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AlianzaCS_3.31.2021 Board Meeting Minutes


  1. Francisco Valdiosera
  2.  Henry Fernandez
  3. Catherine Bhatena
  4. Oscar Gutierrez
  5. Steve Stiegelmeyer
  6. Lindsey Akers
  7. Claudia Montes Salinas
  8. Emma Mahern - joined at 3:16 pm

Not Present

Kathy Souchet Downey

Minutes of meeting - adopted CB moved OG second

No further discussion

Unanimously passed

Big announcements -

CMS is pregnant - baby due end of July

SS has a new video out on bilingual education, adding ASL

CB in February - passed proposal defense for dissertation in February

Committee Reports

Marketing and Communications

Lindsey - met last week

Social Media platform- engaging and easily trackable to see how well posts are doing.

Combine and create a social media plan to track and schedule specific posts. can still get refined

What social media platforms are the students using - instagram

Social Media does not equal enrollment

Facilities (Oscar)

Innovation School Partnership is Plan A

Financing own building is Plan B

Two plans in motion on location

  1. Partner with IPS and co-locate at Northwest Middle School
  1. Part of an innovation school for IPS
  2. Still be autonomous of IPS, have a pri-quod-pro
  1. Enrollment
  2. Test scores
  3. Provide Facility to school
  1. Mindtrust - Brandon Brown
  1. Feedback - discuss as board
  2. They will help with NW
  1. What area are we trying to reach?

FV would like to have a relationship/partnership with IPS as an innovation school - can the process be expedited?

April - have taquizas as Northwest

Mindtrust will pay for events/rental fee

If charter school (Monarca) becomes an innovation school, it does not lose autonomy. Just have a more solid relationship with IPS.

Famicilites - building, transportation, technology, food services, etc. We are able to negotiate with IPS.

SV- What is the main benefit for IPS?

OG - There is no guarantee that IPS will want to do this. KIIP Indianapolis is inside an IPS building and they do not pay any rent. KIIP does not have to spend. IPS benefit - empty building.

IPS enrollment has been declining. Avondale Meadows entered into an agreement with IPS. They do not get anything in return, but test scores and enrollment numbers.

Thrival Academy has the same relationship with IPS that we are seeking.

HF- History of charter schools in Indianapolis say they do not meet enrollment targets. We have 300 students as a goal. If we rent a school big enough and we only get 100, it will be a big financial drain in the organization. If we select the NW area as the location to focus on marketing - let’s set the goal today. Orientation going forward - doing marketing and events.

EM- What is current enrollment at NW site? According to IDOE - NW in 2019 had 283 students total. Have a 9.9 ELA Pass Rate. Math Proficiency rate is 2.5.  They also house the IPS Newcomer Program, FV has a good relationship with director - Arturo Rodriguez.

Will we use unified enrollment through Enroll Indy? - Yes-  we have to use the same portal. As long as Monarca has seats open, they will be enrolled in the system.

SS- main concern is that Enlace is K-8. Too congested in the NW area.

CB- Currently working with the principal. Have less than 50 7 & 8th graders.

OG- If there is a second option, if NW is not viable- is there another geographic area?  

FV- Broad Ripple building is available. Marketing through the city.

OG-  Herron and Purdue Polytech have tried to get into BR

SS- has a building on 70 E by Garfield Park, southside is underserved - will send location to OG

HF - Operational decisions need to be made as we approach August 2022- books, desks, etc., nail down those numbers 2 - 3 months from start.

Executive Director’s Update report:

A. Principal Update - Felicia Sears. Had COVID baby at 28 weeks. Baby is Luca Fransico. Will have two meetings this week.

B. Social Media Presence- Started today with an actual plan on social media. Keep the community engaged, but does not equal enrollment. 300 number is a small number. We will adjust accordingly to enrollment needs. Call for teachers out in November.

C. Website- - need the charter to enroll students.

D. Marketing and Community Engagement Plan- La Plaza has given space to talk to parents individually during food distribution.

E. Capacity Interview with OEI -

F. Grants: We will know if we get them in June

Meeting adjourned at 4:02 pm