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Assigned reading and homework (readings before class session, HW due at following class)


1 (1/25)

Course Intro and Orientation to Clinical Information Systems

Curt Cole, MD


EHR vendor representative

Exercises with open source EHR

Pre-Class Reading: Ambulatory EHRs

Homework (due next class):  Pair into Health Context (HC) groups (e.g., cancer/obesity/aging/mental health/community).

Data Exploration

2 (2/1)

EHR data standards and health information exchange

Karthik Natarajan, PhD

Columbia DBMI

Pre-Class Reading: SMART on FHIR

Homework (due next class): For your HC,  find relevant HL7 data elements… create scenario and mockup message to exchange data

3 (2/8)

Payer Data

Mark Unruh, PhD

WCMC, Healthcare Policy and Research

Ted Prospect


Exercise with large public data sets? - synthetic medicare data - from web - would be great, but complex - aggregated info per physician re: medicare claims -

Pre-Class Reading: Publicly Funded Healthcare Data

Homework (due next class): Using open medicare data set, develop stats on your issue

4 (2/15)

Genomic data and precision medicine

Nikki Schultz, PhD

MSK Center for Molecular Oncology


Work with cBioPortal data

Pre-Class Reading: cBioPortal

Homework (due next class): Describe potential role of precision medicine/genomics in your HC

Tech in Clinical Workflow

5 (3/1)

Clinical Decision Support, Quality and Outcomes

Sameer Malhotra, MD



Build a decision support module

Pre-Class Reading: Decision Support Systems

Homework (due next class): Continue decision support module for your HC

6 (3/8)

Clinical documentation

Pete Stetson, MD



NLP exercise

Pre-Class Reading: Historical Perspective on NLP

Cancer Staging with NLP

Homework (due next class): NLP exercise from online forums for your HC

7 (3/15)

Care teams and communication

Dan Stein

Voalte, Valera Health? (Tom Tsang)

Build a care team chatbot

Pre-Class Reading: Perspective on Care Coordination

Homework (due next class):  Refine chatbot to engage with your HC

Connected Health Data

8 (3/29)

Connected Health Tools

JP Pollak


Constructing a simple ResearchKit/Stack study

Pre-Class Reading: Aung Paper

Homework (due next class): Specify and implement a ResearchKit(TM) or ResearchStack (for Android) Mobile research study to patient reported and generated data relevant to your health context. Should include an adaptation of most relevant standardized PRO and a new/modified form of Active task or visual self report that would assist in a research study to understand the specific condition.

9 (4/12)

Connected Health Opportunities in care

Dr. Fred Pelzman, WCMC


Exploring intervention and engagement for mobile research studies

Pre-Class Reading: Kvedar paper

Homework (due next class):

Specify and implement  patient intervention/engagement around a relevant clinical behavior. May be part of your previous research study or separate. Feel free to work on this in the week BEFORE 4/12.

AND Prepare synthesis poster that tells an integrated story across all homeworks.

Synthesis Presentation

10 (4/19)

Deborah Estrin and Dan Stein

Synthesis Poster and links to folder with all homeworks due