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Section 1.    Purpose

It is the policy of the Board to have two (2) student representatives serve as non-voting members of the Board for the purpose of:

  1. Providing communications with the student body and Board.

  1. Helping elected Board members be aware of student views regarding issues and policies affecting the student body.

  1. Working constructively with Board members and the Superintendent to provide quality education for the students of the District.

Section 2.    Eligibility

Any student attending Governor Mifflin High School, being of good moral character, and having been a resident of the District for at least one (1) year prior to the date of appointment, shall be eligible as a student representative.

Section 3.    Student Representative’s Responsibilities

Student Board members will be non-voting participants of the Board.

Student Board members shall attend all public Board meetings and workshops. Student Board members shall not attend executive sessions unless by invitation of the Board President.

Student Board members will receive the agenda which is sent to all Board members. Personnel materials may be excluded.

        Pol. 006

Student Board members shall be expected to learn and follow the procedures as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order, and how those rules apply to the Board as outlined in Board policy, in dealing with matters before the Board.

Student Board members must be aware that the Board is a policy-making body rather than an administrative body.

Student Board member participation shall be limited to the time that the Board is in session, unless authorized by the Board to perform specific assignments.

Student Board members shall refrain from giving individual counsel and taking individual action and shall refer individuals to the appropriate administrative office.

Section 4.    Selection

The Superintendent shall establish appropriate administrative procedures for the selection of student representatives. The Board shall approve the membership of all student representatives.


Board Policy – 006

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