Reporting Professionalism/Behavior Concerns

From the Residency Leadership Team

It is extremely important for us to know about any behavioral or professionalism concerns on the part of any ED provider, as well as any concerns about associates, including physicians, outside of the ED.  Immediate notification allows us to better address these concerns.  There are multiple alternatives for reporting.

You are encouraged to reach out to department leadership (Dr. Sayger and Dr. Felder) or to anyone in the Residency Leadership Team.  

If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may report through the Advocate Business Conduct Hotline. Your concern will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate leadership to address.   Advocate Business Conduct Hotline: 630-929-5755 or tie-line 55-5755.

In addition, specifically for residents, Advocate offers a confidential (but not anonymous) Advocate Resident Hotline, 630-929-6153, for reporting mistreatment or other concerns.  Calls/messages at the above number go directly to Dr. Thomas Hansen, Designated Institutional Official (DIO), for Advocate Health Care.  This hotline is confidential and all follow up is done with the caller's identity protected.  If you leave a message, please include your name, a confidential call back number, and the best times to reach you.  This Advocate Resident Hotline information, as well as an electronic Confidential Concern Report Form, are also located on the MedHub home page after you log in.