Code of Conduct for Coach and Bus Users

This Code of Conduct is applicable to pupils in the School, including those in an EYFS setting.

This code of conduct outlines the behaviour expected of pupils using the Elite Services student coach services and other buses/minibuses for School activities.  Breaches may result in sanctions from School or a formal warning from Elite Services.

The student coach services are offered independently of Cheadle Hulme School by Elite Services who must have in place a written contract with the parent of those students using the service.  Any students wishing to bring friends on the Elite coach service must make prior arrangements with Elite.

Waiting for the bus/coach

  • Ensure that you arrive at least 5 minutes before your bus/coach departs and queue sensibly, away from the road/parking bay;
  • Show respect for the neighbourhood and others around the bus stop by not dropping litter; smoking; using bad language; or sitting/leaning on walls and fencing and causing damage to them;
  • As your bus/coach approaches, get your pass ready (or money for a public service bus), a pass must be shown to the driver when boarding;
  • If the bus/coach is late, wait up to 30 minutes before phoning your parents and if you miss the bus, again phone your parents;
  • There will be room on the bus/coach for all students so do not rush, run or push towards the vehicle when it arrives, but form an orderly queue;
  • Do not get on a bus/coach for which you do not have a pass;
  • If you miss the school bus/coach leaving School, tell the teacher on duty and report to the Main Reception who will contact your parents and make arrangements for you to get home.

On the bus

  • Find a seat; wear a seatbelt and stay seated for the journey;
  • No laser pens; no aerosols; no smoking/e-cigarettes;
  • No eating or drinking at any time, unless given permission to do so;
  • Show respect for the driver and follow their instructions.  Do not distract the driver while the bus is moving unless there is an emergency.  Unnecessary noise can disturb the driver and cause an accident;
  • Show respect and consideration for other passengers and make sure that your bags do not block the gangway.  Occupy only one seat;
  • No one has a right to sit in any particular seat or area;
  • Do not shout, swear or throw things around the bus or out of the bus windows;
  • Never open the emergency exits unless in a real emergency.

Getting off the bus

  • Wait until the bus stops before undoing your seat belt and moving to the front to get off;
  • Check that you have left nothing behind on your seat or the floor, lost property must be handed to the driver;
  • If you have to cross the road after you leave the bus/coach, wait until the bus/coach has moved off and you can see the road is clear both ways, or go to the nearest available crossing.

Getting off the bus

  • You must have a valid pass for your bus/coach available at all times, changing student coach service routes is not permitted unless arrangements have been made with Elite Services;
  • Your pass is your responsibility.  Do not lend it to another student to use.  If you lose it you must get a new pass from the service provider.

SLT member responsible:

Deputy Head (Pupil Welfare)

supported by the Senior Operations Manager

Governor sub-Committee responsible:

Safeguarding Compliance and Pupil Welfare

Date of approval:

June 2019

Proposed review date:

June 2022

Primary policy:

Behaviour Management and Pastoral Care Policy

Other related policies and procedures:

Equality and Diversity Policy        

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