, force him to work, fight, or bow down, and forbid him to do anything that displeased them. Historical governments were all-powerful.

One thing that separated America from kings and queens and emperors and warlords was freedom.

Freedom from government.

America’s Founding Fathers established something new - a government strictly limited by a written constitution with a short list of permitted activities.

The federal government was authorized to do only what was specified

in the Constitution. Anything else was left to the States, or to the People.

The Constitution didn’t limit citizens. Its purpose was to limit what government could do, the so called enumerated powers. Anything not authorized in the Constitution

was forbidden to the federal government.

X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the

Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to

the States respectively, or to the people.

One hundred years ago, the average citizen had few reasons to interact with government on any level.  Except for the Census every 10 years, and maybe getting a marriage license or reporting a birth or death, a citizen could expect to go his whole life without needing government, especially the federal government.

Even though the 16th Amendment was adopted in 1913 allowing an income tax, it only applied to the top 1% of the population.  Tax rates topped out at 6%.

“In 1913, due to exemptions and deductions, less than 1 percent of the population paid income taxes. Tax rates began at 1 percent and rose to 6 percent on income over $500,000.”


Here is the first 1040:

This was the beginning of the end for freedom in America.

1068. Turning America Around

Every four years, we get politicians who want to dump the President and to put their policies and people in place.

“Make America Great Again”

America is no longer the land of the free. And if we don’t restore individual liberty in America, we may no longer be able to reverse the decline. I am not optimistic given the unprecedented animosity between liberals and conservatives.

Instead of waiting for government to change, we should listen to Jordan Peterson and follow rule #6.

“Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.”

The larger government gets, the more power it has to forbid any change in the system.  Its waste of our resources reduces the chance of getting out of this without a currency collapse and national bankruptcy.

This is why I say focus on the individual.  Focus on yourself.

As IBMs, we have to fix ourselves, reboot, and build our perfect selves to live out our visions for the rest of our lives.  We are not done yet, but I’m not sure we want to relieve the 60s and 70s.

Unless we have a total currency or stock market meltdown, I don’t believe we can slash the size of government, or even the rate of growth.

1069. A  New Day

No matter how I decide to do it, I have made Lucky’s Market my new office.  The coffee is quite good, the employees the friendliest in the grocery business, and the public wifi as fast as home.

Dr. McDougall has a Color Picture Book for free that he encourages people to redistribute.  Fantastic.  It is all you need to live a vegan life.

1070. Television is Stealing Your Life

If you watch 3 hours of TV tonight, will you be any happier tomorrow? Will you have more friends or more love in your life? Will you be any smarter? Will you be any healthier or wealthier? If you watch 3 hours of TV tonight, will it improve your life in any way tomorrow?

Sometimes, there’s nothing good to watch. But you kick off your shoes and stare at the box anyway. Why? Because you want a familiar voice and story to help you forget about your day. For real, do you watch Undercover Boss for the unique and intelligent content? Or are you keeping yourself from thinking about everything that needs real attention or tough consideration—your relationships, health, career, and more?

Consider spending some of the time you would normally use watching television to engage in more meaningful introspection. Reflection and meditation, whether at a botanical garden or sitting on your kitchen floor, reduce anxiety and release stress, according to The American Journal of Psychiatry. In the beginning, it is difficult to listen to your most painful thoughts. But if your endgame is peace and prosperity, try turning off the tube and listening to your heart instead.

1071. Going Vegan

I didn’t go vegan to stop the cruelty to animals raised and slaughtered for human food.  I did it to control my blood sugar and in time, get rid of diabetes meds and even reverse type 2 diabetes.

Then I watched a Gary Yourofsky video from 2011 that made it easier to stick to the vegan path.  This brought back memories from 10th grade in the late 1960s.

Smithfield is only 12 miles away from my hometown in Newport News, Virginia.  To get fetal pigs for dissection  in biology class, Gwaltney had us take a tour of the pork slaughterhouse.

They were proud of their “humane” process where hogs were killed, hung upside down, and then stripped of everything but the oink.

Compared to what’s in the video on YouTube, it could have been worse.  What I remember as the most disgusting product was sausage, the type that is sold in plastic tubes. It was collected in giant vats.  I didn’t eat sausage for a year.

I remember my late grandmother, a wonderful woman from North Carolina.  Growing up in the country, chickens and eggs were a major food source.  

She told me that it was okay to ring a chicken’s neck before plucking and cooking, but to chop off it’s head was murder.  Humane slaughter was a matter of perspective.

I thought going vegan would be harder than it is.  After even a week or two, you start to feel better.

Problems:  You have to eat a lot of food to get enough calories and protein.  You will also poop a lot (though easier to pass).  Restaurants are now danger zones.

But the biggest problem of all is getting “well-meaning” people to stop trying to feed you milk, cheese, eggs, fish, chicken, and steaks.

I have to admit that you start to do Dana Carvey’s Church Lady Superior Dance when you don’t contribute to killing other mammals.  I think it makes me a less violent and stressed human, but you will have to see for yourself.  In a back door sort of way, I think vegans contribute to peace on Earth, even if it’s in little scattered pockets around the world.

I am not an “animal rights” advocate.  I have just made a personal decision not to contribute to the carnage.  You don’t have to be a member of MADD to decide not to drive drunk.  Let’s start with individual responsibility.

I’m also not going to advocate for climate control or helping the environment, even though it will.  Why?  Politicians will use each problem to take your money and do nothing worthwhile.


