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Learning Platforms, Technology and Communicaiton Info
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        Northwest Community Schools Learning Platforms, Technology and Communication Information


  • Learning Management Platform for PK-2nd Grades.

SeeSaw Parent Resources

Parent Login

  • Parents will need to create their own accounts on the Seesaw Family app on the Seesaw website.  
  • Each teacher will communicate their classroom codes so parents can link the student accounts to their parent account.  

Student Login

  • Students will be issued Ipads or Chromebooks that are logged in with their student information.


  • Learning Management Platform for 3rd-12th Grades.

Schoology Resources for Parents

Schoology Resources for Students

Parent Login

  • Parents please check out our Parent Resources if you have not previously set up a Schoology Account for information and instructions on account set up.

Student Login

  • Current students will sign into Schoology via their school email and password.    


  • Student Management System

PowerSchool Resources for Parents

Parent Login and Info

  • Parents are required to create a Parent PowerSchool Portal account where you will be able to view transportation information, teacher assignments, grades and fill out electronic forms from the district.
  • If you are in need of your parent access codes to link your student to your account, please submit a NW Tech Ticket via our website or mobile app.
  • Incoming Kindergarten parents will have their access codes mailed to them by August
  • Parents will be required to sign on and update all student information at the start of the new school year.    

Student Login

  • Students can access PowerSchool with their NW student User ID and password.  

Student Email

6-12 grade students can go to to access their District email accounts.

NWCS Mobile App

NWCS Mobile App Resources

Parent Login

  • Parents will receive sign in information and instructions trom Blackboard on how to sign into the NWCS app in their registered email address.  
  • Once signed in, student icons will populate where parents can VIEW student specific information.   This is a VIEW ONLY.   If you need to update any student information, parents MUST sign into their Parent PowerSchool Portal this can not be done from the app.  

Student Login

  • Students sign into the NWCS app with their NW student ID and password.

If you need technology assistance, please submit a technology ticket via the mobile app or website.