Destiny Discover

This searching portal includes:

Go to Catalog->Destiny Discover

Navigate Destiny Discover Options by clicking here:

You will be able to go to the different features:

Destiny takes you back to the main catalog and Destiny Discover back to the search screen.


Do a search for any topic. The results will display like this:

Books refer to the print books in your collection. Click on one and open it.

You can place the book on hold, mark as a favorite, or add to your Collections (if you created one).  Destiny also suggests similar titles based on an algorithm (You May Also Like)

The Share Button allows you have a permanent link to just that book record if you want to put in on your website or share out with teachers, parents, and/or students.

You can also cite the book in several different formats:


Open an eBook. You may have eBooks from several different vendors.  Below are the features of eBooks purchased from Follett.  To access one from a Book search, click on Filter and then Format:

Once you open the book under your account, you can:

Change the Display

Navigation on the left-hand side.

Audio allow you to adjust the voice and speed at which the book is read aloud. (Note: Not all books have this feature)


As soon as you place your cursor and press down on the text, several options come up to highlight, take notes, play the audio, look up background information on Google, Define a word, and also, search for a word within the text.

Students who mark up the text, can click on the Notes/Highlights icon to make edits, delete any highlights/notes, or export them to Google Drive.


Databases give results from NOVEL databases, such as Gale and Britannica, Teaching Books and other free websites. For information about how to setup the databases, click on the One Search link in Destiny Help.

Each article title opens up in another tab (make certain the Pop-up feature is enabled on your browser).

Open Educational Resources

These are educational websites from a third-party website.  The content includes lesson plans, assessments, image set, reference materials, reports, etc.  Most of the websites are from universities, cultural institutions, government agencies, etc.


Collections creates new, collaborative ways to share free or purchased resources.

Additional info: manager/training/lm-collections/dlm-using-collections

Reading Paths

This feature allows you to guide students’ reading by assigned them a reading path of specific eBooks.

Find out how to setup Reading Paths here: 6d3a25ba50f1/Reading+Paths+for+Educators.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=ROOT WORKSPACE-c30e1277-2e88-49de-89c7-6d3a25ba50f1-lxFRT.W


You can add interactive search boxes to your Destiny catalog on your website by clicking on widgets and choosing the box you like.

Click on the Get Code button and copy it. Then paste into your website!

For more on Destiny Discover, click on this link: discover/lm-overview-of-destiny-discover