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Parent Handbook
of Operational
Policies and Procedures

Program Location:

The Gathering Church

3303 W.Illinois Suite 2

Midland, TX 79703

432.262.1109 (Ext 2)

The Gathering After-School Program offers care for students 5 yrs. of age up to 13 yrs. old. Students must be enrolled in TLCA before being enrolled in our program or be a part of the homeschooled community. Our goal is to provide quality care where students can do homework, build relationships through interactive games, and enjoy the after school hours before returning home. 

Our program runs on school days, Monday – Friday, from 3:30pm – 6:00pm, August 2021 through May 2022. The program will follow TLCA-Midland’s calendar and adjust for holidays and early release days based on their calendar.

The Gathering After-School Program is dedicated to providing the highest quality after school care for your family. Described below are the basic policies used to manage the program in which your child is enrolled. Please read the following agreement.

Your acceptance of these policies as written must be acknowledged (checked off) in the registration form (P. 2 #4. Written Operational Policies) with your signature.

In the event there are any changes to these policies and procedures, parents will be given notice immediately.

Fundamental Rules

While attending The Gathering After-School Program, all children are asked to comply with our after-school program  rules.  In order to maintain a safe environment, we ask that you please review them with your child/children who will participate in the after-school program.

  1. Be respectful to other students, directors, teachers, and caregivers.
  2. Follow all the directions the first time they are given.
  3. Stay in the assigned area.
  4. You are only allowed to leave the assigned area with a teacher/caregiver.
  5. Keep hands, feet, inappropriate comments, and objects to yourself.
  6. Use respectful language at all times, using ‘inside voices’.
  7. Bring your school planners and all assigned work to the after-school program every day.  You will not be allowed to return to your locker or classroom for work/books that you forgot.
  8. If you come to after school without homework to complete, you will be asked to read a book silently.

After School Discipline Policy

The Gathering After-School Program is a means of providing additional educational support and opportunities to students beyond the formal school day.  Therefore, it must be recognized that ANY inappropriate behavior by the students, especially in the form of threats against other students,  director(s), and/or caregivers, does not promote a favorable learning environment and will not be tolerated.

As with any other zero-tolerance policy, there will be consequences for the following types of misconduct:

  1. Failure to follow rules, policies and procedure of the After School Program.
  2. General misconduct, including loud or boisterous behavior that tends to disturb other students, and includes running in the classroom/halls, minor defacement of property, and pushing or shoving others.
  3. A student’s persistent refusal to follow the instructions of program staff and administrators. This shall also include a student’s refusal or failure to properly identify oneself upon request.  
  4. Use of obscene, vulgar, profane, disrespectful, demeaning or threatening words and/or actions or gestures directed to or in the presence of any student or staff.
  5. Mutual physical confrontations between students (fighting).
  6. Possession and/or use of any tobacco or drug related items or ‘look a like’ items – this may include cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other tobacco-related products, lighters, alcoholic substances, drug-consumption devices, and any substance suspected of being a ‘drug’.
  7. A behavior that may result in physical or mental abuse to one’s self.
  8. Committing an act of indecent exposure in the presence of any other student or member of the staff.

Disciplinary Actions

If necessary, the following disciplinary actions will be taken:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Special assignments or removal from group
  3. Program staff/student behavioral discussion
  4. Parent Contact
  5. Suspension from after school program:
  1. First Offense – 1 day suspension
  2. Second Offense – 3 days suspension
  3. Third Offense – Parent/Staff conference to determine continued enrollment in the program.
  1. Immediate notification of authorities if appropriate.


Every parent/guardian must fill out an online pre-registration form and submit payment online prior to signing and turning in the registration forms (paper copy). You will be emailed instructions on when and where to turn in your signed application form. Pre-registered students will be given priority on a first-come first-served basis. Registration is not complete until payment and a signed registration form for each student are turned in.Monthly tuition fees, registration fees, as well as any other fees, are non-refundable.

Each student must be enrolled in the after-school program by a parent or legal guardian. Enrollment is only for students who have been enrolled at TLCA – Midland Charter School during the school year, or  are a part of the homeschool community. A new registration form and Handbook must be completed at the beginning of each new school year. A new registration form can be picked up at our office during the month of July/August. A registration form must be completely filled out and turned in before a child can enter our program. No child will be allowed to attend without completed form(s).

Registration fee is $25 per child.

The monthly tuition fee will be billed automatically on the 1st of each month via PROCARE. The monthly fee for the 2021-2022 school year is $220 a month per child. We ONLY offer a discount when you have 3 or more children enrolled.

