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Principles of Engineering - MS 8th Grade Cycle


Christopher C. Better


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Course Description

        This course is an introduction to engineering principles and the engineering design process through hands on design challenges and activities

Course Expectations and Assessments

Design Activities / Projects

Cycle activities below will deal with one or multiple areas of technology and society.

They are: Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Communication, Power &

Energy, and Biotechnology.

Course Policies 

Students are graded on their class participation. 10 points each day are

awarded for participation, attitude, effort, safe lab practices, and clean-up.

This results in a weekly primary lab grade worth up to 50 points. Primary

grades also include the Lab Safety Test and Design Project Completion and

Design Portfolio. Secondary graded assignments include, machine safety

packets and questions, safety stories, performance part design and any

additional supporting assignments within the scope of the major design


Required and Recommended Materials 


Students can come down to the lab at any time during other lab periods to make up assignments/project work and or after school during our TSA club meetings. Students and parents can email me at any time with questions or concerns

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Behavioral and Classroom / Lab Expectations are outlined during our “Personal & Lab Safety” Instructional Unit during the first 2-3 weeks at the start of each cycle session.