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ICU Bed preparation
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ICU Bed preparation and Assistance in transfer:

BED Preparation:

Place ICU Monitor at foot of the bed

EKG cable

Pulse oximeter cable with disposable probe attached

BP tubing with cuff

Transducer cable if patient has Arterial line in situ (Make sure A-line enabled by ICU staff prior to removing portable monitor from docking)

Lie all cables neatly parallel on the “far side” of bed

Full O2 tank

AMBU bag

IV pole attached to bed, preferably on far side of bed

Assistance in patient transfer:

Bring bed into OR and plug into outlet

Ask anesthesiologist when you can start exchanging monitors

        Apply EKG leads

        Apply BP Cuff

        Apply SPO2

        Connect arterial line cable, and zero monitor

Help with transferring IV pumps to ICU bed

Offer to help with pushing bed

Offer to help pushing the IV pump pole

Offer to help ventilating (bagging) patient according to instructions