Tuition is due by the 10th of each month and will be considered late as of the 11th of each month.

A late fee of $15.00 will be added to your monthly balance and must be paid before your child returns to our program. Your child may NOT attend the After-School Program until the monthly payment is paid in full.

Enrollment is for the full school year. If your child/children are pulled out of the program, a re-entry fee of $25/child will be charged.

Online Payments will only be accepted through PROCARE. Cash or checks will not be accepted.


Early release days are included in our program. On early release days, care is provided for up to three hours. We will only provide after-school care until 4pm on those days.

Child Care Provider for Workforce Solutions

We are a CCS provider. Workforce Solutions Permian Basin offers subsidized child care services throughout the 17 counties of the Permian Basin. The goal of the child care program is to enable low-income families to become self-sufficient by providing child care services while the parent works or is in training to improve their job skills. The child care program also strives to support the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of children and to prevent the abuse and neglect of children. To be eligible for child care services, families must meet income guidelines and be working, in school, or in training. Child care is arranged based on the family’s needs, and the parent determines who will provide the care for their own child. For information about this child care services program, please call: 432.367.3332 or 1.800.248.6451and/or go to We are a balance billing facility. If you cannot pay the remaining balance after your parent fee, your child can no longer attend The Gathering After-School Program. **

Attendance Policy

During The Gathering After-School Program enrollment process, the parent or guardian must identify the days their child will attend the program.  This important information assists the after school staff to ensure that students are attending the after school program when they are supposed to. The Gathering ASP and TLCA School administration are working together to create a safe transition from school to the after school program, therefore, attendance by students and communication with parents is very important.  The Gathering ASP and TLCA-Midland cannot be held responsible for students and families who neglect to follow the attendance procedures in place.  As a result of our need to ensure the safety of students, the following policies must be followed:

  1. Students enrolled in the after school program are expected to attend all days identified by the parent/guardian during the initial enrollment process.  Changes to that schedule must be submitted to The Gathering ASP one week prior to going into effect, so that the program administration can be notified in a timely manner.
  2. If your child/children are not going to be attending on a regularly scheduled day, we asked that the after-school administration be notified no later than 1:00 pm via phone 432-262-1109 Ext. 2 or through the PROCARE APP) that day or in writing, prior to the absence.
  3. Failure to attend three regularly scheduled days without notification to either The Gathering ASP administration or staff will result in your child being placed on suspension from after school services, until a program supervisor and the parent/guardian address the issue of non-attendance.  Notification of suspension will be conducted by phone and written correspondence.  
  4. Inconsistent or lack of attendance at the after school program will result in the student’s name being removed from the attendance roster.  Notification for attendance roster removal will occur by written correspondence.
  5. Arrangements to have your child/children re-enlisted can be made by contacting The Gathering office at 432-262-1109 Ext 2.

Parents Welcome
Parents are always welcome to come and visit any time during our hours of operation to observe their child, program activities, the building, grounds, and equipment without having to secure prior approval. A copy of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Minimum Standards and the most recent Licensing Inspection reports are available for review at the program.

Procedures for Parental Notifications

Parent notifications may be made in writing via letters, emails, fliers and/or signage at
the parent table at each site. Notifications may also be made by phone calls or directly in person by site staff or through the
PROCARE APP notifications.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, The Gathering After-School Program follows TLCA – Midland’s lead for school delays and cancellations.  

*If TLCA - Midland has a delayed start, the after school program will still be in session.

*If TLCA - Midland is cancelled, the after school program will be cancelled.  

In the event that the after-school program is in session, and the weather becomes dangerous, the parents are encouraged to arrive early to pick up their children from the program.

Child Pickup Policy
Parents or another authorized pickup person must always come and sign out their child using the PROCARE Kiosk. Children are not allowed to sign themselves out of the program. 

All parents/guardians shall pick up their child/children from the designated pickup area at the main entrance of The Gathering Church . The program runs from 3:30-6:00pm, Monday - Friday. Please have your child picked up no later than 6:00pm.


For the safety of your children, he/she will only be released to the parents or authorized pickup person (with a valid picture ID), no excuses.  Should another adult be picking up your child, please send written notification and be advised that they WILL be  asked for a valid photo identification. Once a child is released to his/her parent or designated pickup person, the child’s care and safety are the responsibility of the parent or designated adult.

In order that your child is not left feeling confused or upset, we ask that you make every attempt to pick up your child on time.  Dismissal is 6:00pm each day, unless otherwise stated.

