Early Dismissal --

Thurs., 1/17 - WR at 2:45.

IF you have Q3 study hall, this is where to go on Tues., 1/22..

Q3 Study Halls

P1 7th & 8th boys to Mrs. Dibble

P1 7th & 8th girls to Mrs. Kletscher

P1 9-12 to Mrs. Zollner

P2 9-12 to Mrs. Bonnstetter

P3 9-12 to Mr. Theisen

P4 9-12 to Tina

P5 9-12 to Library

P6 9-12 to Mr. Merrick

S2 schedules

You can pick up your S2 schedule at the HS office.

01.  Lunch today: Chicken teriyaki, rice, green beans, fruit, milk

Breakfast tomorrow: Apple or cherry frudel, fruit, juice, milk

Lunch tomorrow: Pizza stick w/sauce, broccoli, fruit, milk

02. College/Military Reps:

Thurs. Jan. 24, MN West, 10:00 am

        Lake Area Tech, 1:45 pm


Tues., 1/22 - Dynamic Reading, P2


Small Animal Practice after school on Wednesday's

Fish and Wildlife practice during lunch in Library Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Competition for all is February 15th


SENIORS have you applied for the scholarships at the college you have chosen to go to?

Other scholarship links: , , , ,

Senior Class members….please pick up and pay for your senior t-shirts from Mr. Theisen asap.  (Cost is $11.00)  Also, pick up a senior scholarship form from Mr. Theisen.  Scholarship deadline is March 7.

06. Scholarship Deadlines

Feb. 15- Basin Electric Power Coop (Redwood County students)

March 7- WWG Local Area Scholarship

March 8- Redwood Electric- Operation Roundup (Redwood County)

07. New books in the library. 

Child of the Wolves  by  Elizabeth Hall

AR:  (770), 4 pts.Granite, a Siberian Husky who escapes from his kennel finds himself trying to survive by earning himself a place in the pack of wolves that take him in as one of their own.

08. ALICE Training - Scenario trainings are postponed until further notice.


Thurs., 1/17 - 6:00-8:30

Fri., 1/18 - 3:30-5:30

Sat., 1/19 - noon-3:00

Mon., 1/21 - 4:30, public performance at 7:30

Tues., 1/22 - 7:30 AM

Wed., 1/23 - 3:30-5:45, potluck at 5:30.

Thurs., 1/24 - HS performance at 2:15, practice 3:30-5:30

Fri., 1/25 - 6:00-8:30

Sat., 1/26 - One Act competition at Redwood Falls

10. The school board approved a 1/2 credit required Lifetime Fitness class.

-Starting with class of 2020, 10-12th grade will be required to take a Lifetime Fitness course to graduate high school.

-You can get a jump start on this by taking Lifetime Fitness 2nd semester as a skinny period 5, as a quarter 3 block in period 3, or as a quarter 4 block period 3.

Talk with Mrs. Ourada if you would like to make scheduling changes to meet the Lifetime Fitness requirement..

11. 2nd semester begins on Tues., 1/22.Students will have ONE DAY, the first day of the new semester, to make changes to their schedule. Make changes before the end of the first day, or no changes to schedule will be accepted. Take a look at your 2nd sem. schedule online. You can make changes with Mrs. Ourada anytime before the 2nd day of 2nd semester.

12. School will dismiss early on Fri., 1/18 with shuttles at 12:30 and regular routes at 12:55. There will be no school on Mon., 1/21.

13.  Minnesota Honor Society

Students in grades 10-12 with at least a 3.0 GPA are eligible for Honor Society consideration. Qualified candidates must also be involved in school and community activities and possess leadership qualities.

You can pick up an information form at the HS office. Forms are due back to the office by Friday, Jan. 25.

14. The College Physics class will be gone on a Lab final Jan 18.  They will leave at 7:30am and return around 7pm.  This includes Camryn B, Joel B, Daniel D, Parker F, Kate J, Jacob K, Ben O, Jace P, Andrew Q, Nathan R.

15. Snow week has been moved to the week of February 4 - 8.  There will not be a coronation for snow week.  There will be a dance for grades 9-12 on Friday night 2/8 after the boys basketball game.

