Outdoor Holy Communion in San Lorenzo Valley

Santa Cruz, CA


Following a great theology reading group session, we gathered together to pray and celebrate communion in the Anglican tradition.

Precise frequency, location, and time is in flux.  

The Liturgy will be from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. This is a traditional liturgy (Thees and Thous and whatnot).

To join us in daily prayers from the same, go to Cradle of Prayer.

Due to individual concerns for health during this pandemic, and respecting our local authorities and CDC, we are gathering outdoors, socially distanced, with face coverings worn for liturgical activities that cannot be distanced.


For more information on how we are celebrating Eucharist with health and safety in mind:
Pandemic Guidance.

To join us, message me on Element (QR Code below) or email me your username. I will send you an invite for our Element chat room (a free, open-source Discord alternative) where we coordinate location and liturgical materials. While liturgies are distributed via PDF, a hard copy prayer book is recommended.




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