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Hi everyone, it is time for me to say goodbye, I am retiring from all things minecraft. I am doing this mainly because I am burnt out from running the server for almost ten years straight, and I find myself no longer motivated or interested in working on it. I want to get out into doing work locally in the real world without the stress and distraction of constantly needing to be available for this server. This server has been my whole life since I started it in college, and has been a huge positive influence on my life with everything I have learned and experienced, and financially coming from nothing I am very lucky to have been successful. I have been through several “generations” of communities and I hope everyone who has played on the server has enjoyed their experience and the friends they made along the way. I will be giving the server files and the discord ownership to some of the current staff, they can do whatever with it, I will be keeping the phanaticmc name though. Thank you to all the staff and all of you the players for making everything possible, way too many for me to give notes to individually or I will be writing for hours. Goodbye and I wish yall the best, -PhanaticD