FNU Diversity PRIDE Attends KYANNA 2017

FNU PRIDE attends KYANNA 2017

The annual KYANNA Black Nurses Scholarship & Leadership Conference held in Louisville KY, on April 8, 2017, brought in attendees from across the state. FNU PRIDE Student Ambassadors, Whitney Graves and Nichole Jackson represented Frontier Nursing University and the Diversity PRIDE Program, on the Belknap campus of the University of Louisville.

The event focused on public health issues centered around mental health and youth violence epidemics. Speakers shared statistics that revealed 78% of Louisville’s homicide victims are male, 59% are people of color, and another 50% are under the age of 25.

Another highlight of the event was the scholarship awards ceremony which featured nursing students in undergraduate and graduate school that are excelling in their academics. The mission of the scholarship is to support and recognize students-of-color within nursing education.


PRIDE Student Ambassadors Nichole Jackson & Whitney Graves (left to right)

FNU received interest from many prospective students which provided a platform to inform attendees of FNU’s new Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) specialty program. FNU PRIDE student ambassadors discussed opportunities with prospective students and shared information on the Diversity PRIDE program.

The annual KYANNA event provided Frontier Nursing University the opportunity to connect with conference organizers to further establish positive relationships with nursing students and staff within the organization.

The networking opportunities at KYANNA continue to serve as a platform to increase FNU’s visibility and Diversity Initiative collaborations with the organization.

Click here for video highlights.


       PRIDE Student Ambassador Whitney Graves talks with prospective students

Contributor, Wilvena McDowell-Bernard, FNU Diversity PRIDE Program Coordinator/Student Services  4/4/2017

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