*If there are special court orders regarding parental custody – please provide documentation.

Health and Safety
The Gathering After-School Program is not licensed to provide care for children who are ill; therefore, we will not accept a child who has a fever of 100 degrees or more. If your child exhibits diarrhea, vomiting or fever within the last 24 hours, or exhibits an undiagnosed rash, abnormal breathing, drainage from eyes, or a thick green discharge from the nose, we ask that you keep your child at home. If your child begins to exhibit any of these symptoms while attending the program, you will be called to arrange pick up immediately. For the safety of the other children, please pick up your child within one hour of our phone call.

Please contact the program immediately if your child has a communicable disease. When a communicable disease is reported, a note will be posted to inform other parents of possible exposure. If a child has head lice, the hair must be properly treated and all nits removed before the child can return to the program.

Your child’s immunizations must be up to date at all times unless noted by a physician. TLCA – Midland keeps your child’s records on file; therefore, all updates need to be addressed with the school administrators.

Medication Policy
No medication or breathing treatments (including inhalers) of any kind will be administered by caregivers during after school hours or during the after school program. Additionally, The Gathering staff will NOT administer over-the-counter medication.

Procedures for Conducting Health Checks

The Gathering After-School Program does not conduct regular health checks.

All students will participate in games and activities throughout the after school program. Physical activities will take place in the building facility (The Gathering Church) or in the playground, and will include: various sporting activities, team-building activities, and free play.

Students have the opportunity each day to work on homework during our program. When necessary, adult caregivers will assist children who are in need of help. Students who do not have homework have the opportunity to read a book, draw, color, or play with board games supplied by the after-school program.

When given, mini lessons will be inspiring and primarily Bible-based. The main objective for the mini lesson is to better the children in everyday life while emphasizing important Christian life values.

The Gathering After-School Program has access to an outdoor playground, which belongs to TLCA Midland. We will allow students to use this playground during our program on a regular basis. However, this outdoor playground does not meet the childcare requirements from the state of Texas. If for any reason you would not like your child/children to play on the playground, please let our program staff know.

Snacks (Food Service Practices)
An afternoon prepackaged snack and water/juice box is provided each day. This snack will meet USDA requirements. Monthly snack menus are posted on our website. The menu states the daily snack offering. If you send an additional snack with your child, please ensure that it does not contain any form of peanut products.

Minimum Standards 
The Minimum Standards required by Texas Licensing may be found at our front table.

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting 
The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services require that The Gathering staff report suspected cases of child abuse. This includes the reporting of parents whose abilities appear to be impaired by drugs or alcohol. The child abuse hotline is
(800) 252-5400 or the local Licensing office may be reached at (432) 686-2273. Department of Family and Protective Services website: 

Emergency Preparedness Plan 
In the event of an emergency, the first responsibility of staff is to move the children to a designated safe area or shelter known to all employees, caregivers, and volunteers located in The Gathering Church. Children in attendance will be accounted for at the designated safe area: The director and caregivers will take account for each child in attendance at the program, and a caregiver will take the child-count notebook listing the current specific children in their supervision on the evacuation. Attendance will be taken three times: (1) when exiting the building (2) once when they are off the school property or in the vans and (3) once having arrived at the evacuation location using the sign in/out sheets as the primary and the child-count notebooks as the secondary current child/count document. The director or designated person in charge will take the children’s binder which includes the parent emergency contact number for each child, authorization for emergency care for each child and the sign in/out sheets for child tracking information for children in care. 

Medical Emergency
In the case of a medical emergency, we will call 911 and contact the child’s parents/ guardians. Responding emergency medical personnel will make any determinations as to if the child should be transported to a hospital. We will provide them with the information from your child’s records as to your choice of hospital and physician. In the event that this information is not specified, the child will be transported to the nearest available hospital.

Water Activities 
The Gathering After-School Program does not offer water activities of any kind.

Field Trips
The Gathering After-School Program does not take field trips of any kind.

The Gathering After-School Program does not offer transportation.

The Gathering After-School Program does not keep animals, or does not allow animals.

The Gathering ASP STAFF

Contact Phone Numbers and Licensing Information:

Norma Romero, TGASP Director:

3303 W. Illinois Ave#2

Midland, TX 79703

(432) 262-1109 Ext. 2                                                                                                    

Texas DFPS:

Local Licensing Office/Child Care Licensing,

3401 North A St.

Midland, TX 79701  
(432) 686-2273