Teacher Websites Access: Google Classroom

During the school year, Butler School District 53 staff will be using Google Classroom for teacher websites. Google Classroom provides a clean user experience, facilitates student collaboration, and has tight integration with Google Documents. You will be sharing your student’s Google Classroom login, so please do not make any posts or changes without your student. To view your student’s Google Classroom pages, please follow the steps below:

1)    Log out of any personal Gmail account you may be signed into on your computer.


2)    Go to: Classroom.google.com or use the Classlink Portal and click on the Google Classroom icon on the dashboard.


3)    Sign in with your student’s school credentials listed in PowerSchool Parent Portal. You need to include the @Butler53.com in your student’s email address when signing in.


4)    Click on “accept” if prompted to agree to Google’s Terms.


5)    Select STUDENT if prompted to choose a role.


6)    Once you are in your child’s Google Classroom dashboard, you will see all the Google Classroom that your child has been invited to.  Please choose “join” if your child has not already done so.


7)    Click on any of the class names to view the full webpage.  There are three subpages for every Google Classroom page:  Stream, Classwork, and People.

Stream- displays upcoming assignments and announcements

People- allows for easy access to class email addresses

Classwork- all resources listed under different topics.

8) To add additional children, click on your child’s logo on the top right and click “add account” on the menu that drops down.  Once the child has been added, you will be able to switch between both children by selecting each child’s account individually.  You may occasionally need to re-renter your child’s credentials as a security measure.


9) Please download the Google Classroom mobile App from the App or Play store.  Click on the operating system you wish to use.


Google Play 

10) To add multiple students to the Google Classroom App, please follow these directions: