Roman Shade Installation Guide

We  recommend hiring a professional drapery installer for the easiest and most perfect finish but if you are super handy these instructions might help guide your through the process!  

         Here’s what you will need:


a) For inside mount shades place bracket inside casing at the desired depth (usually so the shade front will be tucked slightly back from face of window trim approximately 2” from face of casing.  Mark 3” in from each outer edge and then equally spaced across the width to suit the number of brackets provided - use plugs if you do not hit wood (most casings are wood)

b) For outside mount shades place bracket on wall or trim (depending on your desired mounting area) 3” in from each edge and equally spaced across based on number of brackets provided - use plugs if  you do not hit wood

2) Use a pencil to mark holes and predrill where you have marked to ensure you don’t split the wood in your casing and to check for wood behind drywall or plaster

3) Hold brackets in place and drill screws in to secure brackets across your width (see image below of universal bracket, screw goes through the top (two oval holes) for inside mount and through the back (2 circle holes and one oval hole) for wall/outside mount)

4) Close lever to secure roman shade headrail into brackets

5) Attach the hold down to the wall or casing at appropriate height to allow chain to move with ease on the anchor but that is still snug for safety - this component comes in two parts, the part shown  in the 1st photo installs to the casing or wall and the part on the left snaps over it once installed.

6) You can level the bottom of your shade with the toggles on the back by adjusting the string up or down in the toggle to  suit.  After your shade is level you can cut the strings back to about 3” and tuck them into the bottom fold


Roman shades take some time to “train” into their folds.  This is a natural part of fabric that has come from flat on a bolt and is now being asked to fold on demand.  We recommend pulling your shade all the way up, pull each fold out and smooth it with your hands applying a little bit of pressure to tell the folds you are in charge!  You can hand press the folds if you like too!  Then leave it up like this as long as you can (a few days is great) and as you open and close it over time it will require less of your help to have the folds do their thing on their own!


            Universal bracket                                     Hold Down Anchor for Chain