James "Jim" Jindrick

Jim is Director of Corporate Development for the University of Arizona (Tucson). His background includes creating, launching, sustaining, and scaling new internal corporate ventures, spin-off and spin-in companies, and independent startups. Ventures he developed have generated well over a billion dollars lifetime revenue to date.

As a senior corporate executive, he had responsibilities for international marketing, high tech research and development, creating fast-context-switching multitasking real-time software operating systems, industrial electronic product engineering, and Six-Sigma manufacturing operations.

Jim has received forty-four US and international utility patents for innovations in ”smart-grid" electric power distribution automation controls, automotive test and diagnostic equipment, and personal computer instrumentation systems.

A University of Arizona Eller Entrepreneurial Fellow, Jim served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at UA and the University of Oregon. He's been a new venture development consultant, mentor, and guest speaker for corporate clients, business development organizations, and universities worldwide.

Jim's first career in radio and television broadcasting provided the funding for his education at the University of Wisconsin.

Jim is the curator of 5Ktips.com for Innovators and Entrepreneurs, and the blog CompetitiveCreativity.com.

His favorite saying: Save Swing Jazz, Pelicans, and Oxford Commas!  Jim's 15 (micro)seconds of fame: a cameo appearance in Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" video.  He is an IEEE Life Member.