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Eurotrip - Episode 4 - Credits
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Written by: Davide Zanelli


Voices: Mario De Zanet and Giacomo Galardini


Post Production: Andrea Agostinelli




Travelling Man by Purple Planet Music License:


Infinity by Timecrawler 82 License:


gotta lay cool by Richard Jonas License:


Pyro Flow by Kevin MacLeod License:


Inspired by Kevin MacLeod License:


Thumper by Jim Hall License: (Cut at 18:46, play it in loop until ….)


Bolorina by Alexandre Bateiras License:


Desteapta-te, romane! License: 


Thinking Out Loud by Kevin MacLeod License:


Chillin with a drink at the club by Loyalty Freak Music License:


Deep And Dirty by Kevin MacLeod License: (Cut 33:55, restart from the beginning at 35:39)


SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR by Jason Shaw License:


Coexistenz by Loyalty Freak Music License:


Infinity by Timecrawler 82 License:




Generated & Processed Waves by FullMetalJedi License:


CarCrash_heartbeat-SloMo.wav by Pertti.Orn License:


Sport, soccer whistle, game end, final 1 by Zapsplat License:


19 Football Crowd - Reaction To Goal.flac by D.jones License:


Stadium crowd at soccer match ambience with cheering and chanting 2 by Zapsplat License:


backspin.wav by il112 License:


Soccer ball hits goal crossbar by Zapsplat License:




Discursul lui Ceauşescu din 21 decembrie 1989 -


România - Argentina (World Cup USA '94) -


Trezeguet Goal -