16. The Earth YES class would like you to remember that we are still collecting Christmas lights until January 18th. We would appreciate as many lights as possible.  All lights will be recycled.  Thank you are helping the environment and our students. 

17. Senior High Knowledge Bowl is starting up!! Students grades 8-12 can participate. Sign up at the office. An informational meeting/practice will begin Thursday, 1/17/19 during Lunch in Ms. Schoephoerster's room. It's fun, not a huge time commitment (only 4-5 Monday nights and 2 days out of school, and weekly practices) and you get to eat at McDonalds. Who could argue with that?!

18. An FCA Sponsored Kickball Tournament will take place Tuesday, February 5, during Snow Week. You must be academically eligible in order to participate.Teams of seven, entry fee is $14/team (That’s just $2/person!). Students will be excused from class to participate when their team is called to play. Students ARE responsible for the work they miss. The entry fees collected will be donated to charity. Registration forms are available at the office window. See Kelsey DeSmith, Eliz Wiggins, Bethany Byers, or Mrs. Byers with questions.

19. FCA will meet THURSDAY, January 17, this week in Mrs. Byers room for lunch.

20. All Juniors will be attending ACT prep on Tues., 3/12. If you will not be able to attend, please let Mr. W. or Mrs. Ourada know.

21. FRC practice:

Thursday 3-8:30

Friday No Practice

Saturday 8:30 - burnt out

Monday no practice

Tuesday 3-8:30

22. Walking Tacos and a bar for $5 at the boys’ basketball game on Thurs., 1/17.

23. One Act play performance for all HS students will be on Thurs., 1/24 at 2:15 PM. Students should be dismissed to attend at 2:10.

24. Speech - Practices are in Westbrook on Wed. 3:30-5:30 or in Walnut Grove Thurs. 3:30-5:30. If you can't make those times you need to see Mrs. Caygle to schedule another time.   Please pay for their t-shirts by Jan. 25th.

25. The Theater class students will need to get ready for the play Friday morning. They will be absent from their morning classes.  Those students include: Kevin L, Brittany E, Kelly B, Alli V, Heidi I, and Jen E.




01. Weekly Progress Reports are due on Wednesdays. Reports are printed by 7:45 AM on Thursdays.


Mon., 2/4 - ECFE at WB, 5:30. No ECFE in January.

Sun., 1/20 - Open Gym at WB & WG, 1:00-3:00.

        Kids’ Open Gym at WB, 3:00-5:00.


Thurs., 1/17 - BB, Springfield at WB, 6:00. Pep band plays. Supervisor-Theisen, Concession-Sophomores, Conc. Supervisor-Byers.

        WR at Granite Falls, 6:00. Van leaves WB at 2:50.

JH BB, Lakeview at WG, 4:30.

Fri., 1/18 - S1 ends, school dismissed at 12:30.

**CANCELLED**GB, ECHO at WB, 6:00.

Sat., 1/19 - JH GB at Fulda Tourney, 8:30 AM. Bus leaves WG at 7:00, WB at 7:20 AM.

        JH BB at Fulda Tourney, 9:00 AM. Bus leaves WG at 7:00, WB at 7:20 AM.

BB, Ellsworth at WB, 6:00. Supervisor-???, Concessions-Juniors, Conc. Supervisor-Sandbulte.

        WR, Plum Creek Tourney at Tracy, 11:00.

Honor band to Marshall. Bus leaves WB at 7:00 AM.

Mon., 1/21 - NO SCHOOL

        One Act performance for public, 7:30 PM.

Tues., 1/22 - GB, Windom at WB, 6:00. Supervisor-Dibble, Concessions-Juniors, Conc. Supervisor-Schoephoerster.

        JH GB at Tracy, 4:30.

        BB at Okabene, 6:00.

        JH BB, TMB at WG, 4:30.

Thurs., 1/24 - GB, RRC at WB, 6:00.Pep band plays. Supervisor-Theisen, Concessions-Juniors, Conc. Supervisor-Barron. Kiwanis serving food.

        JH BB at Slayton, 4:30.

        WR, Luverne, F-MCC at Tracy, 5:00.

        One Act performance for HS, 2:15.

Fri., 1/25 - JH GB at Cottonwood, 4:30.

        BB at Edgerton, 6:00.

Sat., 1/26 - GB at Ellsworth, noon.