The Skins Game Tournament

How to Play the Ball

Preferred Lies Through the Green

Tee Blocks

White (Men), BVWC Red (Women)




Individual scores will not be posted by the committee

Tournament Format

A skins game is played within each foursome. The lowest net score on each hole wins a “skin”. If two or more players tie, the skin carries over to the next hole until one player wins a hole outright.  If a group reaches 18 and one or more skins remain, they may have a playoff of their choosing.  Circle the winning score of the playoff.
Note: Playoff results may require bumping up
losing playoff player score(s) to allocate remaining skin(s).

Entry Fee: $20
Payout: $6 per skin


Lowest handicap player plays scratch

Pace of Play

Pace of play guidelines are in effect.  Please keep up with the group in front of you.

Scorecards and Scoring

Record gross score for each player on each hole.  The tournament committee will calculate skins won.

Each player must sign the team scorecard.

Return scorecard to the tournament committee at conclusion of round.

You may post your own score

Junior Skins

A Junior Skins game will be available.  Sign up in the pro shop.  Scoring will be handled by the tournament committee.