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BCCHS Admissions FAQ
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BCCHS Admissions FAQ

Below are the frequently asked questions from families interested in applying to BCCHS for admission. Please review to help you make your decision about applying to our school!


If I successfully completed HS Algebra I and Living Environment in 8th grade, what classes do I take in 9th grade?

As long as 8th grade students pass the course and the corresponding Regents exam, they will take a different course when entering 9th grade at BCCHS. For more information on what courses are offered, please visit the curriculum section of our website.

What is the math curriculum like?

You can read more about our course offerings in the curriculum section of our website. Students at BCCHS have the opportunity to take math through the AP Calculus level. This course is open for any student who wants to take on the challenge. In past years, we also have a partnership with Baruch College, and our seniors who pass a rigorous entrance exam can take a dual-credited college calculus course taught by a Baruch professor.

Do you have a computer science curriculum? Do you have robotics?

We offer computer science as an elective for 11th graders, through a grant program with Amazon.

Last year, prior to COVID, we had launched our first robotics program for 9th graders. We are hoping

to bring this back in the future.

What is your art program?

9th and 10th graders take 3 credits of studio art. We also offer an art portfolio development program for students interested in applying to art schools for college.

Do you have a theater program?
We have a school play each year, which is an after school club.

What AP courses do you offer? How are students selected/encourage to attend?

While our course offerings can vary year by year, we offer the following AP courses:

Within class size constraints, AP courses are offered to students who indicate interest. When possible, we will open additional sections to accommodate student interest/commitment to an AP course. Some AP courses have prerequisites, as indicated above.

What language courses do you offer?

Are students able to choose their courses?

Students can choose if they want to enroll in an Advanced Placement course in 11th and 12th grade, as well as elective courses, to some degree. As a small school, most courses are the same for all students across the years.

College & Career

What college guidance do you provide?

You can learn more about our college office by visiting our website/college office

We have a full-time director of College Guidance, along with two guidance counselors to support students in academics and the college process. In addition, 11th and 12th graders take a college prep elective in the spring of 11th grade/fall of 12th grade to support them in the college process. We hold information sessions for all grades throughout all 4 years and through our advisory program, students receive one on one support.

What is the percent of graduates and percent of students who go on to college?

99% of the class of 2020 graduated and continued on to college. You can view our college profile on our website, under the College Office section. You can view a list of colleges BCCHS students have matriculated to on the website as well.


What is your percentage breakdown of students from District 2, rest of Manhattan, and rest of City?

Is there an entrance exam?

No. We do not have an exam to attend BCCHS.

What academic standards must the student meet to apply?

Our admissions criteria are listed on our website. We are awaiting guidance from the NYCDOE regarding changes to admissions due to COVID-19.

Is there sibling priority?

There is currently no sibling priority for high school admissions. This is decided centrally by the NYCDOE.

How does where you rank a school impact how you are selected?

We do not see where a student ranks us. For information, please see the admissions information and rubric: visit our website.

To understand how students get placed by the Office of High School Admissions and other helpful information:

When will your virtual tours take place?

We will post a video of our open house that you can view. Questions will be answered in this FAQ, so please continue to submit your questions to the form posted on our website.

Special Education Program

What would you say it is like for IEP kids at Baruch?

BCCHS has an Integrated Co-Teaching Model in grades 9-12. Students enrolled in our program have a general education teacher and special education teacher who co-teach the classes. Special education teachers teach either the humanities or STEM courses. Both teachers provide supports for all students.


How diverse is the school?

BCCHS is committed to a diverse student body and staff. To meet this commitment, we are a part of the Diversity in Enrollment program. In addition, we have a school Equity Team, comprised of students and teachers. Families meet monthly for a parent group discussing Race in America.

School Culture

How does the school make the H.S. experience feel positive?

What school clubs do you offer? Is there a debate club?

We offer many different clubs, including sports, arts, academic and more. Learn more about our clubs on our webpage.

What does a typical school day look like?

Our school day typically begins at 8:30 am and ends at 2:50 pm. Students take English, Math, Science and History classes daily for 45 minutes. Students also take Spanish four times a week. In addition, students take Physical Education, Art and Health twice a week. Advisory meets once a week.

Students have the opportunity to go off campus for lunch, with family permission.

How do you help students transition to high school? What support do they have while they are there to be successful?

Does the school have hall lockers?

Yes, we have lockers.


What PSAL sports are there?

Please view the athletics page on our website to learn more about what sports we usually offer.

Hybrid Learning

If school is remote next year will it be the same model?

We are hopeful that we can reopen by next fall! Our current hybrid model is an exception model, in which all students learn online, and when we are open for in-person learning, teachers provide small group supports twice a week