Spartan Cafe:


PBIS Reminder




Adult Commitments

  • Be outside your door during passing time.
  • Provide active supervision.
  • Acknowledge students who meet the expectations.
  • Remind students of hallway expectations.

Student Expectations

Act Responsibly

  • Make sure you have the correct resources for class.
  • Use your time wisely to use the restroom and get a drink.
  • Stay only in assigned areas.
  • Use only approved stairwells and team locations.
  • Get to class on time.

Be Respectful

  • Walk on the right side of hallway & stairwell.
  • Move with a purpose.
  • Keep hands and belongings to yourself.

Communicate Effectively

  • Use school appropriate language.
  • Be at no more than a voice level 2.

Please Check Lost & Found for your belongings.

Lost & Found is located in the workroom by the Bookstore.

At this time please stand, if you are able, for the Pledge of Allegiance  followed by our 30 seconds of silence.