Responding to Novel Coronavirus: A Faculty Triage Guide for Decision Making

Anne Fensie | Heather Nunez-Olmstead | Ashley Montgomery 

Triage: Medical vs. Academic

Moving -- Breathing -- Breathing Rate -- Pulse -- Mental State 

Rebecca Barrett-Fox’s blog post “Please do a bad job of putting your course online

“Oxygen” -- “Heart” -- “Mind”

Maslow with Caution

Teaching in Times of Crisis from Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching 

Assessing Needs

Pivoting to Online Course Survey -- make a copy!

What are your Supports?

What is your “Oxygen”?

Sample email message:



Subject: Academic Continuity

My dear students,

You may have heard that our school is transitioning online for the remainder of the semester. I’m sure this is pretty unsettling and you have a lot of questions. I do, too! I want to reassure you all that we will get through this together. We are not going to have the class we thought we would, but I am going to do my best to still provide you with a quality learning experience and remain available to you for questions. Please contact me ASAP with any concerns you have about accessing technology or the internet or accommodations.

I don’t have everything planned yet, but here is what you should do in the next week….



  1. Create a home
  2. Clarify expectations
  3. Communicate -- How to Outreach Online Students
  4. Find your organizational system
  5. REALISTIC time management
  6. Foster community
  7. Feedback


What’s your “Heart”?

What’s your “Mind”?

Resources for Support