Rules for the FIELD HOUSE – Youth Soccer Leagues

·         6th Grade divisions and younger (7 v 7 - 6 field/1 GK); 7-8 grade and older (6 v 6 - 5 field/1 GK)

·         Please use the scoreboard for time and scores.  Please use your watch for penalties and as a back-up clock as needed.  Games consist of two 25 minute halves, 3 minutes for halftime with a running clock.

·         Ball is out of play when it hits any of the netting.  Team that kicks ball into netting loses possession.

·         Restarts include:

o        Ball above the goal, but between the corner kick spots = Goal Kick or Corner Kick.

o        Ball kicked into the netting anywhere else = kick-in for the opposing team.  Direct Free Kick.

o        Ball kicked into the netting on the ceiling = place the ball on the dot on the "blue line" in the field of play directly below where the ball was kicked.  Kicks are always taken from the dot on the "blue line."  Direct Free Kick for opposing team.  

·         Penalties in the penalty box = Direct Free Kick from the top of the penalty box.  All players must clear the area and be behind the "blue line" until the penalty kick is taken.  The kicker cannot field the ball off of the boards - must be touched by another player before the kicker can make a play on the ball.

·         All fouls = Direct Free Kick.

·         Parrying into the box by the goalkeeper with feet, then picking the ball up with hands = INDIRECT Free Kick.  This is the only Indirect Free Kick awarded at FFSP.  Be lenient about this as it will not happen often.

·         Watch for goalkeeper handling outside of the penalty area.  The position of the ball is what matters.  Goalkeepers frequently will reach outside the box to control a ball - keep a watchful eye.  Restart = Direct Free Kick at the spot of the infraction outside the penalty area.

·         Goal Kick restarts by the goalkeeper or a field player must be placed on the ground anywhere within the penalty area.

·         Cautions = 2 minute penalty timed by the referee.  Player is not replaced on the field.  Player is released from the penalty if a "power play" goal is scored.  

·         Red Card = ejection from game.  Player can be replaced.

·         No offsides.

·         Three line kick (ball crosses "both blue lines" and center line) = Restart for opposing team at the center dot of the "blue line" from where the ball was originally kicked.  Direct Free Kick.  

·         On all Direct and Indirect Free Kicks the defending team must provide three (3) yards distance from the ball.

·         Substitutions = on the fly.  No stoppage required.

·         No Slide-tackling.  Restart = Direct Free Kick.

Cleats should not be worn.  Turf shoes or flats are acceptable footwear in the field house.

Each team should pay the referee $10 cash prior to kickoff.