1. Door hardware require stable internet connectivity. We won’t do installation for unstable internet connectivity and wifi hotspot. Why we use wifi? This allow the door to talk to our servers and verified payment or subscriptions. Refer here.
  2. Your Internet connectivity will effect key card activation/door access RFID. We will not responsible for your internet downtime, please contact your internet service provider. Request your admin mastercard to open door without internet.
  3. All doors will be open by default when power grid is off (to avoid tenant to be stuck inside room), we are not responsible for power blackout, please contact your electricity company. Our system will resume automatically when power is on.
  4. Door installation takes time, please pre-orders one month prior to installation.
  5. For Malaysia co-working space, we will preview demo of our platform before using it, once agreed you may proceed to subscribe. What is available on our platform is what you will receive, we do not promise any custom features, unless it’s on our ‘coming soon’ pipelines.
  6. We offer no customization, all platform is SaaS based model. All co-working space softwares work by the same model. New features will be release over period of time.
  7. Our on-site tech support work anytime, 24/7, yes even after midnight. Please be advised that we may come anytime.
  8. Hardware purchases are not refundable.
  9. Software subscriptions can be cancel anytime, except those that have annual agreement with us. You are free to self-integrate our hardware to your new software, we won’t do hardware integration to third party software.
  10. If you require printer to be integrate with our software, feel free to find your own printer vendor that would allow this integration, we provide self integration requirement. We won’t be doing integration for third party.
  11. If you have tech or IT team, please have then do necessary due diligence, do request Q&A with us or check our devices to meet expectation and meet mutual understanding. This includes outside experts.
  12. Please request your door access or access control hardware expert to have Q&A with us if you have doubts, we want to make sure we have mutual understanding.