How can a government fix the world climate issue when it can’t stop a million Mexicans and Central Americans from walking across the border each year?

You can only contribute by getting your own house in order.

I’m not out to save the planet, but the Earth can produce enough plant-based food for every human.  With uneven distribution, hunger will not go away.  What vegans do is stop the breeding of animals to be a non human slave race and food source.

That’s why these half-ass “vegetarian” diets are so bogus.  You’re either vegan, or you’re not.  There is no lacto-ovo vegetarian.  No ovo vegetarian.  No lacto vegetarian.

“A vegetarian does not eat foods that consist of, or have been produced with the aid of products consisting of or created from, any part of the body of a living or dead animal. This includes meat, poultry, fish, shellfish*, insects, by-products of slaughter** or any food made with processing aids created from these."


They go for milk and cheese and eggs as not killing the animals, but that does not account for how nasty commercial dairies and egg farms are, and how the animals are abused.

I know it sounds silly, but my nephew who helps take care of my 90 year old mother, his grandmother, bought a mini pig on a whim.  He was named Vittles, but I also call him Porker, Pork Chop, or Fat Boy.

When you name an animal, it’s hard to picture him on a spit.

I do like that pig.  He’s aggressive (not fixed) and destructive, and smart.  He gets along great when my niece’s bloodhound visits, and I get a kick out of him.

Animal advocates relate this problem to slavery.  Slavery still exists in many parts of the world.  Women are owned by their fathers and husbands.  Children are forced into sexual slavery to earn for adults.

What they mean is that humans view animals and some subsets of humans as property to be used, abused, and even killed.

My battle is with type 2 diabetes.  The so-called medical experts are all over the place as to what causes diabetes.  Some advocate vegan diets, others paleo.  I went vegan to test it on myself - to be my own petri dish.

I can always tell when my blood sugar is under control.  Dry skin on my elbows becomes smooth.  My vision gets better.  And I sleep a bit more with few or no nocturnal bathroom runs.

I don’t know if I can live the perfect vegan life, but I have to try to have any chance at all of reversing my diabetes.  Many physicians also claim a plant-based diet is the only way to prevent and heal heart disease, high-blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, and even cancer.  We all need to work with our unique physiques and our health care advisors to achieve maximum results.

My goal is to return to the life of a perpetual traveler.  What that takes is good health and an online income or decent savings.  Going vegan makes travel much easier as you can find rice and beans as a main source of protein in about every developing country in the world.

Government’s Unique Proposition

What is it about government that enables it to do what other organizations can’t?  What makes government different from every other organization in society?

Is it that only government is massive enough to handle some tasks?   How about space exploration?

One could ask whether or not we need a space program, but that’s a different issue.  What started as a promise to not militarize outer space is morphing into star wars.

Even still, any number of private companies are sending rockets into space.  Elon Musk with SpaceX was one of the pioneers, but not the only player.

Here is a list of private companies:

Is it only government that operates without profit?

Many businesses wish.  Thousands of nonprofits address hundreds of thousands of causes.  The Salvation Army and others have been fulfilling their mission of helping the poor and downtrodden since 1852.

“The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however we can.”

Does the government do a better job?  I don't think so.  They just took the religious element out of charity so people would not be embarrassed about receiving assistance, or a woman would not be shamed for having having a baby out of wedlock.

Now we have an explosion of single mom’s on welfare, and the exclusion of fathers.

What separates government from other private organizations is force.

The government does what it does by extracting money (taxes, licenses, fees) from the people and forcing you to accept this situation by the threat or actual use of force.

Think about the recent floods in the Carolinas due to Hurricane Florence.  FEMA was there waiting.  No one is looking to the Red Cross or the churches for help.  The government takes your money to fund FEMA no matter if you want to pay or not.

Why should you contribute to charitable organizations when the government makes you pay in advance?

If you want to feed the homeless, you don’t have to persuade people to donate money voluntarily. The government can force millions of people to contribute.

When private groups want to make change in our society, they now turn to government to force the changes rather than putting the changes in place as an example.

Governments force you to pay for something, to do something, or not to do something you want to do.

The IRS says that our tax system is based on voluntary compliance.  And in a sense, it’s true.  As long as you comply, the system seems voluntary. But the moment you choose not to comply, you’ll find yourself in a different system.  See what happens when your checks bounce because the IRS has seized your account.

Government, with its power to coerce, waves a magic wand that can make your dreams come true. It can summon up anything you want, do away with anything you don’t like, and make everyone happy.

Grabbing the reins of government is an all-consuming sport in America.  

Because of government’s power, controlling it is the grand prize.  Look at all the opposition to Donald Trump when he pulled off a surprise victory.  Those out of power have gone crazy instead of figuring out a way to win the hearts and minds of the people.

What are their proposals?  Who knows?  Free health care?  Open borders?  Forgiveness of student loan debt?

All you hear is anti-Trump rhetoric.  If they can impeach Trump and steal back the power, then they don’t have to have any original ideas.

 It beckons as a shortcut to riches, to the perfect world they imagine, to imposing your personal views on everyone. With government at your disposal, you can bypass the tedious process of earning a living, spreading the gospel, or persuading others

to join your cause.

The mainstream media has controlled the news since I can remember.  Trump bypassed the media by using Twitter in a new way - as a psychological weapon.

No wonder that most TV news revolves around government. How many cable news stations do we really need?  No wonder everyone wants to influence government.

These are no longer objective reporters.  Everyone has an agenda.  Whoever controls it controls us.

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