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Healing Pieces: Offerings of Art, Expression and Nature

October 24 - December 10, 2020

Project Witness is a partnership between the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth (CFSY), YouTube, and Google using immersive VR (virtual reality) and Google Lens technologies to build awareness of the conditions of childhood incarceration. Project Witness features the stories of six individuals who were incarcerated as children and depicts the extreme forms of punishment imposed on incarcerated children in the United States.

Through a walk, viewers can use their phone via their Google app to see the experience of prison through the eyes of a child, with narration from people who experienced childhood incarceration firsthand.


Instructions for Project Witness

  1. Download the Google APP for Iphone here for Android here.

  1. If you have headphones please put them on, if not raise the volume of your phone to the maximum level.

  1. Open the Google app and on the search field click on the Google Lens icon.
  2. Search for the quotes with the Project Witness MAP 
  3. Scan the quotes

  1. Keep the phone camera open and click on the unmute button to hear the story.  
  2. The phone must remain in the same place you scanned the quote to be able to see the full video.