Stonington Marina Spring Commission 2018

Name:______________________________ Phone #’s____________________________

Address:____________________________ City, State Zip________________________

Boat Name:________________________ Make/Model:___________________________

Registration #:______________________ Length/Beam:__________________________

Fuel Tank        (E)        (1/2)        (Full)                 Boat Location__________________________

Number of Engines_____                                  Key Location__________________________        

2-Stroke/4-Stroke install batteries/start and run engine/4-stroke check fluid levels, check systems for proper operation, inspect required safety equipment

i/o, Jet Ski or inboard includes drain anti-freeze from block/check oil level/install batteries/run and check engine

Inboard or I/O


4 Cylinder


2 Stroke Up 1 To 19 HP


6 Cylinder


2 Stroke 20 to 85 HP


8 Cylinder


2 Stroke 86 to 275HP


2 Cylinder Jet Ski 2 Stroke


4 Stroke 1 to 25 HP


2 Cylinder Jet Ski 4 Stroke


4 Stroke 26 to 195 HP


4 Cylinder Jet Ski 4 Stroke


4 Stroke 200 to 300HP


Replace Impeller T&M

Oil Change $40.00 Plus parts

Replace Zincs T&M

Replace Fuel/Water Separator T&M

Replace Engine Belts T&M

Replace Hoses T&M ($85 per hr)

Inspect and flush Raw Water System


Pressure Wash Interior and Exterior (up to 24’ vessel)

$2.50 per ft

Inspect and flush Fresh Water System


Wash interior T&M($55 per hr)

Scrape, Sand and Prime Hull

$65 per hour

Wax hull T&M ($55 per hr)

Un-shrink Wrap vessels up to 24


Stain Removal $55 per hr plus materials

Bottom Paint $13.00 per foot plus materials

Twin Hull Boats $17 per foot plus materials

Summer trailer Storage


Pick up or deliver boat $80 per HR + $1.00 per mile

EPA Environmental Charge

Disposal of materials


Launch boat


Safety Equipment Inspection



Authorization Signature: ______________________________________Date:_______

Stonington Marina Spring Commission Tech Sheet 2018

Date:______________________________                        Reg#:___________________________

Bilge Plug                                                Ok     N/A  ________________________

Check oil level I/O and 4-Stroke                                Ok     N/A  ________________________

Check spark plugs                                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Trailer Condition                                          Ok     N/A  ________________________

Boat System Check Lights/Pumps/Hoses                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

De-winterize Water Systems                                Ok     N/A  ________________________

Check and top off oil reservoir (2-Stroke)                         Ok     N/A  ________________________

Change Lower Unit Oil (Clean/Dirty)                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Oil Condition                Grease Fittings                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Steering System                (ok/stiff)                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Control Cables                (ok/stiff)                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Fuel/Water Separator                                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Run de-fog engine (2 stroke only)                                Ok     N/A  ________________________

Replace batteries                                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Wash/clean boat         (clean/dirty)                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Miscellaneous                                                Ok     N/A  ________________________

Safety Equipment                                        Ok     N/A  ________________________

Registration Boat and Trailer                                Ok     N/A  ________________________

Zincs                                                        Ok     N/A _________________________

Belts                                                        Ok     N/A _________________________


Inspecteded by: ___________________Date: __________________Key Location:__________________