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St Jay tour
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St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Getting to St. Johnsbury (or St. Jay as it is locally known) is quite simple.  Turn left out of Lower Waterford Road and head north on Route 18 for 7 miles.  At the junction of Routes 18 & 2, turn left onto Route 2 West.  The first stop to make on your trip into town is

Proceed out to Route 2 again and look for the following...

Continue over the bridge and arrive at Railroad Street.  Dunkin’ Donuts faces you.  Turn right to:

If you turn left onto Railroad Street:

Now turn right onto Eastern Avenue where you will find....

Turn right on Main Street to find:

** Now the HIGHLIGHTS of St. Johnsbury:  At the top of Eastern Avenue, turn right and park on Main Street.  On the left side, visit the  St. Johnsbury Library & Athenaeum ~ a “must see”. Nat’l Historic Landmark, outstanding art gallery & library. Check online for current hours.

Diagonally opposite the library is the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium ~ another “must see”. Wild collection of natural history. Check online for current hours